Best Hunting Socks for Sweaty Feet (Yuck!)

You’ve been hiking all day, on your feet, and now, your dogs are barking. Your feet are killing you; even in the best boots, you will find yourself desperate to sit down. The last thing you need is to add insult to injury with blisters or a rancid stink from all day foot sweat. To that end, you are going to need to find the best hunting socks for sweaty feet.

The Image

Often people think of hunting and they imagine sitting idly by while waiting for ducks to fly by overhead or an innocent bambi to meander along the path. Hunters know that this is far from the case.

The Reality

You have to head into deep woods, muck through mud and dirty water, just to find a good blind or a decent perch. You have to hike through hills, over mountains, and through streams. In short, your feet take a beating.

Obviously, men don’t worry too much about smelling “like a man,” the natural wear and tear on the male body is nothing if not rugged, even admirable. But no man in his right mind wants to smell or feel,  like a sweaty foot.

The Socks

Most hikers, hunters, and even laborers know to invest in a solid pair of work boots that will get you through the day. Not many people know, however, how essential a solid pair of socks is.

The right socks will keep your feet from sweating, “wicking” away moisture and absorb it. The best wicking socks will prevent your feet from blistering. If you’ve ever had a blister the size of your palm, on the side of your foot, you know you want to avoid foot blisters like the plague.

The List

You will have several factors to consider, like warm weather versus cold weather, how long you need the socks to last, and, even something as personal as how sweaty your feet get. Yes, sweat is an individual issue; some people just sweat, and sadly, stink, more than others. To that end, take a look at the list to pick and choose according to your own individual needs. In the end, you may find yourself picking up more than one.

The Best Hunting Socks for Sweaty Feet

  1. Fun Toes

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Obviously, fun toes is a silly name that certainly doesn’t sound like these socks will give you the hardcore man protection you need to hike all day. Contrary to its name however, the Fun Toes line provides everything you need to hike all day and stay away from sweaty foot issues.

With a reinforced heel, and merino wool, you can expect comfort and ease all day long. They come in a pack of six pair of gray socks. Perfect for camouflage or to match your black hunting boots.

  1. Athletic Cushion Hiking Boot Crew

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These socks offer everything you could imagine wanting in a sock, and more. They are designed to take you running, hiking, hunting, or even to work. The heel is reinforced and they provide cushion support while also remaining lightweight. This makes them perfect all weather socks, taking you from winter hiking to summer camping.

They come in a pack of six pair of black socks. The Cushion Hiking Boot Crew is made primarily with cotton, which works to wick moisture away from your foot, possibly making these the best socks for sweaty feet in work boots.

  1. Merino Wool Socks Men’s Hiking

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This four pack comes in a variety of colors, but that is not the big selling point. They are made of the finest merino sheep wool, which guarantees your feet will stay dry. In fact, the company, Frozen Folk, offers a full refund if you are not happy with their promises.

These are perhaps the best warm weather hunting socks, swearing to keep your feet dry even as you forge a stream or wade through puddles. You can expect to take off your boots at the end of the day and have your feet as fresh as they were when you put them on that morning.

As an added bonus, the socks are knitted right here in the USA, so while the price may be a bit steeper than other socks, your pride in the product will be even higher.

  1. Toe Socks

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Toe socks have gotten a bad rap in the past. Many like to poke fun at the design, or laugh at the wearer for being too invested in a new style. The reality, however, is that toe socks not only offer you more comfort, but they also provide you with less sweat.

These toe socks come in a pack of three, and they are unisex, fine for both women and men. If you are in a relationship and heading out for a hunt and hike, you can buy two sets and be set.

They are made almost purely of cotton and are designed to wick away moisture, keeping your, and your companion’s, feet dry and stink and blister free all day.

  1. Women Merino Wool Socks


Because most of us are coupled up at least some of the time, you never know when you might need to give the gift of warm feet. If you have a woman in mind, or hey, if you happen to be a woman reading this article, grab a pair of these wool socks.

They make a great gift, and they will serve both purposes of keeping feet warm and keeping feet dry. Especially if you are giving these as a gift to a hopeful hiking or hunting companion of the opposite sex, the last thing you want at the end of the day is sweaty, blistery, stinky feet.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the bottom line is you can’t go wrong if you invest in a few different types of socks. A good rule of thumb for any outdoors person or hard worker is always be prepared. The best place to start is with those things that hold you up all day, your feet.



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