5 Best Inexpensive Colognes (That Still Smell Amazing)

As a guy, you’ve got lots of ways to make yourself smell amazing — shampoo, body wash, beard oil, etc. These products all come with scents and aromas to keep you smelling great, but they only do so in a secondary fashion. Cologne is the only men’s grooming tool that exists for the sole purpose of making you smell good, but finding a quality cologne that you enjoy can be a rather large expenditure. Today, we’re reviewing the 5 best inexpensive colognes for men.

When shopping for fragrances, some guys are under the impression that they need to shell out hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in order to get the best smelling cologne for men that exists. While this is certainly an option that you have, most guys only want to spend a few bucks here and there on the fragrance of their choice.

Some sites or stores will try to tell you that it’s not worth bothering with cheap or inexpensive colognes, but we beg to differ. All 5 of the products you’re about to ready about not only smell amazing, but they’re also extremely affordable.

Let’s take a look at just what we’re talking about.

1. Jovan GINSENG N-R-G Mens Cologne Spray

The most affordable option on this list is our very first one, and it’s called Jovan GINSENG N-R-G. That name may not be the most enticing or seductive around, but the smell that this cologne is able to deliver certainly is.

Jovan’s fragrance is a very light and cool one, and a lot of guys have described it as being extremely invigorating. This is a scent that is very appropriate for going to work, hitting up the town at night, or just running errands when you want to smell fresh and clean.

You get a 1-fluid-ounce bottle of this stuff for a little more than 11 dollars, and that’s a superb price when you consider the fact that you’re getting something that doesn’t smell like garbage.

These cheaper colognes often have a tendency to go overboard with the aroma, but that isn’t the case here with Jovan. The clean and refreshing smell is certainly there, but it exists in a subtle manner that we very much so appreciate. Click here to view Jovan GINSENG N-R-G Cologne Spray on Amazon.


2. Chrome Legend by Azzaro For Men

Trying to shop around for something that can be considered the best everyday cologne? If so, check out Chrome Legend by Azzaro For Men. This is another cologne that offers a clean and rejuvenating smell, and although it might be hard to wrap your head around exactly what that smells like, rest assured when we say that it smells fantastic.

Some owners of Chrome Legend have complained that the scent is a bit too powerful, and while it’s certainly stronger than Jovan, we never found it to be overkill during our personal testing.


An area where Chrome Legend does get the upper hand on Jovan is the longevity of its scent. Azzaro For Men did a great job here at creating a fragrance that stays with you throughout an entire day without weakening in the slightest, and because of that, it’s one of our top picks for guys that want a cologne they can rely on day in and day out that will keep them smelling great for hours on end. Click here to see Amazon's current pricing on Chrome Legend.


3. D & G Light Blue Dolce & Gabbana For Men

After looking at the other options for an item that’s considered to be the best mens cologne of all time, your wallet might start to fear for its life! 

Very different from Chrome Legend, D & G Light Blue features a scent that will transport you directly to the heart of the Mediterranean. This aroma is crafted together thanks to a combination of citrus notes and subtle spices and a masculine woody undertone, and this creates for a very seductive fragrance to say the least.


The scent stays with you for a considerably long amount of time, but we found that D & G called it quits a bit earlier than what we experienced while wearing Chrome Legend. Your mileage may vary, but rest assured that this is still a very strong performer for extra long days at the office.

4. Drakkar Noir By Guy Laroche For Men

When talking about sexy and intoxicating colognes, you simply have to mention Dakkar Noir By Guy Laroche For Men. This is one of the oldest names around when it comes to men’s cologne, and while it used to be rather pricey and expensive, it’s not become one of the most affordable colognes around.


Drakkar Noir is best described as being incredibly masculine, clean, and somewhat sexy. If you’ve got a special woman in your life or are simply trying to impressive a girl on your first date, this is the stuff that you’ll want to wear.

Drakkar gets mocked by some guys for being an old-school cologne, and while we agree it’s certainly a bit older when compared to more recent products, why fix something if it isn’t broke?

If you want a cologne that make you feel confident, smell great, and revive that masculinity that’s hiding somewhere down inside of you, this is the cologne for you.

And, as a great bonus, it’s dirt cheap!

5. Cool Water By Davidoff For Men

Wrapping up this list is Cool Water By Davidoff For Men. The fragrance of this is quite a bit different than Drakkar Noir, and it’s best described as featuring notes of lavender, jasmine, musk, oakmoss, and sandalwood. This is a scent that’s been helping guys smell great since 1988, and it works just as well here in 2017.

The aroma here is incredibly fresh and revitalizing, and it’s one that we don’t think you’ll be getting tired of any time soon at all. Cool Water does a great job at lasting well throughout the day, and if you’ve ever wanted to get a cologne that smells as close to Kramer’s “The Beach”, this is the fragrance for you. Click here to read reviews posted about Cool Water for Men.


Final Thoughts

By making it this far in the article, you’ve now got 5 great products to choose from that can all be considered to be the best inexpensive colognes you can go out and buy this very second. Cologne is a very subjective thing to most guys, but we guarantee you’ll be happy with at least one of the items we’ve talked about today. Go through the choices once more, find something that you think you’ll like the most, click that “buy now” button, and start smelling amazing!