Best Jacket for San Francisco Weather (5 Adaptable Coats)

If you’re planning a trip to San Francisco and have never been before, you may be in for a bit of a surprise. Are you imaging the typical California scenery with flowers and sun at all turns? You may need to adjust your expectations about the weather in San Francisco weather just a bit. Besides ‘Karl,’ the fog locals refer to by name, the weather is not nearly as warm as you’d assume. So, it’s important to find the best jacket for San Francisco weather before you get there!

What to Wear in San Francisco in April

When you’re thinking about searching for the best jacket for San Francisco weather, you’re probably not thinking much about a real jacket for spring months like April. Again, you need to adjust your thoughts. While there is an air of Spring in San Francisco during April, it’s interspersed with fog and cooler nights.

You’ll need to be prepared with more than one type of clothing, which may feel inconvenient for packing, but if you’re prepared ahead of time, you can minimize the amount of space you use.

There are two main outfit sets to think about for April in San Francisco. During the day a t-shirt covered with a light jacket or sweater should be fine. At night, however, you’ll need a bit of a heavier jacket.


San Francisco Winter Outfits

Winter in San Francisco means rain and possibly a lot of it. Combined with the rain, you will experience colder temperatures, as well. If you’re planning to visit the city during this season, you will want to pack a lot of sweaters and a comfortable and warm rain-friendly jacket.

If you don’t like to carry an umbrella, your best bet is to choose a casual rain jacket that you can wear at all times, just in case you get caught in a drizzle or downpour.


Choosing Cute Outfits for San Francisco

When it comes to choosing the right outfits to wear in San Francisco, the main to remember, no matter what time of year it is, is to wear layers! It’s better to be overprepared than to find yourself overheating or shivering with a sudden change in temperature and weather.

If you’re still not sure which type of jacket to bring to San Francisco, here are the most practical styles:

  • Raincoat: during all seasons, as they keep you dry and come in casual and lightweight styles.
  • Denim Jacket: good for the summer and spring months when you might be warm during the day but needing just a bit more coverage and weight at night.
  • Leather Jacket: whether you choose real or faux leather, this type of jacket is a good option that is in-between light and heavy, so that it will transition from day to night.
  • Trench Coat: this style of jacket is usually lightweight, yet warm and stylish, and makes a good option throughout the year in San Francisco, with proper layering.
  • Wool Jacket: for the colder months, a wool jacket is a good choice. Though it doesn’t repel water in the same way as a raincoat, it will still hold up well if it gets wet.


5 Best San Francisco Jackets

Now that you’ve had a reality check about the weather in San Francisco, it’s time to move on to preparing for your trip and checking out your jacket options:

1.LL Women’s Hooded Faux Leather Jacket 

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If you like the stylish look of leather jackets, but still want to stay flexible in terms of having a light and heavier option, the LL Women’s jacket is a great choice. This jacket will do best for the Spring, Fall and Winter months in San Francisco.

The medium-weight jacket comes in a large variety of colors for your style preferences and can be easily kept in prime condition with cold-water hand-washing.

2. Columbia Women’s Switchback II Jacket 

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To make the most of your time in San Francisco in the rainier months, go with the Columbia Switchback II Jacket. It is made with waterproof fabric and is also stain resistant. The style is neat and lightweight, but it will keep you warm, with the right layers.

This jacket has a stowaway hood, comes in many colors both bright and neutral, and is a reasonably affordable option.

3. Levi’s Women’s Classic Trucker Jackets 

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Having a denim jacket will get you through basically any season when you’re in San Francisco. The style of the Levi’s Trucker Jacket is classic and will fit well with any outfit combination, whether it’s super casual or a little more formal.

This jacket is made from stretch denim, which is ideal for San Francisco because it makes layering easy and comfortable. You can choose from three colors and get a jacket of good quality that will last for many years.

4. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Double-Breasted Trench Coat with Striped Belt 

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To feel like you’re walking the streets of San Francisco as a fashionista, consider the Tommy Hilfiger Trench Coat. It’s made from a combination of cotton and nylon, making it comfortable and sleek. This jacket makes stylish layering simple, as you have the choice to use the jacket’s belt.

If you find yourself caught in a downpour, there’s no reason to panic, as this jacket is water resistant. Just try to get inside for a bit, so the water doesn’t soak through! This trench coat is dry-cleaning only and easy to pack.

5. Alpine Swiss Stella Women’s Wool Overcoat


The Alpine Swiss wool overcoat is an excellent option if you’re planning to go to San Francisco during the colder months, but don’t want to wear a bulky jacket. This coat is designed with one-button, so you will be able to layer with flexibility while staying warm.

This jacket gives you two pockets to put your hands into and will help give you the desirable hourglass figure. It’s ideal for both formal and casual outfits.


Final Thoughts

If you were California Dreaming about your trip to San Francisco, you may have been surprised to learn about the true nature of the weather. There’s no need to despair, just get prepared with the right jacket for your trip!


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