The 5 Best Jeans for Guys with No Bum (No Butt? No problem!)

If you are looking for a jeans selection that will improve how your derriere looks like, you came to the right place. Finding the best jeans for guys with no bum can be a challenging task when you do not have the expertise. That is why we are here my friend. To guide you in this arduous quest to end your problems once and for all.

If you do follow these tips, you will be on your way to look great on jeans even with bum problems. Okay, so let us dive in on the what makes certain jeans perfect for guys with no bum.

Quality of fabric and the design are important. But these are important for anybody who is buying jeans. The secret here is to look for jeans that adjust well on the body. It may sound counter-intuitive to select something that, if adjusted to your behind, will show that you do not have a lot of it.

Now, actually, the opposite is true. If you wear jeans that run large, it is going to look like you are missing something there, thus making it look like you have no bum.

So, if you wear jeans that adjust well on the body slightly tight, you are going to create the illusion that your butt s bigger than it really is. This applies both to guys with no bum and the ones that also have it.

Now, if you landed on this article by accident and you do have an advantaged derriere to call yours, be careful to not look like your butt is gigantic with this technique. Anyway, it is time to reveal our selection of incredible jeans to help you in this noble quest. They will look really nice.

The 5 Best Jeans for Guys with No Bum

1. Joe’s Jeans Men’s Kinetic Brixton Straight and Narrow Jean

The Joe’s Jeans are amazing and for this price tag is a steal. You get just high-quality fabric jeans that will make you look amazing. You also get a huge variety of colors for all tastes, so you can go a little crazy with this one and experiment.

The design is perfect for guys with no bum. If you look closely you will see that it adjusts incredibly well on the body and fits tightly but comfortable enough. This will wear really well not only on the butt area but also on your thighs and calves.

The last thing to add about this one is the design that brings you the four traditional pockets and goes all the way down to your legs in a perfect line, which is a sign of great design.

2. Naked & Famous Denim Men’s Skinny Guy Jean In Dirty Fade Selvedge

Naked & Famous is one of the best brands of jeans for guys with no bums. This one specifically has a very modern look. If you like to innovate and stay up-to-date with what is trending, this is a great choice of jeans. The dark colored fabric that is made of 100% cotton wears incredibly well on the body.

The skinny silhouette creates the illusion that we are looking for with these jeans. Its tightness makes the area look bigger, eliminating the sensation that you got no bum. The pockets are modern giving you a younger, adventurous flair. We dare you to not look good in those jeans.  Click here to view Naked & Famous Skinny Guy Jean on Amazon.

3. Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jean

These Levi’s jeans are not only perfect for guys with no bum but also for short guys. So, if you fit both categories, this can be the perfect jeans for you. Another great thing is the price. It is one of the most affordable jeans with this quality on the market.

Also, you get an interesting variety of colors, which is surprising on this price range. The jeans are made of 99% cotton and 1% elastane. In case you are wondering, this little elastane makes a difference for the jeans flexibility.

So, if you love looking good in jeans but do not want to lose the flexibility of your movements while wearing them, it is another great reason to get one of these.

Now, the quality of these jeans is pretty well established. The only thing that is missing is to talk about the design. Again, this has a modern fresh design that breaks out of the regular jeans, with five pockets and a special selection of colors. The slim fit not only helps with the bum situation but also innovates on the design.  Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing on Levi’s Men 511 Slim Fit Jean.

4. Naked & Famous Denim Men’s Weird Guy Midrise Tapered-Leg Jean In Indigo Selvedge

Again, another great option for guys with no bum. The Naked & Famous jeans come with a great, innovative five pocket design. The washing of the jeans, which refers to how the colors play out, is amazing.

You have a mix that produces great color and the look of high-quality products. This is the type of jeans that can make you look better immediately just by wearing it.

The fabric is 100% cotton. In this case, it is very breathable and light to wear. The slim fit on the silhouette makes it perfect for you. If you are looking for comfort and great looks at the same time, this is one of the best you will ever find.

5. Naked & Famous Denim Men’s Super Guy Jean In Black Power-Stretch

You will look fine with this one. This is the most different design on the list. So, if you want to break the mold and go for something different, consider this one. These black power-stretch jeans are incredible. First, the color they achieved with this fabric is just beautiful.

Of course, color is not everything, but we do not buy clothes just because we have to wear something. We also buy because we want to look good, otherwise, any piece of fabric would do. The design favors the slim fit which enhances your behind in the exact amount that is necessary for you to look good.  Click here to see the pricing for the Naked & Famous Denim men’s Jean on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right jeans for you is not easy at all. This is why it is highly recommended that you do follow this list and pick one for you. The right jeans for this situation are hard to get it right, this is why it is better to not take chances and get one of the five above.