Best Jeans For A Tall Man (5 Long & Stylish Picks)

If you’re a guy with a bit of height to you, chances are you’re all too familiar with how difficult it can be to shop for jeans that properly fit you. Some jeans may have the length that you’re after, but the waist is too big. Others could have the right amount of width, but then it looks like you’re wearing pants made for a flood. If you’re tired of these unsuccessful shopping ventures and just want to look at the best jeans for a tall man, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve looked through every nook and cranny of retail stores, the Internet, and beyond in order to find big and tall jeans that will serve any taller man as best as they possibly can.

The search wasn’t easy and took quite a bit of time, but nonetheless, we’ve come up with 5 pairs of jeans that could all be grouped among the best clothes for tall guys.

If you’re ready to start loving your jeans and the way that you look once again, here are the jeans that deserve your attention:

1. Levi’s Men’s Big/Tall 559 Relaxed Straight-Fit Jean

If you’re a guy who loves the feeling and style of a relaxed-fit jean, Levi’s has all of your bases covered with its Big/Tall 559 Relaxed Straight-Fit Jean. Made out of 100% cotton, Levi’s denim is extremely tough and durable while also comfortable and soft-to-the-touch at the same time.

The five-pocket styling is the most classic look you can ask for, and the straight-leg style means that you’ve got plenty of room for your legs to live while also having a nicely relaxed rear so you don’t feel too cramped while donning these jeans throughout the day.

Having extra room in the thigh area is another greatly appreciated touch, and the machine wash capabilities make clean-up super simple. Add all of this together with a zipper that feels very strong and durable for many years of use, and this is a prime example as to why Levi’s is one of the most trusted names around when it comes to men’s apparel.  Click here to view Levi's Men's Big/Tall 559 Straight-Fit Jean on Amazon.


2. Wrangler Authentics Mens Big & Tall Classic Relaxed-Fit Jean

Speaking of trusted brands, Wrangler is another company that’s become somewhat synonymous with high-end, quality men’s clothing. Wrangler produces a lot of different jean types and styles, and as you’d probably expect, they’ve got you covered as well when it comes to jeans that are made to fit like a glove for guys that are a bit taller than the average bear.

There are a couple of Wrangler jeans on this list, and the first one we’re looking at is the Big & Tall Classic Relaxed-Fit Jean. Similar to the Levi’s above, this relaxed style means that you have a bit more wiggle room throughout the thigh and rear so your muscles won’t feel constricted as you wear these throughout the day.

Cotton is once again the material of choice, and similar to what you’ll find in pretty much all jeans that use this type of fabric, it allows for a jean that strikes a harmonious balance of durability and comfort.

A linear embroidery along the back pockets adds a bit of style, and Wrangler’s U-Fit crotch area aims to provide maximum comfort for your boys down below.  Click here to see the pricing for the Wrangler Authentics Relaxed-Fit Jean on Amazon.


3. Izod Men’s Big & Tall Relaxed-Fit Jean

Izod isn’t quite as well known as Wrangler or Levi’s, but the company has proven itself to know a thing or two when it comes to crafting quality men’s jeans. Izod Men’s Big & Tall Relaxed-Fit Jean is another standout in the market for men that need a jean to fit their height and larger legs, and Izod’s offering does a fantastic job in these regards.

If you’ve ever purchased a pair of jeans and found that they were too small despite being marketed to fit taller guys, these are the jeans for you. Izod actually understands what needs to go into a pair of big and tall jeans, and as such, you get a product that finally feels as if it was truthfully made for big and tall dudes.

The relaxed-fit that Izod offers here is the perfect cut for big and tall denim, and the price that you pay is very competitive and reasonable when you consider just how high quality these jeans really are.  Click here to see Amazon's current pricing on Izod Men's Big&Tall Relaxed-Fit Jean.


4. Wrangler Authentics Mens Big & Tall Classic Regular-Fit Jean

Heading back to Wrangler once more, another great option for big and tall men is the company’s Classic Regular-Fit Jean. The regular-fit is a bit different from relaxed-fit in the sense that it offers a bit more security and tightness throughout the legs and thighs.

This is something that guys with a lot of height and not a lot of width will greatly appreciate, and along with that, you’ve got everything else that makes Wrangler jeans so darn great — 100% cotton material, ability to machine wash them, etc.


The one unique thing you’ll find here is the fact that Wrangler opted for a button closure with these jeans. While this will be a turn-off for some guys that swear by a button and zipper setup, we’ve often found that this button-only closure system tends to be a bit more secure than the button and zipper duo.

5. Lee Men’s Big-Tall Modern Series Custom-Fit Relaxed Straight-Leg Jean

Last but not least, we can’t talk about jeans for big and tall guys without mention Lee’s Men’s Big-Tall Modern Series Custom-Fit Relaxed Straight-Leg Jean. This is a jean that does cost a bit more than what you’ll find with some of the other options on this list, but if you’re okay with spending a few extra dollars, this is money truly well-spent.


One of the biggest selling points for these jeans is Lee’s Active Comfort stretch denim and hidden elastic waistband. These two components might seem small on paper, but in the real world, they create for a feeling that’s noticeably more comfortable than what you’ll find with competing products.

The only real complaint that we have is that the color of the jeans aren’t well represented online. The actual color you receive varies quite a bit from what is advertised on Amazon, and this can cause for a bit of annoyance if you aren’t aware of this before handing your money over.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’d made it to this point in the article, we hope that you now feel a bit more comfortable the next time you go out to buy the best jeans for a tall man. All 5 of the jeans talked about here are truly some of the best that you’re going to find, and while choosing just one will certainly be a tough decision, rest assured that you’ll be rocking some of the best jeans for tall guys no matter what you end up getting.