The Best Jeans For Tall Skinny Guys (5 Long & Lean Picks)

It’s no secret that men come in all different shapes and sizes. There are short guys that are skinny, tall guys that are thicker, and far too many shapes and sizes in between to list off all of them. Clothing companies try to accommodate guys of all types, but shopping for clothes for tall, skinny men often proves to be one of the most challenging. In an effort to help alleviate some of this stress, we’re talking about how to buy the best jeans for tall skinny guys.

Clothing for the tall and thin is often difficult to come by, and this point is even more prominent when talking about jeans for tall guys. There are plenty of jeans made for guys that are big and tall, but when it comes to thin and tall, that’s a much different story.

We searched throughout every nook and cranny of the men’s clothing world and picked out 5 jeans that we think will do tall and skinny men the most justice. These jeans are the best options you have if you’re someone who falls into that tall and thin category.

1. Men’s Skinny Slim Fit Stretch Straight Leg Fashion Jeans

Our first pick for the best jeans for tall skinny guys comes from FREDD MARSHALL. These jeans feature a slim fit that’s key to any jeans made for thin guys, and there’s an ample amount of elasticity here so that you can get the best fit possible.

Something that we really love about these jeans is just how good they feel when wearing them throughout the day. It can sometimes be difficult to find skinny jeans that don’t feel too constricting, but we thankfully never had that issue with this particular offering.

The five pocket design is a classic look that also offers quite a bit of functionality so you can easily store all of your belongings, and FREDD MARSHALL offers its jeans in a surprisingly wide array of colors — including black, white, red, green, blue, and more.

FREDD MARSHALL prices its jeans extremely competitively, and when you add this together with true-to-life sizing, you get a package that’s extremely hard to say no to.  Click here to view Men's Skinny Leg Fashion Jeans on Amazon.


2. Men’s Slim Fit Black Stretch Destroyed Ripped Skinny Denim Jeans

Going a bit up in price, we’ve got Qazel Vorrlon’s Men’s Slim Fit Stretch Destroyed Ripped Skinny Denim Jeans. In regards to the fit, Qazel Vorrlon hits the nail right on the head. These jeans are extremely comfortable to wear, the slim fit makes them feel right at home on a guy with a thinner frame, and there’s plenty of length here to accommodate even the longest of legs.


As for the look, whether or not you like the destroyed look will really come down to your personal preference. This is a style that certainly won’t fly at work around the office, but for hanging out with friends or in other casual settings, these jeans still look very nice.

The ripped denim is really only seen at the knees, and when compared to other ripped styles that we’ve seen before, this one is quite a bit more conservative. Plus, depending on which color you get these jeans in (of which there are a lot to choose from), the destroyed look will be either more or less prominent.

Qazel Vorrlon offers its jeans in waist sizes 28 all the way up to 40, so no matter what your waist size is, there’s something here that will fit you perfectly.

3. Levi’s Men’s 510 Skinny Fit Jean

Moving things over to a brand that’s a bit more well-known, Levi’s Men’s 510 Skinny Fit Jean is another solid option for guys with a thin and tall body shape. Levi’s understands the importance of making the best fitting jeans for men by body type, and the 510 is easily one of our favorites for guys that are thin and tall.


The 100% cotton makeup keeps the jeans feeling both durable and comfortable, and you can easily machine wash these without having to worry about them deteriorating or showing signs of discoloration.

Levi’s jeans sit below the waist and are skinny from the hip all the way down to your ankle, and the end result is an extremely comfortable pair of skinny jeans that we can easily recommend to most guys in a heartbeat.

4. Perruzo Men’s Skinny Fit Stylish Stretch Jeans

For our fourth pick, we’re talking about Perruzo Men’s Skinny Fit Stylish Stretch Jeans. Stretchy jeans are quickly becoming a popular trend for lots of guys out there, and this added elasticity allows skinny jeans to be more comfortable than they’ve ever been before.


This elasticity is thanks to the 97% cotton and 3% spandex design, and while having stretchy jeans may seem a bit odd if you’ve never tried them before, we strongly recommend you give them a shot. The feeling is noticeably more comfy than non-stretchy jeans, and while it will take a day or two to get fully used to, we have a hard time going back to regular-fitting jeans after wearing these around for a while.

Perruzo has a ton of different colors to choose from so you can get the exact style/look that you’re after, and the price here is fantastic too.

5. Demon & Hunter 808 YOUTH Series Men’s Skinny Slim Jeans

To end this list, our last recommendation is the Demon & Hunter 808 YOUTH Series Men’s Skinny Slim Jeans. These jeans are 81% cotton, 17% polyester, and 2% spandex. As such, you’ll find a similar stretchy design that’s present with Perruzo’s option, and just like with that one, it allows Demon & Hunter’s jeans to be extremely comfortable even during very long wearing sessions.


A button and zipper closure is used to keep the jeans secured shut, an the zipper that Demon & Hunter is using feels noticeably sturdy. That’s a small thing to notice, but it’s something you’ll come to greatly appreciate day in and day out with these jeans.

Certain customers have noted that they’ve had to buy these jeans one size larger than what they normally do in order to get the perfect fit, and while this can create for a bit of irritation during the buying process, it’s not a big enough issue to keep up from recommending these to tall and thin guys everywhere.

Final Thoughts

Going out to find the best jeans for tall skinny guys can seem like quite the challenge without any guidance or help, but the buying process is actually quite simple with a list like this to go by. All 5 jeans we talked about today are the best of the best for men with a thin and tall body type, and none of them will break the bank either. You may have to play around with the sizing for some of the ones mentioned, but aside from that, things don’t get any easier than this.