The Best Kent Combs For Your Grooming Kit (5 Top Choices)

One of the trustiest tools for any man when it comes to grooming is that of a comb. Whether you need to gain control of your hair, beard, or anything else, a sturdy and reliable comb can make or break whether or not you get the results that you’re aiming for when cleaning yourself up.

Some guys may think that any old comb will do the job, and while this is an alright place to start out, there’s something to be said about using a high-end, premium comb. Handmade combs are usually the fanciest and most reliable type of comb that a guy can buy, and a company that’s well known for creating such products is Kent.

A Kent comb is unlike pretty much any other comb out there, and while this might sound like a far-fetched statement if you don’t have any experience with the Kent brand, you’re very well aware of what I’m talking about if you’ve ever had the pleasure of using such a comb.

Just what makes Kent’s products so fantastic? Here’s a quick rundown of the brand and some of its most popular products to help give you a better idea as to why you should be using a Kent if you aren’t already.

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Kent Combs Review

Originally founded all the way back in 1777, Kent is one of the world’s oldest and most recognizable companies in the world of grooming and personal care. Kent has been creating combs and brushes for more than 230 years at this point in time, and that’s created for a product line of over 250 individual and unique products. Only the finest materials are used with Kent’s products, and the hand-made nature of all items is what truly sets them apart.


Determination To Create Quality Products Without Compromise

Kent’s combs and brushes aren’t the cheapest around, and while this is a justifiable turn off for some people for the brand’s products, the increased price that they carry comes with very good reason. Kent is one of the few independently owned hairbrush/comb makers that is left in the entirety of the United Kingdom, and although the company has faced enormous pressure from competing, cheaper brands, it’s stayed true to its values.

Kent has promised its customers that it will never succumb to creating a lesser-quality products as the result of competition entities in the grooming world, and this determination is what truly sets Kent apart from most other brands out there. This sort of reliability is getting harder and harder to come by, and it’s easily one of the best qualities for the company.

Only The Finest Materials Make The Cut

The quality of materials that a comb or brush comes with is what sets it apart from its competitors, and this is another area where Kent absolutely excels. The company simply knows what it takes to create a quality product, and as such, only the best of the best materials are used for all of the products that are manufactured.

When it comes to Kent’s brushes, the bristle that is used is sourced from merchants that are located in India and China. The bristle that Kent uses is some of the finest in the business, and any wooden components for either brushes or combs are made up out of timber from only sustainable forests that are located all throughout the world.

Kent chooses which wood to use based off of its color, grain, and overall beauty. Each comb and brush that Kent creates has its own unique and stylistic appearance, and while some people may see this attention to detail as somewhat of overkill, it’s one of the reasons as to why Kent is still in business today after first opened so many years ago.

Wide Array Of Products

Although Kent’s main focus of products will always be on combs and brushes, the company has done a very nice job at slowly expanding what it has to offer without compromising on quality. Lots of brands try to offer more and more goods, but this usually comes at the result of a lesser overall item.

This is not the case with Kent.

In addition to your standard array of combs and brushes, Kent also sells makeup brushes for women, brushes and combs made specifically for use by children, toothbrushes, shoe brushes, and a lot more. This expanded catalog of products adds a nice amount of variety to Kent’s product line, and every single item still retains that phenomenal amount of attention to detail.

100% Handmade 100% Of The Time

When talking about Kent products, you have to mention the company’s determination to create their products entirely by hand. This is a commendable act, especially in a world that’s moving more and more to autonomous construction with every day that passes.

Kent could certainly create more products more efficiently if it decided to make use of machinery, but this would come at the potential cost of lesser quality. This is not okay in Kent’s book, and as such, you’ll only find 100% handmade goods whenever you’re shopping for something that’s made by the company.


Products Can Be A Bit Pricey At Times

If there’s a con to be had with Kent, it would have to be with its prices. Kent’s items aren’t ridiculously overpriced by any means, but because of the way that they’re created and the materials that are used in the construction process, Kent needs to charge a higher price of admission than its competitors in order to keep doing what it’s doing.

These higher prices are very much so expected, but for someone that’s looking to spend as little as possible for a comb or other grooming product, the best Kent combs will likely be out of their price range.

Final Thoughts

As you can clearly see, there are a lot of reasons to go with the Kent brand when it comes to combs, brushes, and other grooming products. Although you will be faced with a slightly higher price than competing brands, the amount of quality and attention to detail that you get with Kent products is truly second to none.


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