The 5 Best Knee High Boots for Short Legs: Stand Tall!

Short legged women have a lot to think about when we style our outfits for the day. Typically, our torsos are short and our legs are short, so the wrong outfits can make us look like tree trunks. The right outfit though, can accentuate our petite figures and add length, so we resemble a pixie-like Tinkerbell, not Jabba the Hut. The best knee high boots for short legs go a long way toward that goal.

Short Legs

The thing about short legs is that they need to be maintained and well cared for. Baggy pants make us look like clowns. Too tight and we look like strippers, nothing against strippers of course. You do your girlfriend. But even if you are a stripper, you’re probably not going for the “stripper” look at your kid’s PTA meeting or at your boyfriend’s mom’s family dinner.

What you are searching for to get the length you need is long pants, monotones, and big boots. The longer the better. Boots for petite women should come up over the knee so the eye cannot differentiate between where knee ends and your calf begins. This adds the illusion of length which makes you feel more confident in your boots. They were, after all, made for walking.


Over the knee boots are actually more comfortable too. Because women with short legs typically also have more compact legs, our calves can be bigger than the calves of taller women. This shorter, stockier calf makes it very uncomfortable to wear boots that cut into the meat of our legs just under the knee.

Over the knee boots don’t cut off your circulation the same way. They are made to rest above the knee as opposed to gripping tightly just under the knee. One thing that does wonders for confidence? Comfort. Get it where you can.


Also, remember to choose your color wisely. If you are wearing black pants, choose black boots. Likewise with browns and blues. The more monotone the color on your legs is, the longer your legs look. If you are wearing blue jeans, this can obviously be tough.

You could choose a nude or a black color, depending on how dark or light your jeans are, or you could just throw the monotone idea to the side for the sake of matching and simply style your boots to match your shirt, scarf, or bag. At some point, too much worrying can just be too much. Embrace your shortness.

Best Knee High Boots for Short Legs

1. Daily Shoes

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This boot means business. It has a chunky heel and a lace-up closure. You also get a zipper on the inside to help you fasten the boot in place. It will come up over your knee and give you a militant look as it is a thick, low heel.

The boot is black, synthetic, and a bit shiny. You can style these with pants or a skirt, based on your plans, and the weather.

2. MVE

These thigh high boots are made with vegan suede, so no animals were harmed in their construction. They resemble riding books, coming up over the knee and designed with a stacked heel, so you have a bit of lift but they are still basically flats.

You can pull this boot up, and it will rest above your knee; no laces or zippers to worry about. MVE also provides you will a cushion in the insole, so these boots should be comfortable to wear throughout the day or even out for a night on the town, and on your feet.

3. Premier Standard

This is the classic sexy black boot. It will pull on over your knee and stay in place while you dance the night away. You get a 4 inch stacked heel, so you can add lift and comfort. The outsole is sturdy, which means it will last you for years as long as you take good care of the boots.

The Premier Standard is made with vegan suede, so you can take heart no animals were tested during the making of your boots. And these boots come in a variety of colors, so if you find that these are the best boots for petite women to wear, you can even order them to match all of your outfits.

4. J. Adams

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Here you get a cross between sexy and everyday wear. You’re still getting the vegan suede, over the knee look, but the heel is a bit shorter and chunkier, making it appropriate for the workplace or lunch with the girls.

You also get a bit of cushion on both the inside and the outside of the sole of these stunners, so you can be comfortable as you turn heads throughout the day.

5. Guilty Shoes

Finally, you’ve got a cross between sturdy, military style, and flashy fancy suede. The Guilty Shoes are sleek looking, come up over the knee, and still have that sexy black boot look, but they are basically flat. The heel is just high enough to feel like a bit of lift, but you will not feel like you are walking in a heel all day.

They also provide a comfortable cushion in the insole so you get the snuggled comfortable feel in a very practical looking boot. They are easy to slip on and off, and they have a rubber outsole, so they will last you a long time.

Final Thoughts

This decision comes down to style preference. What outfit are you wearing? What is your own personal style? Which boots resonate the most with you? And because the answers to these questions may vary from day to day, you may want to pick out more than one, a high heel for a night out, a low heel for ladies’ lunch.

One thing is sure, worn correctly, these boots will add length and height to your legs. You will walk tall as you go throughout your day knowing that you’ve nailed the petite look to a tee.



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