The 5 Best Lady Electric Razors: Trim It Down!

Oh how fabulous for us that electric razors are finally hitting the market! Gone are the days when we have to steal our husband’s or boyfriend’s electric razor to trim our bikini line. We grow hair on our arms that we want to get rid of too. Electric razors are great for that! Who wants to shave her arms with a blade? So now you have choices. The best lady electric razors are here to stay, and you will find the top five below.

Electric Razors

An electric razor is one that is powered by either a cord or a battery or both. Because we are in fact not men, we are probably not shaving our full beards in front of the mirror in the bathroom. Most of us shave either in the shower or if we are getting in a quick trim, over the toilet.

This means we don’t want a corded razor. We want something hands free and easy to handle. For the bikini line, we really want something easy to manipulate and maneuver around a very sensitive area. Plus, we want to look clean and put together on the beach.


It is also important to have an electric razor that is easy to store. It should be resistant to rusting, not get slippery in your hand if it’s been sitting in the shower, and it will ideally come with its own hook or stand.

In the end, you want your razor to be accessible and easy to use.

Beauty Is Skin Deep

Of course, you also want your razor to be pretty. Shaving is a very feminine act. There are women around the world who choose not to shave, and more power to them, but if you have chosen to keep your legs bare, your armpits shaved, and your bikini line trim, there is something very feminine about that.

For this reason, you also want your razor to symbolize your feminine act. You are seeing both style and function, not just function alone. So a petite and pretty razor can be a bold statement piece for your bathroom, your “staging area.”

Best Lady Electric Razors: 5 to Stay Bare Down There

1. Solo Glide

This little pink clamshell meets all the requirements. It is cute, feminine, small enough to hold onto and maneuver, and it is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about batteries. You can shave with Solo Glide either wet or dry.

It is a pain-free way to remove hair as users have described it as a gentle touch, so gentle in fact that you can barely feel it. So you not only don’t have to deal with nicks and cuts but you also get to feel “caressed” by your razor.

And if you hate it, you get a money back guarantee. You can’t beat that.  Click here to view Solo Glide on Amazon.

2. Panasonic

The Panasonic razor is a bit bigger than the Solo Glide, but it is still manageable. It also comes with its own charging station that is relatively small, so it won’t take up too much space. It uses three blade technology and has a pop-up trimmer, so you can’t possibly miss any hair during your shave.

You can use this razor to shave either wet or dry.

3. Lady Shaver

Talk about a kit that does it all. This shaver is wet and dry capable, comes with a charging station, and even has different blades for different shaves. In addition to the shaver, you will get a facial cleansing brush head and a gift of a manicure set to boot.

This shaver is also hypoallergenic as it comes with an anti-allergy foil built in. So you won’t have to worry about breakouts after you shave.  Click here to read more about Lady Shaver on Amazon.

4. Lavany

This shaver is a 3 in 1 high-speed razor that will provide a straight blade for arms and legs and a curved blade for armpits and hard to get areas like behind the knee. It is rechargeable either from the base or from a direct plugin.

Lavany even has a built-in illumination light that will help you check for every single little hair you might miss. You can shave with this razor either wet or dry.  Click here to see the pricing for the Lavany on Amazon.

5. Etereauty

Etereuty offers you a 4 in 1 shaver. You get 3 different razor heads, one for arms and legs, one for bikini area, and one for trimming, and finally, you get a facial cleanser brush. You can pop the brush on and give yourself a mini facial in the shower or bath. Talk about pampering.

This shaver is good for wet or dry, and on top of all of that, you also get a money back guarantee. So if you’re not satisfied for any reason with this shaver that does it all, send it back for a full refund.

Final Thoughts

Shaving is a very personal and intimate reality for women. It can be a wonderful experience or a nightmare. The great thing about these electric razors is that they promise to make your shaving experience a good one. Some are even offering a great experience. You can pay close attention to your body and take care of every inch, curve and hidden crevice with one of these shavers.

The options for electric razors are just too good to turn down. Most of these have a multi-blade and multifunction options. The Solo Glide doesn’t give you a lot of options, but it’s a great accessory if you’re just looking for something small and quick to get a little trim job done and out of the way.

The remaining shavers promise to give you a complete shave, and they meet needs you may not have even pondered in the past. Facial massage anyone?

So take your time with the site, check your budget and your storage needs, and pick a shaver that speaks to you as a woman. You really can’t go wrong as most of these offer money back guarantees. Now all you have to do is point your cursor, click, and buy.