Get Best Laser Hair Removal Machines for Dark Skin, No More Skin Irritation!

Having unsightly hair is difficult to deal with. Not only do you have to deal with the constant maintenance, but also issue of losing self-confidence. While there might be many different ways of getting rid of this hair for a time, it always finds a way back.

For those who happen to be of a darker complexion, these hairs can really stand out. To combat this glaring issue, this list has the top 5 best laser hair removal machines for dark skin. These laser hair removal items will definitely eliminate all of those weird hairs that you would rather get rid of.

Science Behind Laser Hair Removal

The science behind laser hair removal is actually very interesting. The concept is that you are bombarding pieces of skin with infrared radiation, you stop growth permanently in the area. The process is completely contingent on a chemical found in your and hair and in your skin, Melanin.

This chemical absorbs ultraviolet radiation and is preventative of causing your skin to become too damaged if exposed to the sun for long periods of time. In fact, you see it working everytime you get a tan, as the melanin is absorbing the excess ultraviolet radiation. Scientists have been able to figure out, that by specifically targeting the melanin found in hair, it can heat up the hair to over 100 degrees Celcius.

Effectively by using melanin that absorbs this ultraviolet radiation, the heat that is generated then destroys the germ cells that create the hair in your hair follicle. It is almost as if you are using your own hair to remove more of your hair.

Tips For Using Laser Hair Removal

  • It is not a pleasant experience, take breaks if needed when burning away unwanted hair.
  • Do not use a laser hair removal device if you are wet or moist in the area you want to remove.
  • If you are sensitive to certain areas try and let someone else take off the hair, as it may be difficult to use a device while in pain.
  • Do not misuse a laser hair removal device, it can cause very real damage to children and yourself.
  • Darker hair will be easier to remove than lighter hair.
  • Be sure to not look directly at the area that you are using your device.
  • Shave the area where you will be using the laser hair removal.

The Top Best Laser Hair Removal Machines for Dark Skin

1. Veezy Ultra light Face and Body

This is a great starting point for laser hair removal market. Right off the bat, it should be said that the color of your skin should be lighter than very dark brown or black. This will ensure that you will not cause harm to yourself and also will allow results to come naturally. This device will last 350,000 flashes more than enough for a year of use.

There is also an LED screen that will let you know the counter of the number of flashes still left on your device. This device also comes with an indicator that flashes green when completely covering the area and is ready to flash. This device also has different flash settings including; single, automatic, and siding choices.  Click here to view Veezy Ultra Light Face and Body on Amazon.

2. MONESAO MLAY T3 IPL Face and Body Hair Removal Device

A hair removal device of fantastic quality? You’ve got it! This device can work with every skin color excluding black. Those who have a slightly lighter skin tone can take solace in this machine’s ability.

Even if you have any questions about your skin tone, this device comes with a skin color detector.  With a max of 300,000 flashes that are counted by a screen found on the device, you will last well through months of treatment.

This item has an easy to use system, by simply holding the tip of the flash to your skin and select a setting depending on the intensity you want. This is a great choice for anyone who is looking for an easy to use hair removal product.  Click here to read more about MONESAO Hair Removal Device on Amazon.

3. IPL Laser Hair Removal

This all in one laser hair removal device is perfect for just about all skin colors. This laser hair removal device has a life of 400,000 flashes, 100,000 more than the standard removal model. This item also boasts special items; flash glasses and a shaver.

These two items can definitely speed along any cutting and removal that you might be wanting to achieve. This item also uses a hold in and flash system that can be interchanged between speeds. This is a perfect choice for those wanting a simple and easy to use device.  Click here to see the pricing for the IPL Laser Hair Removal on Amazon.

4. Innovative WPL

Innovative is definitely one word for this hair removal choice. This device has a life of 350,000 and can be used with ease due to an ergonomic design. Not to mention this item is virtually painless as it can be used on sensitive areas with ease.

You can even take this one on the go! With its relatively small stature, putting it in a travel bag is an easy sitch. This is a must-have for anyone wanting the freedom to laser their hair away with ease!

5. Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL

Finishing off the list strong, we have a great all-around pick for dark-skinned laser treatment. This laser fits perfectly into your hand and can ensure that any type of laser hair removal will be a breeze to do.

This item can flash 250,000 before a change will be necessary. A counter is also found on the device to ensure you never lose count on how many flashes you have left. An adjusting light level accompanies every flash and every use. This can be a real time saver, as you will not have to be constantly changing light levels depending on your area.  Click here to read reviews posted about Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Having darker skin color is definitely much harder to utilize this type of hair removal. But when you want to get rid of unwanted hair and nothing works? Or maybe you cannot even use other types of hair removal products or they cause irritation to your skin. So although it may be scary to think that ultraviolet radiation is great at removing hair, you really cannot argue the results that can come from it.