The Best Long Dress for Apple Shape (5 Flattering Pieces)

When it comes to fashion, the trick lies in dressing to flatter your body shape. There’s no shape that cannot be fit, as long as you know what rules to follow. Once you learn how to dress your body, finding clothes becomes a fun and simple process.

Dresses can be one of the toughest wardrobe pieces to get just right. That’s why it’s helpful to learn about the best long dress for apple shape.

About the Apple Shape Body

Before you begin your search for the best long dress for apple shape, you need to know the basics of how to dress this body type. When you think of your apple shape body, you may compare it to an inverted triangle. Take note of whether you tend to carry a little extra around your midsection or not, as this will help make better clothing choices.

If you’re not sure exactly what defines your apple shape body, here are the basics:

  • Overall well-proportioned.
  • Tend to have broader shoulders than hips.
  • May not be too curvy in the hip area.
  • No well-defined waistline. (This distinguishes apple shapes from hourglass figures).

Dressing an Apple Shape Body

In order to provide your body with the best treatment in terms of clothing, there are a few important guidelines to keep in mind while shopping.

  • Focus on the Top: one of the most important parts of choosing clothing when you have an apple shaped body is deciding what type of top to wear. Some of your best options are A-line silhouettes, V-necks, and flowy tunic styles. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your shoulders and go strapless or sleeveless!
  • Dress Shopping: your apple shape allows you to wear some of the most popular dress styles with ease. Choose strapless options or maxi dresses with lower necklines. You should also embrace the wrap dress and if you’re on the curvy side, go for A-line looks.
  • Accessories: remember to top your outfit off with accessories. Focus on balancing your whole look, but don’t shy away from wearing your favorite statement pieces. 

Picking the right dress boils down to starting the search from a selection of styles that will suit your apple shape. Remember to steer away from dresses with too much structure, as apple shape bodies need flexibility and room for the ideal fit.

The Top 5 Long Dresses for Apple Shape

1. Milumia Button up Split Floral Print Flowy Party Maxi Dress 

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The Milumia Button Up Maxi Dress is a classic style choice for an apple shape body. The dress comes at an affordable price and is available in a wide range of color combinations and floral patterns.

The design of this Maxi dress is short-sleeved with a deep V-neck, which is perfect for the apple shape. The split in the front of the dress will show off just enough of your legs for a sexy but still classy look.

The dress is made from lightweight and flexible fabric, which will come to fit your apple shape perfectly after a few years. Make sure to wash this dress in cold water and be aware that it will shrink after the first wash. It may be safest to order one size larger than usual.

2. OUGES Women’s V-Neck Pattern Pocket Maxi Long Dress 

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The OUGES Maxi Long Dress is another reasonably priced option which comes in a number of different colorful floral patterns. You can choose between short-sleeved or sleeveless cuts of this dress.

The dress is made of a combination of polyester and spandex, making it flexible, soft, and lightweight so it will hug your curves naturally. The V-neck design will flatter your apple shape and highlight your strengths.

The full-length of this maxi dress makes it very versatile. It can be worn for a relaxed day at the beach or spruced up for a dinner date. The dress is easy to clean and can be either hand washed or washed in your machine on low temperature. An added bonus about this dress is that the belted wrap helps this dress function as a maternity dress or for breastfeeding needs.

3. THANTH Off The Shoulder Ruffle Party Side Split Beach Maxi 

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The THANTH Maxi Dress is available in a few deep and beautiful colors and comes at a fair price. This dress combines the long maxi style with a strapless top.

The dress is made from a combination of cotton and spandex, which means that it will fall naturally and be soft and flexible. For added versatility, you can wear this dress in four different styles including with one sleeve or tube style.

The solid color design of this dress makes it the perfect canvas for wearing your favorite accessories and mixing and matching colors to create a personalized look. The slight slit on the side of the dress adds a bit of intrigue and also makes walking more fluid. Keep in mind that this dress runs a bit on the larger side.

4. NINEXIS Women’s V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Waist Wrap Front Maxi Dress 

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The NINEXIS Maxi Dress is an affordable option that will be a helpful addition to your closet for the spring and fall seasons with its ¾ sleeves. This wrap dress comes in various solid colors ranging from bright and popping to dark and serious tones.

The dress is made from rayon and spandex for a comfortable and flexible fit and has a deep V-neck to flatter your apple shape from the top down.

5. Vanilla Bay Signature Womens Strapless Maxi Dress with Pockets 

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If you’re looking to flaunt your strong shoulders, the Vanilla Bay Signature Strapless Maxi Dress gives you the chance. This dress comes in a variety of solid colors and patterns to suit your personal preference and is reasonably priced.

This is a dress you will be wearing from the beginning of spring until the end of fall with the appropriate accessories. The pockets on the dress add a touch of charm and extra convenience.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right dress starts with knowing how to dress your apple shape body type. Follow the simple guidelines and choose a dress that will accentuate all your favorite features!


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