The 5 Best Lotions to Use After a Spray Tan: Lock It In!

You spend a ton of time on perfecting your look – your hair, your makeup, your clothes, your tan. And one big concern once you’ve decided on and perfected something in your look, is whether or not it will last. Will your shirt wrinkle during the day? Will your curls end up limp and lifeless? And your tan, unless you have one of the best lotions to use after a spray tan, this concern is a real one.

Spray Tan

A spray tan essentially temporarily darkens your skin color to make it look freshly sun-kissed. A spray tan can be great for a photo shoot. You may also want a quick tan before an event like a wedding or anniversary party.

Once you become an expert on the spray tan, it will be difficult for anyone to differentiate between the false painted on color and a weekend on the beach look. And you don’t have to crowd out time from your schedule to lie on a beach for the weekend. Or pray that the rain lets up in the middle of spring.

Lasting Effect

The problem with the spray tan is that it will only last on your skin for so long before eventually washing off in the shower. The wonderful, and in this case irritating, thing about human skin is that you can pretty much get anything off, which also means anything will rub off.

You also want the effect to be an even one. You don’t want your spray tan to come across blotchy and multi-toned. This multi-toned look is actually quite common if you don’t apply the spray tan properly or take good care of it after the fact. This is why there are so many lotions on the market today appealing to the after effect of spray tan.

Here, you’ll find the best we’ve found available to you now.

Top 5 Best Lotions to Use After a Spray Tan:

1. Golden Star Beauty

This tan extender guarantees its effectiveness. You are promised your money back if your tan is not extended by at least 3 days. Golden Star is cruelty-free, vegan, and includes organic ingredients like olive oil, argan oil, and avocado oil.

You should see visibly and noticeably hydrated and moisturized skin after using this product and feel good about your tan.  Click here to view Golden Star Beauty on Amazon.

2. Hawaiian Tropic

If Golden Star is at the far high end of after tan lotion, Hawaiian Tropic is at the far another affordable end. This after the tan lotion is a companion product to Hawaiian Tropic’s suntan lotion. It promises to make you feel moisturized and leave you smelling good.

We are all familiar with the unmistakable scent of Hawaiian Tropic. It should extend your tan by leaving you coated and softened up with its coconut oil after a spray tan.

3. California Tan

The benefits of a post spray tan spray lotion are limitless. You don’t have to touch your freshly tanned skin, which is a virtual guarantee you are not rubbing off your pretty color. The additional shimmer in this product can also leave you feeling moisturized and dewy.

It promises to extend the life of your tan by enhancing whichever color you have chosen to go with.  Click here to read more about California Tan on Amazon.

4. Hemp Nation

Cannabis and hemp are all the rave on the market today. These products derived from the same plant as marijuana have myriad benefits. One of these pros is moisture. Because there are essential fats in hemp, you can trust that those plant-based fats will allow your skin to stay soft and supple.

Along with moisturized skin, you can rely on Hemp Nation to lock in your spray tan and help you keep your color longer, thanks also to those fats. How often do you get to say thank you to fat? In addition, you can enjoy the coconut and marshmallow scent wafting from your skin. Between the good fat and the awesome smell, you will be good enough to eat!  Click here to see the pricing for the Hemp Nation on Amazon.

5. Jergens Natural Glow

This Jergens product is genius. Not only will it lock in your color, but it will build a base around your color. After a week, you will still see the same color you got with the self-tanner because Natural Glow is both a moisturizer and a post-tan lotion.

What is nice about this is that you can continue to apply it over the course of a week, knowing that you are supporting the self-tanner you have applied, but also feel confident that not only will your self-tanner hold, but it will also add even more color. People will think you live at the beach.  Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing on Jergens Natural Glow.

Final Thoughts

Many women have gone hunting for cocoa butter after a spray tan, which is a viable option. Currently, there aren’t any decent lotions specific to locking in a tan, but cocoa butter does exactly what many of these designer lotions do. You could easily just buy a jar of cocoa butter and apply as you would an after tan lotion.

Cetaphil lotion after a spray tan is another option, but this one you will really only need to spend tons of money on if you have dry skin. Because it is the moisture in our skin that preserves the color, as your skin gets dry, it will lose the fabulous tan you have applied. For this reason, Cetaphil is going to be your perfect product if you are even remotely prone to dry skin.

Ultimately, this decision will be based on a few things. How dark your skin is naturally is going to be a major factor here. If you have naturally brown toned skin, your tan will likely hold much longer. You are probably going more for the fresh kissed by the sun dewy look.

At the same time, if you have particularly pale skin, it will be harder to hold a brown color in your melanin. You will need to apply your post-tan lotion liberally and consistently.

Go through the list, browse your options, and choose wisely.