The 5 Best Lululemon Leggings for Everyday Use: Fit and Fab

Make no mistake: Lululemon is all any woman is talking about in the modern day legging craze. These are not your cotton, t-shirt fabric leggings from the 1980s. The best Lululemon leggings for everyday use will make you feel fit, fabulous, and relaxed all at once. They are luxury in all of its creature comforts at its best.


Lululemon wear began as yoga pants. They were only meant for leisure wear around the studio and maybe for a quick run to the market if you live in California where you’re hard-pressed to find someone, not into yoga.

Now, these pants have become the best yoga pants of all time. From the working class bartender to the upper-middle-class high school cheerleader, everyone is all in on this clothing line.

Obviously, the most popular Lululemon leggings are going to be the ones that make you feel super fit, athletic, even if you haven’t worked out since the last legging craze in the 80s.


The leggings are made from a fabric called “luon,” which is trademarked by Lululemon. It is mostly nylon and part lycra. This fabulous combination makes for a refined feel as you go about your day. And that is exactly what Lululemon has become: an all day everyday wear.

Because you can wear these pants anywhere and anytime, they have become a staple in most women’s wardrobe. They will take you from the yoga studio to your kid’s dance class to coffee with a girlfriend. You can dress them up with a sparkly tank and high heeled sandals or a dress them down with a slouchy tee and slouchy socks.

And no matter what, you will feel fabulous.


Don’t be fooled though. These are still yoga pants and they serve their duty well. These most flattering Lululemon pants will put in the work where you need them to. You can downward dog and crow pose with the best of them.

Afterward, you can order a mocha latte at the cafe and rest easy that not only did you master those zen positions, but that you looked amazing all the while. The entire purpose of yoga is to find peace and relaxation in the most strenuous of circumstances. Lululemon has designed pants to go along with that mentality.

5 Best Lululemon Leggings for Everyday Use:

1. Wunder Under

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The Wonder Under style of Lululemon is designed to go with you from yoga to the grocery store to your weekly women’s circle. They offer a comfortable fit that also keeps you feeling in shape. You can check your alignment in the mirror and rest assured that it will stay with you long after you leave the studio.

The full, soft waistband helps keep your tummy in check, and the waistband pocket will stash your cell phone and keys so you can be hands-free while you’re on the go. The leg is extended down to your ankle, so you can tuck into your boots or throw on flats before you head out.

2. Wunder Under High Rise

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The high rise version of the Wunder Under can be even better for many women than the lower waist on the standard version. Many of us want a waistband that won’t fold over when you reach down for Vinyasa pose or cut into our midsection when we bend down for sun salutations.

The high rise will give you more support and room to maneuver your body both in yoga and outside the studio or off the mat. You get the same protection you would with the regular under, waistband pocket included, with a bit more security for the shy in all of us.

3. Align Pants

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The Align style is the epitome of what makes Lululemon great. They are super soft, sit close to your skin, have a slight amount of compression, to smooth out all the minuscule imperfections you are trying to cover up, and they fit like a dream.

The problem with most compression pants, or yoga tights, is that they are see through. This is not the case with Align. You can bend and twist and somehow these super thin compression pants will not reveal the skin you’re in.

4. Fast as Fleece

These Fast as Fleece Lululemon yoga pants will take you through the darkest, coldest winter. The fleece that comes along with the luon in this combination is just the right touch for a winter run or stretch. And you still get all the regular brand perks, plus some.

You can still trust they will fit you like a glove. Not only do these pants still have the waistband pocket, but this one is in the back, and has a zipper close! When they imagined the perfect design for winter yoga pants, they really brought the image to life.

5. Enlighten Mesh

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Something about mesh has really brought yoga pants to the forefront these days. Everywhere you go you are bound to see women in yoga pants with a little bit of skin behind some mesh fabric shining through. The Enlighten Mesh design does this well.

The standard perks, waistband pocket, close fit, great stretch, are all par for the course. With Enlighten Mesh, you get a little bit of style too. These pants you can easily turn into an outfit for the day, especially with the range of colors, and you don’t even have to hit the studio at all.

Final Thoughts

These pants should come with a warning. The reality is that once you get one pair, you will want another, and then another. Be prepared to fall in love with Lululemon in all of its wonder.

You may find yourself looking for a side hustle to fund you Lululemon obsession, and the nice thing is, it all starts here, looking for that perfect pair of yoga pants to stay with you all day. So when you leave Kundalini class and head to lunch with the ladies, and you’ll feel fresh and fit.


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