Top 5 Best Mascara for Thinning Lashes: Pump It Up!

Oh, the curse of thin lashes. If this is your burden to bear, I know it is a hard one to cope with. Especially when we are surrounded by commercials and ads everywhere telling us to love our long, luxurious lashes. And everyone from babies to supermodel is fawned over for their lash length. Fortunately, you can now find the best mascara for thinning lashes and fool the world. Before you know it, you too will be raved about, and no one need ever be the wiser.


The good old gene pool fairy can bless us with kissable lips and a thigh gap or curse us with no butt and cankles. Some things we can change; others we simply accept, find a way to love and move on. Thin lashes are right up there with cankles.

When you have thick ankles, you wear long pants, high heels, and lots of nudes to accentuate length. We can always work around the evil gene pool fairy and show off our best assets. With thin lashes, we need volume.

Volumizing Mascara

The best mascara for volume will add thickness without clumping. One thing you surely do not want is the tarantula look – you know the one when your lashes look like chunky spider’s legs. Yea, no thank you.

You want the thickness, and maybe even extra length, that looks natural. Also important: silk and smooth. It is an important part of the best mascara for short eyelashes that they add length and thickness. Typically you either have one or the other, short or thin, but some of us fabulous females must deal with both. So we need a real backup.

Lash Enhancing

The best lash enhancing mascaras will do it all. Yes, there are some mascaras that exist purely to add color to already gorgeous eyelashes, but for the rest of us, we need support. A little help here?

Lash enhancement means bringing out our best qualities. You are already beautiful, cankles and all. So a mascara will do the work of enhancing your natural beauty. If you have brown hair and brown features, choose a brown mascara. Likewise with black, blond, and red. The most beautiful women in the world know that they are beautiful because they feel beautiful. And the best way to feel beautiful is to love yourself.

Self-love begins with loving the skin, and the lashes, you are in.

Best Mascara for Thinning Lashes: 5 for Thickness

1. CoverGirl

You had to know CoverGirl was going to top the list, right? CoverGirl has been in this game for way too long to be outdone by the competition. The Lash Blast line promises not only fuller lashes but also length. It comes in a brown color that will blend with any eyelash color or eye color.

Say goodbye to thin lashes with CoverGirl’s 10x more volume guarantee.

2. It’s So Big

This mascara even named its brand after thickening. It’s So Big promises to increase volume in your lashes, add length, and keep your lashes separate with an hourglass wand shape. It is easy to remove as well.

This brand is an Amazon Choice, and it is so sure if it’s a product that they will even offer you free samples from their website. Even better, It’s So Big promises a cruelty-free experience. No animals are used in the testing of its products. So you can have long, thick, beautiful lashes, and feel good about yourself too.  Click here to view It’s So Big on Amazon.

3. L’Oreal

This L’Oreal brand promises 6x the volume of your regular lashes, and to be honest, you have to respect that. Again, seem people may want 10x the volume that CoverGirl promises, but others may simply want a little boost, nothing over the top.

This can be the difference between day wear and a night out. The butterfly wand L’Oreal includes with this mascara will lengthen and boost your lashes from corner to corner, which can make a big difference in volume because it is a total effect of the way your eye looks.

4. Mad Lash

Speaking of daywear versus a night out, if you are looking for the type of night out mascara that will last through dancing in the club and dinner with the girls, Mad Lash is the product to buy.

This mascara is waterproof, smudge proof, and promises to fill in your lashes from end to end and corner to corner. While many mascaras are washable and aim to be easy to take off, Mad Lash is the exact opposite. This mascara will stick with you until the very end. You will need to add a mascara remover to your cart while you’re here.  Click here to read more about Mad Lash on Amazon.

5. Natural Mineral

You know we had to include an all natural organic product to round things out. This mascara is hypoallergenic and will likely not irritate your eyes even if most mascaras do.

It is guaranteed to stick with you throughout the day and night, just be sure to let it dry completely when you apply it.

Made by a company called Skin2Spirit, this mascara is non-GMO, cruelty-free, and vegan. You will not only feel fabulous, with long, thick eyelashes as you wear this product, but you will also walk around feeling like a good person.  Click here to read more about Natural Mineral on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

You have many choices here in terms of how to lengthen and volumize your thin lashes. You can stick with the known product, good old CoverGirl, or try an all natural newbie like Skin2Spirit.

What you want to be thinking about is which mascara will serve you best. If you want a smudge proof lash lengthener, choose accordingly. Alternatively, you may be looking for something to get you through the day, as naturally as possible, that is easy to take off at the end of the day when you get home.

You can also now decide how to feel about organic products; if you are interested in doing your part to save humanity and the earth, here is a way you can do your little part.