The 5 Best Mascara For Working Out: Sweat Free!

Most people go to the gym to look good and feel good, not to look like a Halloween costume gone bad. You shouldn’t have to deal with mascara running down your face as you sculpt your muscles and cut out the fat. The best mascara for working out will keep your makeup from running down your face as you get fit.


The best workouts are the ones that will give you the most sweat. You can’t stop it from running down your face, and you don’t want to. Sure, you can try sweatbands on your forehead, but come on; it’s not the 80’s, and we’re not sweatin’ with the oldies.

You want to work out. You need the muscle tone and the cardio for your heart. It is one of the most important parts of self-care for a woman, taking care of your body and your heart.

The thing about working out though is that if it makes you feel more stressed out than when you don’t work out at all. Having caked on foundation or runny mascara can ruin the way you feel about yourself at the moment, so anything you can do to avoid that is ideal.

What you need to do is make sure that you’re covered around the sweat, not trying to prevent it, which is useless. Wear plenty of deodorants, make sure your foundation is workout proof, and get the best sweat proof mascara on the market. That’s where I come in.

Sweat Proof

Sweat-proof mascara will stay on no matter what. It will last you in the rain, during a workout, and through your tears. So you could run through the rain, stop at the gym, and then watch a sad movie with your date and still have confidence in your mascara.

And if you do all those things regularly, you need the good stuff.

Sweat-proof makeup for athletes or anyone else who works out hard does have a downside. It is difficult to wash off. You will have to buy special makeup remover to completely rid your eyelashes of this mascara.

Look Great

Another important part of self-care is feeling like you look like a million bucks. For some of us, that means clean and fresh and makeup free. For others, it means super made-up with all the top products in the line. And for still others, it means something in the middle.

You may change your mind from day to day, or you may have a make-up day or night with a date. You also may have a makeup free Sunday. One thing is sure: mascara can go through all of those motions with you. It can join you on a date and it can add oomph to your fresh-faced look on any given day.

So a sweat-proof mascara is even better. That way when you decide to work out, you can still look great.

Best Mascara For Working Out: 5 to Stay Fresh

1. Tarte

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This mascara is waterproof and sweatproof. You can run, hike, swim, or do yoga and look effortlessly beautiful all the while. Tarte uses Amazonian clay and vitamin C among other ingredients in order to keep your lashes long, voluminous, soft, and glorious. Not only will this mascara make you look good, but it will make you feel good as well.

2. Blinc

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Blinc mascara constructs tubes around your lashes so that water cannot interfere with the product. It will lock your mascara into place and make your eyelashes look fresh and clean without looking overly made up.  This mascara is smudge proof, sweat proof, waterproof, and run proof. You will look great for as long as you want to until you remove it with special makeup cleaner.

3. Better Than Sex

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This mascara not only protects your lashes from water and sweat, it also volumizes while it works. You can expect plump, long, gorgeous lashes while you work out or swim, cry or even sleep.

Better Than Sex is a line from the brand Too Faced, which is a hot commodity in the cosmetic market. You can expect to get good quality and great protection. This mascara sells itself as better than sex. What more can you expect but the best?

4. It’s So Big

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Its’ So Big is designed to plump up your lashes and make them extra long. This mascara is made with long-lasting wax to keep your enhanced eyelashes smudge proof and smear proof throughout the day, even though a gym workout or a swim in your favorite pool. You could go surfing in the ocean for all you want, and your mascara will stay in place.

5. Cinidy Mad

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Cinidy Mad sells itself as clump free. Clump-free mascara is wonderful for working out and swimming because, in addition to being sweatproof and waterproof, clump-free mascara will keep your face clean throughout your day.

The wand that comes with this mascara will thicken and plump up your lashes with each application. The selling point here is that you can get great mascara with the protection you need to keep it on all day, rain or shine.

Final Thoughts

Mascara is like lipstick. It is a product you can wear alone or with other products. It can change the way your face looks even while making it appear like you are not wearing anything at all. The great thing about quality mascara is that it wakes up your face and makes you look brighter.

So when you’re at your sweatiest from a workout or your wettest from a swim, you can still come across as naturally vibrant looking. With one of the mascaras listed here, you can look great and feel great. You’ll have protection from all kinds of moisture, and you’ll be doing good work for your lashes.

So browse the site, click on the different options, check out which mascara may suit you best, and feel good about doing something for yourself.


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