5 Best Mens Casual Shoes To Wear With Jeans (For 2017)

When it comes to picking the perfect outfit, you’ve got a lot of different components to work with — Your shirt, pants, socks, tie, etc. If you’re going for a more laid-back look and are rocking your favorite pair of jeans, you’ll need to also outfit yourself with the best mens casual shoes to wear with jeans.

Casual men’s shoes to wear with jeans are the icing on the cake for a more comfortable look, and while lots of guys will just throw on their favorite pair of old sneakers and call it good at that, there are much, much better ways to go about this. Sneakers are fine for certain situations, but if you want to go casual without looking like a complete slob, you’ve come to the right place.

After carefully looking through heaps and heaps of different shoes, we’ve created a list of the top 5 shoes we’d recommend to guys who are seeking this style.

If you want to pair jeans with shoes, and more specifically, shoes that don’t look like garbage, read on, friend.

1. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Faxon Low Sneaker


Although it is true that any old sneaker won’t fit the bill when it comes to putting together a nice-looking casual style, that doesn’t mean that this rule applies to every single sneaker that’s out there. In fact, there are some sneakers you can buy that actually look quite nice with a more laid-back aesthetic — the first of those being the Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Faxon Low Sneaker.

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This sneaker from Polo Ralph Lauren comes from one of the most trusted men’s fashion brands around, and while the overall appearance of the shoe is fairly subtle and clean, there’s something about it that we just cannot get enough of.

The cotton/suede materials used here create for a shoe that feels as great as it looks, and the synthetic sole offers a decent amount of traction and grip no matter what kind of environment you find yourself in.

A lace-up design with an embroidered logo and metal eyelets look phenomenal on the wide array of color options that you can choose from, and when you factor all of this with the extremely reasonable pricing, you get a shoe that we can’t recommend enough for those casual strolls around the town.

2. GLOBALWIN Mens M161819 Fashion Sneaker


Another great sneaker pick comes from GLOBALWIN. The company’s Mens M161819 Fashion Sneaker might not have as sexy of a name as Polo Ralph Lauren’s option, but if you want a high quality, stylish shoe for considerably less money, this is an option that’s more than worth checking out.

Something that really stands out about GLOBALWIN’s sneaker is the fact that it’s completely manmade. This is something that you don’t find all that often with shoes nowadays, so having the addition here with GLOBALWIN’s offering is pretty darn great. The material used throughout the majority of the shoe creates for a cool and breathable experience for your feet, and the faux leather adds a nice sense of style as well.

Non-skidding rubber outsoles provide an ample amount of grip when walking about, and GLOBALWIN has also done a fantastic job at providing true-to-life sizing options. While there are a lot of colors to pick from, we especially like the brown variants that GLOBALWIN is selling. Black jeans with brown shoes is one of the best looks you can ever go for, and that is made very possible and very affordable with this option.

3. Sanuk Men’s Casa Barco Vintage Boat Shoe


Moving away from sneakers, this boat shoe from Sanuk is another take on the casual look that we’ve become rather large fans of the more and more we look and think about it. The style the Sanuk is shooting for is very simplistic, and in 2017, you couldn’t pick a better design route to go down.

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A combo of cotton, linen, and leather come together to provide for a fantastic feeling when worn, and you’ve once again got a rubber sole that does an awesome job at giving you the traction you need no matter what kind of flooring or ground you find yourself on.

Moccasin stitching is something we really love about Sanuk’s option that you won’t find anywhere else on this list, and as subtle of a design detail as this is, it’s one that makes a big difference when compared to a pair that does not.

4. DC Men’s Anvil TX Skate Shoe


If you aren’t a big fan of the boat shoe design and are searching for something a bit different, DC might have something more along your lines with its Men’s Anvil TX Skate Shoe. Skate shoes, which is technically made for guys that are going skateboarding, still very much so have their place in the men’s fashion world.

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A quality pair of skate shoes can sometimes be the best pairing for a casual outfit, and this point is driven home incredibly strong with what DC is offering here. With a lot of color variety to pick from, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all finding a shoe that will fit your personal style and taste perfectly.

The foam padded collar and tongue make wearing the Anvil TX a pure joy, the rubber sole offers a nice sense of security when walking, and the abrasion resistant outsole means that your shoes will continue looking pristine and great even after many weeks and months of use.

5. DADAWEN Men’s Leather Oxford Shoe


Lastly, let’s wrap up this list with the DADAWEN Men’s Leather Oxford Shoe. Although oxfords are typically reserved for dressier occasions, there are oxfords out there that also look great with a casual getup — the DADWEN Men’s Leather Oxford shoe is just such a product.

Although you still have the classics oxford appearance with what DADWEN has crafted, the variety of color choices and clean leather aesthetics allow it to look right at home when paired with a pair of jeans for a quick night out on the town.

Your feet will feel extremely comfortable even during longer use sessions with the shoe, the wear-resistant soles offer a lot of grip and continue to look great after lots of continued use, and the smooth speed laces are some of the most durable and stylish around.

Add this with a price tag that’s ridiculously competitive for a shoe of this caliber, and you’ve got one hell of a package that’s extremely difficult to say no to.

Final Thoughts

With all of that said, your journey to buy the best mens casual shoes to wear with jeans should now be easier than it’s ever been before. Between sneakers, skate shoes, oxfords, and more, there are a lot of styles that look absolutely killer with a quality pair of jeans to go alongside them. Pick up one of the shoes mentioned on this list, put it together with your favorite set of jeans, and go hit the bar or club looking like a million bucks. You’ve got this.


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