The Best Mens Dress Shirts For The Money (5 Quality Picks)

When it comes to fashion, trying to pick clothes that look great that simultaneously don’t break the bank can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. There are lots of great clothing options out there, but if you aren’t the savviest shopper around, you can easily end up spending hundreds of dollars for a single shirt. If you need help finding the best mens dress shirts for the money, listen up.

It’s actually very possible to purchase quality dress shirts that are also easy on your wallet, but finding these among more expensive offerings isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. We focused on selecting the best dress shirts under 100 dollars when creating this guide, and after plenty of thought and real world testing, we ended up with 5 picks that we think you’ll be quite happy with.

These 5 shirts strike an amazing balance of quality and affordability, and we’ll go ahead and stop talking and just dive right into things.

1. Buttoned Down Men’s Non-Iron Classic Fit Spread-Collar Pattern Dress Shirt


There are a ton of options when it comes to the best dress shirts for men, and our first pick is Buttoned Down’s Men’s Non-Iron Classic Fit Spread-Collar Pattern Dress Shirt. This shirt comes in four different colors, and each one looks fantastic. The pattern design is one that looks great in a multitude of different situations, and the 100% Supima Cotton being used here creates for a shirt that’s not only soft, but durable and lightweight as well.

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Buttoned Down’s spread collar and plastic collar helps to keep your collar as flat, straight and nice as possible as you go about your day, and the classic fit provides for a roomier feeling that will be best fit for guys that are a bit more muscular and broad in the chest and shoulders.

We love the fact that you can easily throw Buttoned Down’s shirt in the washing machine for a super easy cleaning routine, and while the price makes this one of the more expensive options on this list, there’s no denying the quality and attention to detail that’s present with this and all of Buttoned Down’s products.

2. Van Heusen Men’s Poplin Regular Fit Solid Point Collar Dress Shirt


Moving right along, Van Heusen’s Men’s Poplin Regular Fit Solid Point Collar Dress Shirt is a really great pick if you’re hunting around for a dress shirt that will look fantastic in even the fanciest of settings. The wide array of colors options means that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a shirt that will match the rest of your outfit perfectly, and the point collar design creates for a collar that simply won’t fall flat no matter what you throw at it.

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Van Heusen’s shirt is made out of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, and this material duo creates for a shirt that’s lightweight and breathable while also retaining the excellent softness that’s often found with cotton-made products.

The regular fit style here means that you’ll find fuller sleeves and more relaxed arm holes, and there’s also generous room throughout both the chest and waist. Similar to the Buttoned Down shirt we just looked at, this is another great pick for guys that are more filled out and defined throughout these parts of their body.

3. Milano Moda Men’s Long Sleeve Dress Shirt With Matching Tie And Handkerchief


If you really want to get as much bang for your buck as possible, it’s quite hard to go wrong with Milano Moda’s offering. For around $15 or $22 (final price depends on the size and color you choose), Milano Moda will sell you not only a dress shirt, but a matching tie and handkerchief to go along with it.

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In regards to the shirt, this one is also made out of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. Some men who have purchased this say that the shirt runs a tad large, so you may want to order a size down or so in order to get something that will fit you as perfectly as possible.

There’s a wide array of colors to pick from, and the matching tie and handkerchief that comes with the shirt are welcome additions that we’re huge fans of.

4. Tom’s Ware Mens Premium Casual Inner Contrast Dress Shirt


Moving over to the best mens shirts for casual settings, our first choice is the Tom’s Ware Mens Premium Casual Inner Contrast Dress Shirt. As the name of this shirt suggests, the inner layer of the shirt offers a contrasting pattern that provides for a really slick look when you role the shirt sleeves up. This isn’t the fanciest or classiest style, but for settings that are a bit more laid-back, this is a look that will be absolutely killer.

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Tom’s Ware has an insane amount of colors and patterns to pick from with this shirt, and because of that contrasting pattern on the inside of each shirt, the number of styles and outfits you could put together with these different colors is essentially endless.

Some men have complained about the sizing not being exactly right for this shirt, but on the other hand, other guys have stated that Tom’s Ware sizing is just right. This might be something you’ll need to play around with a tad at first in order to find the perfect fit for you, but aside from that, this is a shirt that we really, really love.

5. LOCALMODE Men’s 100% Cotton Long Sleeve Plaid Slim Fit Button Down Dress Shirt


Wrapping up our list of the best mens dress shirts for the money is LOCALMODE’s Men’s 100% Cotton Long Sleeve Plaid Slim Fit Button Down Dress Shirt. The slim fit nature of the shirt is a bit different from most of the other shirts we’ve talked about so far, so if you’re a guy who’s more on the skinnier side of things, this is the shirt that will likely provide you with the best possible fit.

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LOCALMODE has seven great colors/designs to pick between, and the 100% cotton design means that this is a shirt that’s extremely soft and comfortable to wear day in and day out.

This is another shirt where men have gone back and forth on the sizing, so if you end up with a shirt that doesn’t fit the way you were expecting, LOCALMODE will provide you with a free exchange so you can get the shirt in the proper size for you and your body type.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s simply no reason to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on one single shirt. All of the products on this list are quality shirts that we wholeheartedly recommend, and all of them cost a pretty penny. You can certainly spend much more money for a shirt with some of the best materials and quality around, but if all you want is a shirt that looks and feels great, all five of the shirts here will do the job for you wonderfully.


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