Best Mens Dress Shoes Under $100 (5 Must Have Classy Styles)

Even if you’ve got a killer shirt, awesome pair of pants, and a crazy stylish belt, no outfit is complete with a solid pair of dress shoes. Dress shoes are the perfect addition no matter what kind of style you’re shooting for — especially if you’re trying to dress to impress. If you’re shopping around for a nice pair of quality shoes that won’t break the bank, you might be interested in our top 5 best mens dress shoes under $100.

It’s extremely easy to shell out a couple hundred dollars or more on a pair of dress shoes that look absolutely killer, but as good as these may look, there’s no doubt that shoes costing more than $100 is something that most guys’ wallets aren’t all that comfortable with.

We’ve spent a good deal of time researching the best looking dress shoes under $100, and after plenty of trial and error, we came up with 5 pairs that will truly knock your socks off while also keeping your budget nice and happy.

1. Bruno HOMME MODA ITALY PRINCE Men’s Classic Modern Oxford


First on the list is a shoe from DREAM PAIRS. This is a classic oxford style shoe that you’ll likely find a lot of guys pairing with a dressed-up outfit, and that’s because it’s one of the best-looking types of shoes around. The classic oxford is a timeless look, and although it may not be the most modern style around, it’s a timeless one for sure.

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A lightly cushioned man-made footbed helps keep your feet nice and comfy even during long wearing sessions, and the wooden heel and wing-tip design are both additions that you typically only find in much more expensive pairs of shoes.

You have a wide array of colors to choose from, and this is nice if you want to get a classic neutral color or be a bit more bold with a blue or red option. You’ll spend a fair price on these oxfords, and that’s considerably lower than what you’ll find for most other shoes of this style.

Some guys have commented that the shoes run a bit small towards the toe, so just keep this in mind if you’re a fella with wider feet on the width spectrum.

2. Delli Aldo M-19231 Mens Loafers Dress Classic Shoes w/ Leather Lining


When trying to come up with options for men’s style under 100 bucks, another great pick is Delli Aldo’s M-19231 Mens Loafers. Loafers are quite different from oxfords, and while some men prefer these over oxfords and visa versa, there are situations where these will look better and times where oxfords will be a better fit for the bill at hand.

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In any case, Delli Aldo has done a fantastic job at packing in a whole lot of shoe for not a ton of money. The leather interior looks and feels more premium than what you typically find for this price, the slip on Italian style makes it very easy to slip these shoes on and off, and the man-made upper makes these extremely durable.

There are three colors to pick from, and it’s worth noting that Delli Aldo recommends ordering one full size up due to past customer recommendations. As long as you keep this in mind when ordering, you shouldn't have any trouble with these guys.

3. DADAWEN Men’s Leather Oxford Shoe


While dress shoes should always retain a classy and sophisticated look, there are times where you can opt for a slightly more casual shoe that still looks great with a nice pair of pants and shirt. The DADAWEN Men’s Leather Oxford Shoe is a perfect example of just such a shoe, and while it may not look quite as dressy as the previous two options we’ve looked at, this is still a fantastic choice for a dress shoe under $100.

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The wide variety of colors to choose from gives you a lot of choice and the ability to get a pair of the shoes that will match virtually any outfit. A rubber sole provides the wearer with a great deal of traction no matter what kind of terrain you’re walking on, and the suede leather on the outside and inside is extremely soft and ridiculously good-looking.

That suede leather also helps your feet breathe and stay cool even during the hottest of summer days, and this also makes this a great pick if you’re searching for lightweight and comfortable shoes!

4. Rainlin Men’s Breathable Leather Lined Perforated Dress Oxfords Shoes


We’re heading back to oxford town for the last two shoes on this list, and the first of the final two is the Rainlin Men’s Breathable Leather Lined Perforated Dress Oxfords Shoes. The style of this particular oxford is quite a bit different from the first one, and while all the main oxford characteristics are still there, it does feature its own unique design characteristics.

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Made out of pleather, Rainlin’s shoes look extremely high-end and fancy without costing an arm and a leg. Legit and genuine leather will always be superior over pleather, but this is still a great substitute if you’re looking for style on a budget.

The upper part of the shoe is very breathable, and the shoe as a whole is quite flexible and easy on the foot for hours on end. You may notice a bit of a chemical smell once you take these shoes out of the box, but after a day or so of wearing them, that should go away rather quickly.

5. Blivener Men’s Pointed Toe Pleather Dress Shoes Casual Oxford


Finally, let’s touch on the Blivener Men’s Pointed Toe Pleather Dress Shoes. This oxford features a very similar look to the Rainlin option we just got done talking about, but we’re talking about this one because it comes in a couple different color options that drastically change the look of the shoe.

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PU leather is used for the overall construction, and this allows the shoe to look and feel rather nice while also allowing you to stay on a very tight budget. Blivener’s rubber soles provide a great deal of traction for all sorts of scenarios, and the lightly cushioned footbed is a very welcome addition if you end up needing to wear these shoes for a rather long time.

This is another shoe that will likely have a scent upon opening the box for the first time, but similar to what’s found with Rainlin’s shoe, that should dissipate after your first couple of wearing sessions.

Final Thoughts

All five of the shoes here are easily the best mens dress shoes for under 100 dollars, and while there are technically other options out there for a similar or cheaper price, these shoes strike the best balance between affordability and overall quality. They look great, feel awesome, and won’t empty your wallet in the process. What more could you ask for?


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