Best Mens Ear Muffs for Winter: Cover them Up

Depending on where you live, this might seem like a silly article. If you’re sipping Mai Tais in the Caribbean or soaking up the California sun, chances are, you will never need ear muffs. But for the rest of us sloshing through snow and ice around the world, good ear muffs are essential. Some just look good, and hey, who doesn’t want to look good? But they also need to be functional. The best mens ear muffs for winter cold will be stylish and functional and fit in your pocket when you step inside.


What does it mean to have functional ear muffs? Obviously, they should keep your ears warm. Not only that, the best winter ear covers protect your neck as well. Sometimes you can even find ear muffs built into a hat, so you’re really covered. Take that Lake Michigan in February.

The material also goes a long way toward making your muffs functional. Fleece will keep you warm, cotton not so much. Wool can be hit or miss; it really is going to come down to how the wool was stitched together. Good quality merino wool is often the best material you can find to keep you warm. Cheap fabricated wool can let the wind in and make you wish you had invested a bit more in your ears.


Where functional is a universal truth, it works or it doesn’t, style is altogether different. One man’s style is another man’s out of season faux pas. You’ll need to decide on a few things to match your own style for fashion earmuffs.

  • Ear Warmers Only
    • Some guys like to have just the basic ear muff that wraps around the back of the head, or even over the top of the head.
  • Headband
    • A new trend is to get the headband or wrap that will cross your head from just above your hairline to the back of your neck, crossing and covering your ears.
  • Hat
    • Then there’s the old school cold weather guy who wants the fully lined hat with ear flaps. He’s taking no chances on losing heat from the top of his head, and he’ll make his style suit his functionality needs.

Like I said, it’s personal. And your style today may change for tomorrow, as occasions or seasons change. If you travel to Colorado to snowboard, you may go with the headband. When you trek over to Chicago, however, you may find yourself wishing for a floppy hat.

Best Mens Ear Muffs for Winter

1. Gelanboo

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  1. These winter ear covers are as basic as they get, and that can be a good thing. Made out of fleece, these earmuffs are a solid black that wraps around the back of your head. They do the job, and you’ll be happy to have a pair of affordable, and foldable, earmuffs for any occasion.
  2. Even if you decide to go with another, more stylish pair, or a headband that offers more coverage, these are good to have on hand. Keep them in your glove box just in case. You never know.

2. Surblue

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  1. Now here are some stylish ear covers. These are the men out there you want to make a statement. They are the classic wraparound style, and they come in multiple colors.
  2. The outside of these ear muffs is made of cashmere and the inside is faux fur, so you can count on warmth from the inside out. They are designed to look like tightly woven knit with fur lining. If you’re dressed to impress, these adjustable ear muffs are the ones for you.

3. Sprigs

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  1. Sprigs give you cutting edge, break from the norm ear muffs. No band. That’s right. These muffs have no band to wrap around your head at all. They simply cup onto your ear and stay in place. This is great for guys worried about messing up a hairstyle they spent hours on.
  2. They come in many colors and three different sizes. These muffs are made of fleece, inside and out, so you can count on layers of warmth.

4. Fleece Ear Warmers Headband

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  1. This band comes in a few different colors and it is made of fleece. It markets itself as warmer than regular muffs because it covers more territory. It is stretchy and comfortable as well so you won’t want to take it off.
  2. It is a bit of a different take on the winter head protection, and it is arguably a new trend, but it certainly seems to be taking hold. Men across the globe are opting for bands instead of muffs. The good thing is that these bands are so affordable it can’t hurt to grab one and see how you like it.

5. Surblue Flat Cap

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  1. This is an alternative to just muffs. With the flat cap, you can have a hat and muffs, or just the hat. It is essentially a two for one deal. The ear muffs drop down from the hat and cover your ears, so you’ll have ear muffs whenever you need them. But in the spring or fall when you want a hat but not the ear covers, you can take the muffs out. Win-win.
  2. It is a typical newsboy hat with a flat bill; it comes in gray, and of course, the ear muffs match. It is a classy look for a guy who’s headed out for a casual day with friends or family.

Decisions Decisions

You really can’t go wrong with any of the options listed here. As usual with this kind of decision, you may find yourself picking out and picking up more than one, especially if you are the kind of guy who matches the tie to belt to socks. You’ll want a hat or ear muffs for different outfits and different styles.

But where to start? If you’re on a budget and you keep it simple in your attire, go with the basic black. If you are looking for something special to go with an outfit, branch out a bit.


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