Best Men’s Sandalwood Cologne (5 Fresh & Seductive Options)

Men’s cologne can be a rather irritating thing to shop for. Not only are there a ton of different brands to choose from, but the sheer amount of fragrances and scents that are available to purchase can seem overwhelming at times. There are a few rock solid scents that have stood the test of time, however, and one of them is sandalwood. As such, we thought it was time to take a look at the best men’s sandalwood cologne.

Sandalwood cologne options have been around for years, and the sandalwood scent is one that’s become timeless. Sandalwood is one of those fragrances that works great for special occasions, but it’s also well-suited for regular, daily uses. It’s wickedly versatile and extremely great-smelling, and if you haven’t tried it before, now’s the time to do so.

There are a ton of different brands of sandalwood to try, and venturing out in this market on your own can be rather daunting if you aren’t sure of where to turn.

Without further ado, we present to you the 5 best men’s sandalwood cologne in 2017.

1. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Cologne

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First up on our list is Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Cologne. This cologne is a tried and true sandalwood cologne that’s proven itself to be one of the best of the best, and if you’re looking for something that works great in just about any setting/scenario, this is the cologne for you.

For a little more than 30 bucks, you’ll be able to get a 3.3-ounce bottle that should provide you with many months of solid use. The overall scent that’s kicked off is very masculine and creates for a sense of confidence, so whether you’re going into an interview or on a first date, this is the cologne that you’ll want to use,

What’s worth noting is that the cologne is actually a poor design as opposed to a spray one. You can transfer the cologne to a spray bottle if you like, but out of the box, it simply features a poor top. The cologne still works just as good in this manner, but some people have reported that they’ve experienced even better results after turning it into a spray. This is something you’ll want to test out yourself, but we found that either way works just as good.

2. Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne

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Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne is our second pick, and this is probably the most unique product you’ll find on this entire list. When you think of cologne, you probably think of a liquid that you either spray onto yourself or soak into your skin with your hands. With Blazing Saddles cologne, this simply isn’t the case. As the title suggests, this is a solid cologne.

What’s the difference between solid and liquid colognes? Aside from the consistency, not much. Both help to make you smell as great as you possibly can, with the exception that one is in the form of a solid and the other is a liquid.

Blazing Saddles says that its cologne is often described as smelling like “the warm smell of walking into a saddle shop”, and that’s shockingly accurate. The cologne has hints of sandalwood, gunpowder, and sagebrush. That may sound like an odd combo at first, but it actually works with tremendous results.

To use the cologne, swirl your finger all along the surface so that the cologne can warm up. Once it does, rub some on your pulse points throughout your wrists and neck, and you’re all set and ready to go.

3. Best Ager-Shave Balm Sandalwood Scent

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Best Ager-Shave’s product is technically an aftershave balm as opposed to a true cologne, but in all honestly, it’s still one of our top picks for the best sandalwood scent that’s available.

Since this is an aftershave, this product helps for calming irritation on your skin after you get done shaving, and along with this, it also eliminates any razor burn that happens to pop up. Your skin will be met with a cool and refreshing sensation upon applying this to your skin, and the experience alone makes this worth the money.

However, that’s not all this brings to the table. That cooling experience is also accompanied by an amazing sandalwood fragrance, and these two features come together to create a product that every man should own. The alcohol-free formula helps to moisturize your skin as well, and to put things simply, this balm is one of the best caps to a proper shave.

4. Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene for Men

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Going back to traditional colognes, Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Been for Men is a phenomenal pick that you really can’t afford to miss. Grey Flannel comes in a grey flannel carrying bag (a very nice touch indeed), and the bottle features a spray design unlike what’s offered by Taylor of Old Bond Street.

Grey Flannel first hit the market all the way back in 1976, but through the years, it’s remained as one of the best buys around for the best sandalwood fragrance. In addition to the sandalwood, Grey Flannel also uses orange, lemon, bergamot, oak moss, and patchouli. These flavor profiles all come together to create for a cologne that will have you feeling confident all day long.

There have been some customers that say they find this cologne to be more feminine than other sandalwood options, but we simply have not been able to pick up on this. It smells as masculine as you can get, but then again, your mileage will vary based on personal preference.

5. Bora Bora by Liz Claiborne for Men

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Rounding out on list is Bora Bora by Liz Claiborne for Men. Liz Claiborne is usually associated with female perfumes, but this is a brand that’s also produced a number of exceptional men’s cologne over the years. Bora Bora is one of them, and it’s probably one of our favorites.

Bora Bora was first introduced in 2002, and along with the iconic sandalwood scent, you’ll also experience notes of cedar-wood and lime. This is a very simple makeup of ingredients, and while it may not be as extensive as other sandalwood colognes out there, it’s not lacking in aroma in the slightest.

A 3.4-ounce bottle costs less than twenty dollars, and for that price for a Liz Claiborne cologne, that’s a tremendous deal.

Final Thoughts

Although not every single guy will appreciate the scent of sandalwood cologne, it’s at least worth giving it a shot if you’ve never experienced it before. Sandalwood is a distinct scent that can take some time to truly appreciate, but all five of the options on this list are excellent places to start. Pick the one that’s right for you, give it a shot, and see where it takes you!


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