Best Men’s Underwear For Hot Humid Weather (2017 Picks)

best mens underwear for hot humid weather

Although summer might be quickly coming to a close, that doesn’t mean the warm weather will be completely leaving. Plenty of guys have to live out the fall and winter with warm and humid temps, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing in the slightest, it does mean that there’s an even bigger need for underwear made for this sort of weather. As such, we’re going to be talking about the best men’s underwear for hot, humid weather.

Even though you’ve probably heard us say it on this site before, not all underwear is made equal. There are many variations in underwear depending on who makes it, what purpose it’s designed to fit, the materials found within it, etc. etc.

Guys that live in particularly warm and humid climates need some support below that’s capable of living up to these conditions, and after some careful thinking and testing, we’ve selected 5 pairs of the best underwear for tropical weather that will suite you perfectly.

Here’s what we found.

1. Hanes Men’s Sports-Inspired Boxer-Brief

First on our list are the Hanes Men’s Sports-Inspired Boxer-Brief. We’ve heard a lot of guys raving about how these are the best boxer briefs for summer, and while that’s an awfully big title to live up to, we think that Hanes does a pretty solid job at doing just that.

Hanes made these boxer briefs out of 100% cotton, and while that might not seem like the best material for underwear that you want to keep you cool, Hanes combines with its special Fresh IQ technology to create underwear that perform shockingly well in hot temps.

Fresh IQ helps Hanes’ underwear to keep smelling great all day long, and because of this, you won’t feel gross and smelly even through particularly hot days. The boxer brief style is one that’s quickly becoming our new favorite, and the pack of 5 pairs for one price provides for a lot of added value as well.

2. Champion Men’s 3-Pack Smart Temp Boxer Brief

Next on the list are underwear from Champion, and like Hanes, this is a company that’s pretty well-known when it comes to men’s undergarment products. With Champion’s Men’s 3-Pack Smart Temp Boxer Briefs, you’re getting an overall similar style/design as what you’ll find with the Hanes option we just talked about.

However, what’s different here is that Champion’s boxer briefs are made out of 58% cotton, 37% polyester, and 5% spandex. This gives Champion’s underwear a bit more flexibility than what you’ll find with Hanes’ offering, and for guys living through hot weather all year long, this makes a big difference.

Champion says that you can safely and easily machine wash its underwear when it’s time to clean them, and the built-in moisture-wicking technology helps to keep unnecessary sweat and other moisture at bay. You won’t ever find these underwear to be riding up on your legs thanks to their design, and the smart-temp technology helps to keep your privates cool and collected even when it’s 100-degrees and humid outside.

3. Adidas Men’s Sport Performance Climate Boxer Brief Underwear

Our number three picks goes to Adidas with its Men’s Sport Performance Climate Boxer Brief Underwear. Adidas designed these boxer briefs to be underwear that keeps you cool and dry no matter what kind of climate you live in, and from what we can tell, the company absolutely succeeded with this.

Like the past three underwear options we’ve looked at, Adidas decided to go with a boxer brief design that looks and feels great. There are a lot of different colors you can choose from to get the absolute perfect fit, and the 91% polyester and 9% spandex makeup means that you’ve got a lot of flexibility to move around exactly how you’d like.

A double-lined support pouch is in place to give the family jewels a little bit of extra support and comfort, and the smooth non-chafing stitching is a really welcome touch for guys that often struggle with this with other underwear options.

You can get Adidas’ underwear in a 2-pack to save a bit of money, and the 91% fit-as-expected rating means that you shouldn’t have any trouble picking out your exact size.  Click here to view Adidas Sports Boxer Brief Underwear on Amazon.

4. Crazy Cool Nylon Stretchable Seamless Men’s Boxer Briefs Underwear

Crazy Cool is the maker of the next undies on our list, and if you’ve never heard of Crazy Cool before, don’t worry. We hadn’t either, until we started creating this guide, and although the company may be fairly unknown, it sure does know a thing or two about making top-notch underwear for not a lot of dough.

These boxer briefs are made using 90% nylon and 10% spandex, and like you’ll find with the Adidas boxer briefs we just went over, this combination also allows for maximum movement and flexibility. These two materials come together to create underwear that not only feel great, but also do wonders for keeping you nice and cool no matter what.

There are a ton of different colors and prints you can get these underwear in, and for just a little less than 16 bucks, you can get a six pack of these boxer briefs. That’s an incredibly good deal, and definitely one you won’t want to miss out on if you’re trying to stretch your dollar as far as possible.  Click here to see the pricing for the Crazy Cool Boxer Briefs Underwear on Amazon.

5. Hanes Men’s FreshIQ Tagless Tartan Boxers with Exposed Waistband

Lastly, our fifth and final pick for the best men’s underwear for hot humid weather goes to Hanes once again. Unlike the first pair of Hanes underwear we looked at, these ones ditch the boxer brief style in favor of a traditional boxer one.

Made out of 55% cotton and 45% polyester, you’re getting a really solid combo of comfort and durability, and once again, Hanes’ Fresh IQ technology is here for keeping your nether regions smelling and feeling as good as possible all day long.

The traditional fly design on the front is guaranteed not to create a gap in between the other layers, and the comfort flex waistband does a great job at keeping its shape even after a number of runs through the washing machine.  Click here to read more about Hanes Men’s Tartan Boxer Brief on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Living in an area that’s warm all year long has a lot of benefits, but one small price you have to pay lies with needing heaps upon heaps of undies for keeping you and your precious cargo comfy and happy even throughout humid weather and high temps. All five of the underwear on this list do an excellent job at just that, and no matter which pair you end up getting, rest easy that you’ll be doing justice for you and your package