The Best Men’s Underwear for Suits (A Black-tie Top 5)

If it made any real sense—and it does not even begin to—you might be inclined to throw on some bulky old-fashioned boxers or a pair of weekend lounge briefs to a black-tie event.

It would be an adventurous, brazen, and disastrous decision. After having spent so much money and time on your sharp dinner jacket and tapered slacks, you might feel that your private underwear does not matter. Really, it is a matter of comfort and good sense not to ruin a tailored suit with bunchy rags.

When you don expensive threads, do not forget the finishing touches. You might wear a suit at a formal dinner or to the office where you sit for long periods of time. Your decision on the best underwear will set the tone for the day. If you are not careful, they may leave you feeling swampy and burnt out at your shift’s end.

Through all the schmoozing and sitting in meetings, your choice of underwear comes into play by enhancing your confidence (rather than giving you unsightly ridges at your thigh).

Many unfortunate men have felt the stinging embarrassment of having a panty line. You are not that kind of guy. You have come to this post wondering who makes the best men’s underwear for suits.

Stubble Patrol delivers with a top-five list that solves the problem of bulky tatters. Whether you wear a business suit to the office, a tailor-fit suit to a first date, or a tuxedo to your best friend’s wedding, there is an underwear solution on this list for you.

Tips for Selecting the Daily Drawers

Your underwear obviously does not need to approach the price of your suit (one hopes), but the experience of wearing the briefs, boxers, or trunks will set you up for confident success (or uncomfortable lows). When choosing wisely, there are a few features and pitfalls that come with each underwear design.

The first tip is to keep things classy. Whether you wear a sportscoat and comfortable slacks or a proper tuxedo, your underwear should complement your choice. Choosing from the basics of white, black, or gray may give you that serious, means-business edge that you need.

At the same, you want to make sure that your underwear is using the latest wicking and wearing technology. Familiarize yourself with your personal favorite fabrics.

In superior brands, a combination of mesh, elastane, and cotton make for the most comfortable, snug support that keeps things orderly. The next time you choose your pair, you can note how they make you feel fresh after hours of wearing.

Pay attention to the fabric and lining choices made on this list. Stubble patrol has chosen each of these designs for their unique combination of all-day comfort, gym-ready wicking, and intimacy readiness.

1. Calvin Klein Men’s Focused Fit Trunk

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From menswear giant, Calvin Klein, the Focused Fit Trunk offers something for a day at the office and a happy ending to an evening date. 92% breathable cotton, the trunks blended fabric uses 8% springy elastane for a three-piece fit.

Through an ergonomic pouch, these trunks offer superior stretch and lifting support for the boys’ ultimate comfort while a tag-less, elastic band ensures invisibility. The super soft, cotton-based fabric comes in a sensible selection of money green, sleek black, or old-school white.

2. Diesel Men’s Blade Stretch Brief

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Made for the security and comfort of your valuables while sitting at the office, the Blade Stretch brief gives a sturdiness other designs never match. These Diesel briefs blend 95% soft cotton with 5% bouncy spandex for a four-way stretch and the package’s private enjoyment.

In a leg-elongating design for maximum hold, the lined contour pouch satisfies as much as the seamless rear of the briefs. They come in slate grey, true white, and deep black.

3. Jockey Men’s Active Mesh Boxer Brief

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Sometimes you need an undergarment that can fit your busy schedule as well as your frame. Through an all-over spandex and mesh blend, the Active Mesh boxer brief is gym-ready when you are.

Offering full-rise coverage and machine wash-and-dry, this Jockey design provides superior ventilation, letting you breathe just as you would in your weekend lounge pair. Make yourself ready for any dress code by getting them in deep-ocean blue or lantern grey.

4. Evolatree Men’s Bamboo Boxer Briefs

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Designed to breathe and wick moisture, this bamboo fiber boxer brief is an experience you will want to wear every day. Harnessing the supple stretch and flex of bamboo itself, Evolatree’s organic boxer brief contours to your build like nothing else.

The only sustainable underwear on this list, the lightweight bamboo boxer makes a statement, comes in a dashing heather gray, and has a satisfaction guarantee just for trying the lightest, most breathable natural fibers.

5. 2(X)IST Retro Micro No-Show Trunk

Unlike other cuts, the slim profile of this no-show trunk offers the essential, silky coverage of a moisture-wicking fabric. This is underwear you will want to show after a black-tie night, and the contour pouch will keep you looking your Sunday best.

The microfiber collection that stays fresher longer makes a bold move with neon stitching and six vibrant colors such as royal blue, salsa red, and varsity navy.

Final Thoughts

The secret shame of bunching tatters, the pinching wince of a riding layer, and the eye-sore of side bulges—these can be a thing of the past. Do not let discomfort and swampy brands take your tuxedo for a ride to unkempt manliness.

Personal decisions like this can not get much worse than settling for the crotch itches, thigh lines, and cutting waistband tags. The best men’s underwear for suits choices are a must have for suiting up, going out, or hitting the gym after work.


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