Best Mens Workout Socks (5 Highly Effective Choices)

Most athletic men put plenty of thought into the shoes they purchase, but socks aren’t as frequently considered. Believe it or not, socks are often just as important as shoes when it comes to finding workout gear that is comfortable and enhances your performance. They can make or break your workout, and they can be the deciding factor in whether or not you have sore feet the next day.

Generally, you want socks that grip your feet, are sturdy but breathable, and are lightweight. Many of the socks on the mainstream market, however, lack one or more of these attributes. We’ve gone ahead and picked out some products that are affordable, having the best mens workout socks will satisfy your athletic needs, and meet the criteria discussed above.

Here are the 5 Best Mens Workout Socks:

1. Nike Mens Grip Lightweight Crew Training Socks

These socks truly are top-notch in every category. For starters, they’re extremely inexpensive. However, despite their low price, they have a number of functions that can make you more efficient during your workout. They’re made of a blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex—three breathable and elastic materials.

The materials used, in combination with the grip supports on the bottom of the sock, means that the socks have great traction. Although lightweight and breathable, the socks provide strong arch support to prevent soreness during a, particularly tough workout. If you do many different workouts throughout the week and want socks that can be worn for all of them, these Nikes are a safe bet.

2. 2XU Men’s Winter Long Range VECTR Socks

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2XU is a company known for their x-lock compression technology, which helps the sock stay in place and prevents skin irritation due to rubbing. As their name would suggest, these socks are well suited to distance workouts such as long walks or runs.

Though the sock is breathable and light, it includes some extra cushioning in the heel and toe areas, as these are the areas that can often ache after a long, arduous workout. If you’re prone to sweating, these socks have you covered, with anti-microbial and anti-moisture abilities that will reduce stickiness and odor from sweat.

3. Drymax Run Hyper Thin No Show Socks

These socks are an Amazon favorite, with over 200 reviews, the vast majority of them five stars. The socks are made of a combination of materials designed to keep your feet dry during a long workout, including polyester, nylon, and olefin. They’re incredibly thin and light and designed to grip your feet, giving you the feeling that you’re not wearing any socks at all.

Most buyers of this product use them for distance running, but they’ll work well for any sport or activity that requires you to be light on your feet. However, due to their thinness and breathability, these socks do not have as much padding as some of the others on this list, so if foot support is a necessity for you, you may want to pick a different product from this list.

4. Prince Men’s Performance Plus Crew Athletic Socks with Coolmax Moisture Wicking for Running, Tennis, and Casual Use

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In contrast to product #3, this product’s main goal is to support. Along with many of the other socks on this list, these socks’ fabrics are blended specifically to minimize moisture and maximize breathability.

However, what makes this particular product unique is that it includes a special “coolmax polyester” fabric, which is designed to prevent your feet from overheating during an intense workout. Coolmax technology uses a certain stitch pattern to remove moisture from the skin. This coolmax feature, in combination with the socks’ quick drying capability, will keep your sweating to a minimum.

5. Hanes Gold Toe Men’s 6-Pack Cotton Crew Athletic Socks

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These socks emphasize comfort as the number one necessity for a good workout. They are primarily made of cotton, so you can kiss sore feet goodbye. However, along with cotton, the socks also include polyester and nylon—two elastic, breathable materials, so your feet won’t suffocate, nor will they overheat.

These socks are one of the highest rated products on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.4 stars and over 6000 reviews. One reviewer describes them as “thick, but not too thick,” so if you read about the hyper-thin no-show socks and decided that you needed something a bit more supportive, these socks fit the bill. The socks are also inexpensive, sturdy, and will last you a long time.

Final Thoughts

Those are our best picks for men’s workout socks—all are very affordable and will likely cater to your workout needs and last a long time. Though every sock on this list is a high-quality product that will likely keep you satisfied, there are still a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a sock, in order to make sure that the product you pick is the one that’s best for you.

Firstly, it’s a good idea to decide what kind of workout you do most frequently. Perhaps you do a lot of lifting, in which case choosing a sock with lots of padding and arch support is your best bet. Read each product description carefully and decide which one will best accommodate your workout needs.

If you have a varied and diverse workout, choose a happy medium such as the Crew Training socks or, if your budget allows, buy more than one product and alternate them based on your plans for that day. We wish you the best of luck in finding the sock that best benefits you.

Hannah Marie

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