Best Moonphase Watches Under $1000 (Our Favorite Ones)

best moonphase watches under 1000

When it comes to watches, it’s important to understand the kind you’re buying and what features are most important to you. Along with the million different watch-makers that are out there, there are also certain types of watches, special designs, and certain features that make each and every watch distinctly different. Moonphase watches are one particular type you go for, but trying to find the best moonphase watches under $1000 isn’t always easy.

For those that aren’t familiar, moonphase watches are watches with a special section that shows the current phase of the moon as it’s currently viewable in the sky. It’s a great way to keep tabs on the moon and it’s ever-changing appearance, and for those that love stargazing and keeping up with what’s going on up above, moonphase watches can be extremely helpful tools.

Unfortunately, they can also be extremely expensive. Along with the components required to make the moon-phase tracking work, these watches also typically come with luxurious designs and materials.

Although you can easily spend an upwards of $1000 on these things, we’re here today to find much more affordable options.

Whether you’re looking for the best affordable moonphase watch under 500 dollars or would like to stick with moonphase watches under 300, this is the guide for you.

1. Peugeot Unisex Gold-Tone Case Sun Moon Watch

Our first moonphase watch men’s option is the Peugeot Unisex Gold-Tone Case Sun Moon Watch. This is one of the most affordable moonphase watches around, and it also happens to be the least expensive option on this entire list. The case measures in at 40mm wide, and the band has a length of 9.5-inches with holes that range from 6.75-inches to 8.75-inches.

Speaking of the band, it’s a 20mm style with crocodile-embossed leather and a secure buckle for closing it. It’s much more premium than you’d expect to find for a moonwatch at this price, and it’s a nice surprise that we definitely aren’t complaining about.

The arched lunar window in the middle of the watch displays sun and star imagery that rotates every 24 hours to represent the state of both the sun and moon as they’re making their way around Earth. It’s a very clean and simple setup, but it looks absolutely fantastic.

Not only does this watch come with a free lifetime battery replacement, but you’ve also got a lifetime warranty from Peugeot for the entire watch itself.

2. ASTRO Constellation Watch

Next up on our list is the ASTRO Constellation Watch. This watch is drastically different in regards to looks compared to the Peugeot option, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This is a considerably more modern watch, and for those looking for a different/unique style, this is the watch for you.

The 42mm case for the ASTRO watch is slightly bigger than the Peugeot one, and the 315L surgical stainless steel that it’s made out of feels incredibly durable and sturdy.

As great as the casing is, the real magic with the ASTRO Constellation Watch happens with its watch face. The Night Sky view with a rotating planisphere constellation disc not only looks stunning, but it also works incredibly well. The whole watch face is centered around keeping track of the constellations and moon throughout the night, and for folks that are astronomy nuts, this is the only watch to seriously consider.

3. Citizen Men’s AV3006-09E Eco-Drive Moon Phase Flyback Chronograph Watch

Without a doubt, the Citizen Men’s AV3006-09E is the most expensive moonphase watch on our list. The more than $700 price tag will certainly turn some people off, but if you have the cash to spare, it’s an absolutely beautiful and insanely functional product. The body is quite large compared to everything else listed here, but for those that like larger watches, you’re going to fall in love with the design that’s on display here.

The 1/5 second chronograph is able to measure up to 12 hours, and the moon phase indicator is very easy to read and looks striking. Dual-coated antireflective sapphire crystal covers the watch face, and in turn, this means that you shouldn’t ever have to worry about the front of the watch getting scratched.

Water resistance is here for up to 330 feet of submersion, and since the Citizen Men’s watch is powered by sunlight, you never have to worry about a battery running low.

4. Bauhaus Sky Moonphase Watch

Going from extremely expensive to very affordable, the Bauhaus Sky Moonphase Watch is another great option for those looking for a lot of function and style without breaking the bank. This is another watch with a modern and clean design, and we absolutely love the look of this thing.

Made out of 316L stainless steel, the casing feels sturdy and solid, and the black coating gives the watch a very sleek and subdued look. 3 ATM water resistance is on board so you don’t have to worry about a rainstorm ruining the watch, and the subtle moon indicators near the bottom allow you to easily keep track of its position without taking away from the overall aesthetic of the product.

A metal watch band is included out of the box, and this can also be easily replaced if you want to swap it out for something else.  Click here to read reviews posted about Bauhus Sky Moonphase Watch on Amazon.

5. Lucien Piccard Men’s LP-40007-22S Sierra Analog Display Quartz Silver Watch

If you aren’t a fan of the clean and minimalistic look of the Bauhaus watch and want something that’s more flashy, Lucien Piccard might have just what you’re looking for with the Sierra Analog Display Quartz Silver Watch.

This silver-clad option is immediately eye-catching with its silver 41mm case, metal watch band, and reflective button on the side. There’s water resistance for up to 99 feet of water, and along with protection out in the rain, you can also fully submerge this guy without any trouble.

In addition to the regular time, you can also keep watch of the moon’s current phase and the day and week that you’re currently in. It’s a lot of canton with a great design, and for under a hundred bucks, it’s a steal.  Click here to view Lucien Piccard Quartz Silver Watch on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

There you have it — the best moonphase watches under 1000 dollars (and, in most cases, under 300). Moonphase watches are one of our favorite styles to wear, but contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to hand over an absurd amount of cash to get a decent one. Shop smart, stick to our list, and you’ll be just fine.