Get The Best Motorcycle Boots for Short Rider, Ride No Matter The Size!

There are many important parts to a motorists look. The motorcycle for one is probably the most recognizable, next to the helmet or jacket. What you might not realize is how much your boots complete the look as well. Anyone can get a leather jacket and helmet, but the boots always get the look to be complete. For this reason, I have found the best motorcycle boots for short rider for those who have almost lost hope.

Types Of Motorcycle Boots

There is actually a multitude of different motorcycle boots that exist depending on your own preferences. The different types are as follows, racer, touring, cruiser and Harley motorcycle boots.

  • Racer boots are for those wanting to look cool but also have less drag or air resistance when riding. These boots also provide good protection in the event of a crash.
  • Touring boots are for those riders that are just traveling. These often are more comfortable and durable for walking or riding for long amounts of time.
  • Cruiser boots are for those wanting to have a leather look without sacrificing the ability to be comfortable. These are perfect for those interested in looking cool without sacrificing the leather bound look most motorcyclist use.
  • Harley boots are just that, the quintessential motorcycle boots. These boots are usually leather, rugged, and can handle just about anything you can through at them. Get these if you are looking to be a motorcycle through and through.

Tips to For your Boots

  • Walk a mile in them, seriously it can help your boots to become more comfortable.
  • You could ensure that your boots will not crack or peel, by applying a resin or anti-degradation cleaner.
  • Be sure to keep your shoes out of damp areas, especially if they are made out of leather.
  • If you start to blister be sure to put cotton or similar soft object at the base of your ankle.
  • Clean them often, especially if they are leather boots as they can start to smell rotten if not dried off and cleaned.

The 5 Top Best Motorcycle Boots for Short Rider

1. Wolverine Harley-Davidson Men’s Tyson Logger Brown Leather Motorcycle

Starting off the list, we have a fantastic Harley Davidson pick, a boot with great support and a tough look. Made out of browned leather, this pair of boots will definitely last the test of time. The look of the shoe is much more in line with a cowboy boot, offering protection from the heel and up the shin.

An interesting aspect of this boot is the heel and treads, both made out of high-quality rubber, they ensure that the boots will not lose traction. A huge plus to these boots is the double insurance, as the laces, zipper, and velcro come together to ensure that no slippage will occur. Try these boots when you will be going out on an excursion or outdoors area.  Click here to read more about Wolverine Harley-Davidson Leather Motorcycle on Amazon.

2. Harley-Davidson Men’s Performance Mandrake Black Motorcycle

The next choice on this list, we have a much more relaxed but durable Harley Davidson brand boot. Made out of full grained, multilayered blackened leather, this boot will last anything, from a short ride to a long distance travel.

This boot also has riveted steel inlaid into the laces. Making sure that, not only making the boot look sturdy but also ensuring that the laces will never wear down the boot’s strapping ability.

The treads on this boot are made out of high-quality rubber. The insoles themselves made out of a polythurane rubber, that absorbs shock, ensuring that even the hardest terrain you will be passing over will be in comfort. Although the boot does not protect as much as others on this list, this is perfect for anyone looking for a great choice in less imposing footwear.  Click here to view Harley-Davidson Mandrake Black Motorcycle Boots on Amazon.

3. O’Neal Men’s Element Boots 

Looking for something that can keep up with even the fastest of motorcycles? Look no further, as these motorcycle racer boots will work for you. These boots come in either black or white colors and are made up of layered plastic and leather.

The material inlaid specifically for this type of boot can mean the difference between burn scars and some bumps and bruises. The straps that come along with this are held together by metal clasps, making it easy to put them on and take off, but guaranteed to hold on in any event.

The rubber treads on the bottom provide ample traction, no worries on slipping in these. The way this boot is made ensures that all of your foot up to your shins will be protected.  Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing on O’Neal Elements Boots.

4. Joe Rocket Ballistic Touring Men’s Motorcycle Boots

Style and durability have never looked so good. These boots are black and white and made up of synthetic leather, and it has a space-age feel to it. This is not only for show either as these boots are highly water resistant.

Which means getting them wet will not be a death sentence to your nose or feet. Not only are these boots designed for comfort, it has interesting points of interest.

The boot itself is made to be as moveable as possible without sacrificing durability. With internally reinforced material and double stitched seams around the ankle and toe of the boot; this boot is a must-have for an on the go racer.  Click here to read more about Joe Rocket Ballistic Motorcycle Boots on Amazon.

5. Bates Adrenaline Performance Men’s Motorcycle Boots

Rounding off this list we have a casual working and riding boot. This black boot is made out of a mixture of leather and nylon, this boot is water resistant and has a waterproof membrane in the insole.

This boot also has a great support for the ankle, as it has a Poron XRD Side Impact feature, that ensures that your ankle can handle even the most jarring of hits. Be sure to take a look at this choice if your looking for a more casual laid back look.  Click here to read more about Bates Motorcycle Boots on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Many people overlook the importance of good footwear. Having the extra protection to your feet can mean the difference between having a foot and losing it. Although safety might play a huge part, also having a good pair of boots is important. Never underestimate your footwear needs, and be sure to motor safe however you may look.