Best Muscle Pump Supplements (The 5 Most Potent Options)

Every person has their own unique reason for going to the gym. Some go in an effort to lose weight, others make an appearance to simply kill time, and there are even people who head to the gym to meet up and spend time with friends. There are all fine reasons to do so, but if you’re going to the gym to build up your muscles, you need more than quality time lifting weights. Along with this, you also need to be using the best muscle pump supplements.

Muscle pump supplements contain an ingredient called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide acts as a booster that helps to amplify your muscles while working out so you can get more strength and produce serious gains.

Our Comparisons on Pump Supplements


There are a ton of different muscle pump supplements to choose from that have this component, but today we’re focusing solely on the top options for the best nitric oxide supplement for vascularity and building muscles.

The following supplements are going to be your best friends if you’re dead serious about body building, so without further ado, here they are:

1. Sheer N.O. Nitric Oxide Supplement


The first item on this list that’s considered to be the best supplement for pump and vascularity by a lot of fellow bodybuilders is Sheer N.O. Nitric Oxide Supplement. Sheer Strength Labs guarantees that you’ll see extreme muscle growth and increased strength while taking this supplement, and if you don’t, the company will completely refund you for your purchase.

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Sheer N.O. packs in a lot of goods, but one of our favorite features is that the supplement allows you to feel real results with just the first dose. Some supplements take a few days to really start working, but this isn’t the case with what Sheer is kicking out. You’ll feel worlds stronger right out of the gate, and for a lot of guys, that makes this worth the cash on its own.


Also in Sheer’s supplement is an L-Arginine boost that ramps up nitric oxide production that not only helps your muscles to grow, but also promotes a healthy heart. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Sheer can also help to increase blood flow to certain parts of your body that will surely get the attention of that special lady in your life.

2. Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength L-Arginine


Havasu Nutrition is the maker of Extra Strength L-Arginine, and this is another muscle pump supplement that’s received quite a bit of high praise over the years. Havasu Nutrition uses a combination of L Arginine with Arginine HCI and Arginine Alpha Ketoglutrate with Citrulline to help your muscles grow as strong and as fast as they humanly can.

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This concoction of ingredients not only increases your muscles, but also allows more oxygen to reach your brain, heart, lungs, and other essential organs.

Something else that’s great about this supplement is that it’s made using all-natural ingredients. You won’t find a single artificial sweetener, chemical, preservative, or anything of the like. We’re quite certain you’ll be pleased with the results that you’ll get from this product, but if you aren’t, you can rest easy knowing that Havasu Nutrition offers a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.


3. Kaged Muscle L-Citrulline Unflavored Powder


If you’ve spent any amount of time reading through best nitric oxide supplements reviews, you’ve probably heard Kaged Muscle L-Citrulline Unflavored Powder mentioned a time or two. This is a muscle pump supplement that’s helped tons of men get the muscles that they never thought they could have, and it’s definitely one of the strongest performers that we’ve ever tested.

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Kaged Muscle packs in a whopping 2-grams of pure, unadulterated L-citrulline, and this allows for maximum blood flow throughout your entire body. Your arms will get bigger, your chest will get larger, and you’ll likely notice a bit of “improvement" down below your waistline as well.

Since there’s absolutely no artificial sweeteners or colors, Kaged Muscle is perfectly safe to use for athletes of all types, and this is backed up nicely with the 100% label transparency that Kaged Muscle has been offering ever since it first hit the market.

4. Gaspari Nutrition Super Pump Max Pre Workout Supplement


Next up on the list is Gaspari Nutrition’s Super Pump Max Pre Workout Supplement. Gaspari says that its supplement will help you achieve, “skin-tearing muscle pumps and explosive workouts.” We put these claims to the test when using the supplement for ourselves, and we came away very, very pleased.

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Gaspari Nutrition really knocks it out of the park with this one, and the inane results that you’ll get from this supplement are a result of it boosting the levels of your body’s nitric oxide and vasodilation.


People who have used Gaspari’s supplement say that they feel noticeably more focused on their workout when taking it prior to hitting the gym, and the taste here is also quite nice (something that you can’t say about every muscle pump supplement).


The only thing you may want to be cautious about is Gaspari’s, “proprietary blend” that’s used top make the supplement. It’s not exactly known what’s used to make up this blend, and while the supplement is likely perfectly fine to take, this is something worth keeping an eye on if you’re someone that likes to know every single thing you’re putting into your body.

5. VolcaNO Pre-Workout Nitric Oxide Booster with Creatine


Our last pick on our list of the best muscle pump supplements is the VolcaNO Pre-Workout Nitric Oxide Booster with Creatine. VolcaNO works in a similar way to all of the other supplements on this list, as it helps to produce more lean muscle, better vascularity, and overall faster muscle growth.

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While you’re building those massive gains, VolcaNO is also a great tool for increasing your body’s energy levels, ramping up your metabolism, and providing yourself with more endurance so you can go longer and harder during every single workout.

VolcaNO is made in the United States, uses only all-natural ingredients, and offers a fairly decent value. You may not notice results as quickly as what other supplements offer, but if you aren’t trying to win a race, this is a fantastic option to check out.


Final Thoughts


Building muscles requires a lot of work and dedication. Simply taking the supplements on this list and not doing anything else won't do you any good, but taking them in addition to consistently hitting the gym will allow you to get the results you’re after in a much speedier manner.


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