A Guide On The Best Neck Gaiter For Fishing (5 Favorites)

Before you head out to go fishing, there’s a lot of different gear that you need to ensure you’re outfitted with. There are the obvious things like your fishing pole, bait, and lifejacket, and then there are lesser-known items such as a neck gaiter. In today’s guide, we’ll be taking a quick look at the best neck gaiter for fishing that you can buy right now.

First thing’s first – just what is a neck gaiter? A neck gaiter is essentially a small article of clothing that you wear on the back of your neck to keep your body nice and warm. Neck gaiters are usually thick and made out of fleece or synthetic, and they can easily be slipped on and off over your head. Furthermore, they can also be pulled over your mouth if you need to keep yourself protected from strong winds.

Having a reliable neck gaiter is often a good idea when you’re out fishing, and although it isn’t absolutely essential, it can make your fishing experience quite a bit more enjoyable.

Without further ado, here are the 5 best ones that you can buy.

1. Coolibar UPF 50+ Unisex Neck Gaiter

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The first neck gaiter on our list has frequently been revised as the absolute best neck gaiter for sun protection. Although gaiters can be used to keep you warm, they’re also great as tools for protecting your skin from too much direct contact with the sun’s harmful rays. If this is a goal you’d like to achieve with your next neck gaiter, Coolibar’s option is one of the best you can get.

As the name of the gaiter suggests, there’s a UPF rating of 50+ for maximum safety against UV rays from the sun. We found the gaiter to perform admirably in these regards, and when out in a boat with the sunning beating right down on you, this can do true wonders.

Coolibar’s neck gaiter is extremely easy to adjust to get the perfect fit, and the lightweight design helps to ensure that it doesn’t weigh your neck down too much while wearing it. Plus, even after constant wear and use, Coolibar’s gaiter holds up really well and proves to be something that can really stand the test of time.

2. Mission Multi-Cool

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If you like what Coolibar is bringing to the table but want something that’s not only more affordable, but also more colorful, it’s absolutely worth looking into the Mission Multi-Cool. This is another gaiter with 50 UPF protection against the sun, and once again, this rating proves to be extremely helpful and useful to have.

Mission’s Cools Instantly When Wet system kicks in when it detects your body temperature is 30-degrees lower than it should be, and the chemical-free construction helps to ensure that anyone can wear the Multi-Cool without having to worry about skin sensitive or irritation issues.

Along with wearing as a neck gaiter, Mission also says that the Multi-Cool can be used as a headband, scarf, hood, cap, do-rag, face-mask, and others. Having so much versatility really is quite nice, and it takes the Mission Multi-Cool to the next level.

Mission Multi-Cool offers traditional colors like Sand and Black, but you can also get the wrap in Blue, High Visual Coral, Mossy Oak, and Pink.

3. Tough Headband 12-in-1 UV Headwear

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Next up on our list is the Tough Headband 12-in-1 UV Headwear. Similar to the Mission Multi-Cool, you can wear the Tough Headband in a variety of different ways. While you can of course use the Tough Headband as a neck gaiter, it can also be transformed into a headband mask, cap, balaclava, and plenty of other things. Once again, so much flexibility in one product really is great to have.

As the name suggests, Tough Headband’s neck gaiter is built to last and feels like it can take a true beating. It’s ridiculously durable, but at the same time, also feels wonderful to wear thanks to the soft and comfy material.

Tough Headband offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every purchase of its products, and there are more than enough colors to choose form to ensure that you can find a neck gaiter that matches your exact style.

4. Columbia Men’s Freezer Zero Neck Wrap

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Columbia is one of the most popular names when it comes to outdoor clothing, and while you do often pay a price for the company’s products, the higher costs associated with them truly is worth it in our opinion.

The Men’s Freezer Zero Neck Wrap is made out of 92% polyester and 8% elastane, and thanks to this choice of materials, Columbia’s neck gaiter strikes an awesome balance of being comfortable and easy to adjust while wearing it.

Omni-Freeze and Omni-Shade systems are included here as well, with the former offering sweat-activated super cooling and the latter enabling wearers to have 50 UPF sun protection. This is easily the most expensive neck gaiter on our list, but if you have a few more bucks to spend, it’s worth every penny.

5. Carhartt Men’s Fleece Neck Gaiter

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Carhartt is another popular brand for men’s outdoor clothing, and one of the company’s most useful offerings is its Men’s Fleece Neck Gaiter. This neck gaiter is designed more for keeping your neck warm rather than offering sun protection due to the fleece material, but this can prove to be a true life-saver when out ice fishing.

You won’t find any special gadgets, gizmos, or other additions with Carhartt’s neck gaiter, but then again, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Carhartt really focuses on offering the best gaiter around for maximum warmth and comfort, and if that’s what you’re seeking with your next neck gaiter purchase, this is the product for you.

Final Thoughts

Having the best neck gaiter for fishing can truly elevate the whole fishing experience, and all of the neck gaiters on this list truly do live up to that title. Whether you need something that will offer sun/wind protection or keep your warm during the bitter cold, there’s something here that will fit you and your needs perfectly.


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