5 Best Neck Trimmers (Sharpest Picks For 2017)

how to trim your neck hairs

When talking about men’s grooming products, few categories are as crowded or populated as that of hair/neck trimmers. These gadgets are easily some of the most popular out there when it comes to keeping up appearances, and because of this, tracking down the absolute best neck trimmers can often be a real challenge.

There are loads of different brands, styles, features, and more to choose from, and while having all of this choice is great in some cases, it does make finding the perfect trimmer for you and your needs a bit more difficult.

That is, unless you know where to look.

We’ve been spending a good amount of time carefully looking over all of the best trimmers that are currently out there for cleaning up your neck area, and after lots of debate and consideration, we’ve created a list of the 5 best picks for this category.


You’ll find a good mix of features, price, and more within this list, so without any additional delay, let’s take a peak at what we found —


One of the first contenders for the best outliner trimmer easily goes to the TRYM II. We’ve talked about the TRYM II a few times on Stubble Patrol in the past, and that’s because this is easily one of your favorite grooming tools out right now.


The design of the TRYM II looks like something straight out of the future. It’s sleek, compact, and very minimalistic. You get a free charging stand that’s equally as stylish, and a total of four trimmer attachments come with the TRYM so you can really customize your trimming.

Professional metal blades provide for a very clean cut, and the precision that the TYRM II is able to deliver is honestly quite impressive for something in this price range. Add all of this together with a cleaning brush, oil for the blade, and a power adapter for powering the charge stand, and it’s incredibly hard to say no to what the TRYM II brings to the table.

2. Wahl Beard Battery Trimmer

The TRYM II is undoubtedly a great pick, but if you’re looking to get a neck trimmer for even less money, the Wahl Beard Battery Trimmer is certainly worth your time and attention. You might not expect a lot out of this little guy with a price of half what the TRYM II costs, but you’d be surprised at just how much power and tech Wahl was able to put into such an affordable package.

As the name suggests, the Wahl Beard Battery Trimmer runs off of batteries. Two AA units are required to power the trimmer, and while it would have been nice to see some sort of rechargeable battery present, the use time that 2 AA batteries are cable of here is pretty impressive.

Wahl designed this trimmer to be comfortable to hold thanks to its ergonomic design, and the addition of a soft-touch rubber grip gives you a nice sense of control when cleaning up your neck and hair.

Even better, all of this also comes with premium self-sharpening blades, a beard comb, blade oil, blade guard, and four different attachments. What more could you want from a trimmer this cheap?  Click here to see the pricing for the Wahl Beard Battery Trimmer on Amazon.


3. Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer

Wahl’s Beard Battery Trimmer is a great pick for those that are on a budget, but if you want to spend a bit more money and get something that will deliver one of the best trims around, you’ll want to divert your attention over to Andis trimmers — more specifically, the Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer.


Andis is one of the most trusted names when it comes to men’s grooming, and the T-Outliner is easily one of the best clippers for lineups. Andis oils the T-Outliner directly in the factory, and every single unit is tested carefully to ensure that it will provide you with the absolute best cut possible.

The blades found on this trimmer cut ridiculously close to the skin, and this creates for a dry shave that’s accurate, comfortable, and extremely tight. You can easily change the length of the blades to get the perfect style that you’re going for, and for the absolute best results, you’ll want to remember to oil up the blades each and every time you use it.

You won’t find any wireless option with the T-Outliner, but Andis does include an 8-foot-long power cord that should offer more than enough length for what you need to do.


4. Philips Norelco GoStyler Trim and Shape

Speaking of trusted names for men’s grooming, Philips is another brand that lots of guys have been insanely happy with. Philips has kicked out a ton of different products over the years, but the one we’re focusing on now is the Norelco GoStyler Trim and Shape.

The Trim and Shape was designed specifically for cleaning up areas around your head, and this is what makes it the perfect neck trimmer. Philips’ Dual Cut system offers insanely sharp blades that create for a stupid close and tight shave, and the attachable foil shaver helps to get the fine details on the edges and lines of your head.

That foil shaver also comes with three precision beard combs if you want to get double the use out of this one gadget, and the soft rubber grip found on the bottom of the GoStyler means that you can shave and trim with complete confidence. Factor all this with the fully water-proof design of the GoStyler, and you’ve got another great option for under $20.  Click here to view Philips Norelco GoStyler Trim and Shape on Amazon.


5. Oster Ac T-Finisher Trimmer

Last but most certainly not least is the Oster Ac T-Finisher Trimmer. This option is similar to the Andis Professional T-Outliner in the sense that it’s a more premium option for your next neck trimmer. There’s no option to use the Oster trimmer wirelessly, but just like the Andis, you’ve got a heavy-duty 8-foot power cord to give you plenty of wiggle room.


The T-Blade form factor delivers super close cuts each and every time, and the pivot motor is shockingly quiet for something as powerful as this.

Some buyers have complained that the clippers break after just a little bit of use, but from what we can tell, this is a quality control issue that Amazon and Oster have straightened out. It doesn’t appear to be an issue any longer, but it is something that’s worth keeping in mind.

Final Thoughts

With all of that said, you now have five incredible options to pick from when it comes to the best neck trimmers. The trimmer that you end up choosing will likely come down to your budget, personal preference, and feature-set, and that’s why we tried making this list as varied and different as possible. Now pick something off this list, get your hands on it, and clean up that neck of yours!