5 Best Non Scented Soap Choices (Smell Clean Without Fragrance)

While grooming techniques and tactics vary from man to man, something that all guys have to partake in is cleaning themselves. Taking a shower on a regular basis is one of the most basic and important things that you can do for your body, and this usually requires the use of a soap of some kind. There are lots of soaps out there with different scents and aromas, but if you don’t want any of this and just want to be clean, you need the best non scented soap around.

Just what is the best non scented soap, though? Although there isn’t necessarily one single product to rule them all, we did spend a good bit of our time finding five of the best unscented soaps that currently exist.

There are lots of options available to you for soaps that will leave you feeling clean and refreshed without some odd or unwanted scent, and these 5 products are the best of the best when it comes to this.

1. Everyone Bath Soap

Everyone Bath Soap is the first product on this list, and it’s easily one of our favorite choices for an unscented antibacterial soap. The product features a 3-in-1 form factor, and this means that the soap can be used as a body wash, shampoo, and even for bubble baths.

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All of the ingredients throughout the Everyone Bath Soap are natural and organic, and this is a trend that you’ll notice a lot when looking at quality soaps. Everyone Bath Soap is cruelty free, disodium EDTA free, is GMO certified, and is also free of any gluten.

Everyone Bath Soap is a really great solution if you’re looking for an all-in-one product that you can use as your ultimate cleanser. There will always be folks that prefer using standalone products for soaps and shampoos, but those of you who want something that can do more than just one thing, Everyone Bath Soap is an awesome product that’s definitely worth your time and attention.

2. Clearly Natural Glycerine Bar Soap

The Glycerine Bar Soap is the first of two Clearly Natural products that made it on this list, and as the name suggests, this first option is a bar soap that’s made entirely out of glycerine and nothing more.

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Although not quite as popular as they used to be, bar soaps are still really great alternatives to traditional liquid soaps. Clearly Natural’s product does a great job at protecting your skin when used, and it even helps to balance the natural pH balance of your body while also cleaning it of any unwarned dirt or grime.

While cleaning up yourself with this bar soap, you’ll also notice that you won’t have to put up with any stick residue that some bar soaps are often culprits for. Because of this, this is a really great choice if you’re looking for an unscented soap for tattoos.

You can get a three-pack of Clearly Natural’s bar soaps for a very reasonable price, which is a plus considering just how well this soap actually works.

3. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

Dr. Bronner’s secures a third place spot on our list with its Pure-Castile Liquid Soap, and this is easily one of the most popular options around when it comes to an unscented body wash. This particular soap is extremely easy on sensitive skin, and this is a big selling point for any guy that does or ever has struggled with skin that’s not quite as resistant or tough as it should be. In fact, Dr. Bronner’s soap is so forgiving that it’s even safe to use on babies!

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Only vegan and organic ingredients are used to create this stuff, and that means you’ll find components such as olive oil, coconut oil, and natural hemp. You won’t find any artificial preservatives or oils, and this makes Dr. Bronner’s a great choice for using on your face, hands, body, hair, etc.

Add all of this up in a bottle that’s made out of 100% recycled material, and Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap truly is one of the undisputed kings when it comes to these sort of products.

4. Tom’s of Maine Sensitive Natural Beauty Bar Soap

The second to last soap that we’d like to talk about is Tom’s of Main Sensitive Natural Beauty Bar Soap. Some of the main ingredients for this soap include olive oil, vitamin E, and chamomile. That last ingredient is one of the biggest selling points for Tom’s of Maine, and it creates for a soap that’s extremely easy on the skin, very hydrating, and oh-so soothing.

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Hypoallergenic readers will be pleased to know that they can use this soap without any worries or concerns, and Tom’s of Maine makes it a big point to reiterate the fact that it doesn’t do any product testing on animals of any kind.

Factor this with the fact that you won’t find any artificial colors, preservatives, or fragrances with Tom’s of Maine’s soap, and you’ve got one of the purest and most natural soaps on this list.

Some people have mentioned that the soap has a subtle fruity smell, but our noses aren’t able to pick up on this at all.

5. Clearly Natural Liquid Hand Soap

The final product is the second one from Clearly Natural, but unlike the bar form factor of the company’s previous product, this one is a liquid hand soap. Similar to the bar soap, there’s a great unscented formula that will allow you to get squeaky clean without giving off some huge scent, and we also love the fact that this soap has been specifically created for use with people that have sensitive skin.

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Clearly Natural’s liquid soap features non-drying components, and this allows it to rinse off incredibly easily even after being on your skin for a prolonged period of time.

If you’re in the market for a liquid soap that will clean your body really well, come off with ease, and be truly unscented, Clearly Natural has the solution for you right here.

Final Thoughts

As evident by this list, you have a lot of different products to choose from when looking for the best non scented soap on the market. Between bar soaps, liquid soaps, body washes, and more, the market for quality, unscented soaps has grown into something truly special over the years. All of the products here should leave you with exactly what you’re searching for, but now comes the hard part — figuring out which one to buy!


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