Avoid a Sticky Night´s Sleep: The Best Pjs for Night Sweats

There is nothing quite as uncomfortable as waking up in the middle of night to find that your sheets are close to damp and humid and your pajamas feel as if you have not quite made it to the bathroom on time.  Thousands of people suffer from night sweats either due to chronic conditions or due to a temporary health issue such as the common cold. Finding the best pjs for night sweats is a great way to get the sleep you need even if you do sweat profusely during the night.

A recent study by the Annals of Family Medicine finds that close to one out of three people suffer occurrence of this health conditions, very little is known regarding the underlying causes of night sweats.

While a high fever associated with the flu or other health condition will obviously lead to a severe case of night sweats, not everyone who suffers from night sweats presents symptoms of high body temperature. For people who feel that their night sweats aren´t related to a potentially serious health condition, the best way to deal with night sweats might be to simply find sweat-wicking sleepwear that will make sure that your sweating won´t cause you to lose sleep.

In many cases, the most serious health consequence of night sweating might very well be related to the loss of sleep that it causes, thus not allowing your body to rest and recuperate. A chronic lack of sleep and rest can often lead to more serious health complications down the road. For that reason, finding night sweat sleepwear is essential if you are losing sleep on a nightly basis to wake up and change your pajamas or bed sheets.

Below we offer a complete rundown of the top five best pjs for night sweats to help you stay dry and rested throughout the night.

Performance Sleepwear Men’s Pajama Pants

Made from 100% micro polyester, the Performance Sleepwear Men´s Pajama Pants is a fantastic option to help you wick away excess moisture from your lower extremities as you sleep. Performance Sleepwear has long been a leader in pajamas designed for people who suffer from moderate to severe cases of night sweats.

These men´s pajama pants are full length and come with a wide cut for maximum comfort both while in bed and while lounging around the house on those lazy, weekend mornings.  The space age material with Nano technology that make up these pants will make sure that any sweating will be pulled from your skin towards the outer part of the pajama fabric where it will evaporate over the course of the night so you can the sleep you need.

Cool-jams Moisture Wicking Men’s Pajama Top

Another great option to accompany the pajama bottoms reviewed above is the Cool-jams Moisture Wicking Men´s Pajama Top. The revolutionary fabric that makes up this pajama top is said to dry out four times faster than natural cotton. Furthermore, the material incorporates the wicking action through scientifically weaving the moisture remover into the fabric itself.

The pajama top is also extremely lightweight and is designed to keep you cool on warm nights and warm on colder nights. Excessive sweating can create a spot for bacteria and fungus to multiply and potentially cause you serious health issues. The antibacterial fabric will thus avoid any potential health concerns while also keeping you dry.

GYS Women’s Bamboo Viscose Sleeveless V Neck Nightgown

Men are not the only ones who suffer from night sweats. Women, especially during menopause, can suffer from hot flashes that can lead to uncomfortable nights of excessive sweating. GYS Women’s Bamboo Viscose Sleeveless V Neck Nightgown is made from 95% viscose, which is sustainably sourced from bamboo.

This unique natural fabric isn´t only soft and comfortable, but it is also extremely breathable which is essential for those hot flushes that can disrupt your sleep. This knee-length sleep shirt is a great option for those warm, humid summer nights. It can also double as an under dress to help keep you cool and sweat free during the day as well.

Sleepy Time Women’s Bamboo Pajamas, Night Sweat Moisture Wicking Sleepwear

Another great option in night sweat sleepwear for women is the Sleepy Time Women’s Bamboo Pajamas. This night sweat, moisture wicking pajama set is also made from bamboo, which is a fantastic natural fiber to help keep our cool and dry during the night. Besides being very lightweight, these pajamas are also very breathable to allow for maximum comfort during the night.

The sleeveless design along with the shorts will allow for maximum airflow while also wicking moisture away from the areas of your body where night sweats can be most uncomfortable and disturbing.  Click here to read more about Sleepy Time Bamboo Pajamas on Amazon.

Cargo Bay Men’s Traditional 2 Piece Pajama Set

For men, sleepwear for night sweats is also a necessity even if menopause isn´t an issue. Cargo Bay has designed a unique and complete set of pajamas that has excellent moisture wicking ability. The long sleeve and pants design of these pajamas are great for keeping you warm on colder nights while also making sure that you don´t accumulate excess moisture from sweating.

The relaxing, loose fit of these pajamas also makes sure that you will get maximum airflow during the night, which will aid the pajamas in keeping you dry.  Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing on Cargo Bay Pajama Set.

Quality Pajamas for a Dry, Comfortable Night´s Sleep

If you suffer from night sweats, rest assured that you are not the only one. As we mentioned above, one out of every three people deals with some sort of night sweating during their lifetime. Fortunately, several clothing companies have designed state of the art pajamas that incorporate moisture wicking technology and breathable factors that will help keep you dry and comfortable.

Instead of simply settling for your everyday, run of the mill cotton pajamas which will accumulate and absorb moisture over the course of the night, finding the best pajamas that will actually carry the moisture away from your body to where it can naturally evaporate is the best way to deal with night sweats, whatever their cause may be.

All of the five sets of pajamas reviewed above incorporate the best moisture wicking technology into their fabrics to make sure that you will get the cool, comfortable sleep you deserve.