5 Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing Under 100 Dollars (Low Price, Great Protection)

Having trouble seeing the fish you are trying to catch? There’s a reason you are not seeing fish, and it has to do with physics. It’s a little something called light polarization.

When light reflects off the water’s surface, it gets denser and causes a blinding glare. Meanwhile, your fish (just below the surface) remain completely invisible to your unaided eyes. It might be hard to believe but there are many contenders for the best polarized sunglasses for fishing under 100 dollars.

After all, fishing is visual activity. You need to see the line with clarity. You need to watch the water for subtle movements and detect speedy fish with sharpness. At the same time, intense exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause long-term eye issues.

As sunlight reflects off surfaces, everyday sunglasses offer no protection from glare and damage inflicting rays. The solution to light polarization and eye strain is a set of polarized sunglasses—but they often do not come cheaply. (Anyone who has lost a pair in a tussle with a wild tuna will tell you that.)

Polarized Sunglasses

Light does not just travel directly towards us from the sun. It bounces and reflects in all directions. As sunlight hits the ground or the surface of the water, the rays scatter and attack your eyes from many different directions.

When wearing mere prescription glasses or even dark sunglasses, you protect yourself from only direct sunlight. Bouncing and reflecting rays enter and disrupt your vision causing glare, eye strain, and even temporary blindness.

For those who fish or spend excess time outdoors, this problem doubles as reflecting light makes it impossible to detect fish underwater or to see the line in front of them. To see these fish and orient themselves, fishermen choose from a wide variety of polarized lenses available.

Polarized lenses do not only offer the ability to negate reflecting light but can also enhance your vision. Seeing in the outdoors becomes clearer and easier than ever before.

1. Under Armor Mens Capture

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From a men’s sportswear icon, the Mens Capture sunglasses check all boxes when it comes to fishing in intense conditions. Under Armor has designed its frames to fit any man with lenses made only of Grilamid thermoplastic. A complex yet pliable polymer, the Grilamid lenses flex without breaking, resist cracking under stress and do not distort even under high summer heat.

Coming in a classic, satin black, Under Armor’s Mens Capture polarized sunglasses are available now.

2. Browning Cynergy

Designed in a flexible and lightweight frame, Cynergy polarized sunglasses by Browning offer an anti-scratch, impact-resistant lens. The lens protects from the UVA and UVB rays that can bring permanent harm to your vision during long fishing trips. A military-grade frame, the Browning Cynergy comes with integrated hinges made for a beating in the outdoors.

3. Revo Unisex Otis

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Offering high-performance UV protection, the Otis frame makes itself entirely from a lightweight polymer for the active. Its polarized lenses are 100% shatterproof polycarbonate with a mesmerizing high-contrast sheen.

The Revo Unisex Otis finally boasts a lens coating to repel splashing water and dripping sweat. In six complementary colors including graphite, terra, and stealth.

4. Costa Del Mar Jose Sunglasses

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Built for maximum protection under harsh sunlight, the polarized Jose lenses by Costa Del Mar are made of the lightest and most durable materials available in eyewear. Molecularly bonded to resist scratching and breaking, the lenses block all yellow light while boosting reds, greens, and blues to enhance visual performance beyond the normal human capacity.

While eliminating glare and reducing strain, you can choose from over 25 lens tints and frame colors.

5. Smith Optics Guide’s Choice Sunglasses

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Built for the demands of the most exacting fisherman, the very frames of these Guide’s Choice sunglasses compliment a need for wide angle protection. Hugging your temples securely and opening with premium Italian hinges, these frames are elevated to further heights by Chromapop technology. It filters color, adds definition, and gives hawk-like clarity in the outdoors.

Smith Optics chooses to make them available only in a smooth, matte black. The Smith Optics are among the most affordable and premium on this list.

Final thoughts

Fisherman and boaters have the greatest need for polarized lenses because water reflects light better than most other surfaces. For people out on a boat or fishing, their polarized lenses block glare, reduce eye strain, and enhance the color spectrum—making an outdoor activity more enjoyable and engaging.

With ordinary prescription glasses, drug-store sunglasses, or the naked eye, boating, and fishing can pain and damage your eyes. Imagine an 8-hour boat trip where you constantly struggle to see, partially blinded by the reflection of the sun, as you stretch with fumbling hands for your line and catch.

There is no need to scrap with the sun for your fish. With a stylish and advanced addition to your boating experience, you will see clearer, brighter, and more vibrantly than you have ever seen before. You can choose a pair of these high-quality, often military-grade, sunglasses for a fraction of the usual price on polarized lenses. Just be sure to remember some of the best polarized sunglasses for fishing under 100 dollars.


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