The Best Portable Shaver (Our 5 Favorites For On-the-Go)

For a man that’s on the go, one of the most important tools to outfit your travel arsenal with is a rechargeable travel shaver. Keeping your facial hair regularly maintained while traveling is something that every guy should do, and while you can technically bring along your shaver that you use at home, having the best portable shaver to take with you is a lot more convenient and practical.


Just like what you’d find with regular shavers, there are a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to travel shavers. Tons of different companies offer a wide variety of various options to choose from, but we sifted through all of the competition to find our 5 picks for the very best travel shaver in 2017.

These 5 travel shavers go above and beyond what you’d expect from typical on-the-go products by offering a lot of power, features, and portability for reasonable prices.

Without any further delay, here’s just what we found.

1. Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor


Philips is the maker of the first product on this list, and the exact model is the Norelco PQ208/40. Philips’ Norelco line is one of the most popular for men’s shaving tools, and the PQ208 does a fantastic job at living up to the standards of what we’ve come to expect from the Norelco lineup over the years.

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The PQ208 kicks out an extremely clean shave every single time you turn this gadget on, and the self-sharpening blades that are present here help to give you as close of a shave as you’re going to get from something this small.

Philips integrated independently floating heads so the PQ208 can effortlessly follow the natural curves and contours of your face, and the built-in battery provides up to 60 minutes of constant shave time.

Philips’ Norelco PQ208 may not be the flashiest travel razor around, but from a functionality standpoint, it absolutely knocks it out of the park.

2. Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver


Moving over to our next pick, the Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver is another great pick that costs just a couple dollars more than what Philips is offering with the Norelco PQ208. Rather than using two individual shaving heads like what you’ll find with the Norelco, Panasonic opted for a single stainless-steel floating blade of the foil design.

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Foil shavers are much more common than rotary when it comes to travel models, and the unit on the ES3831K performs like a champ. It’s durable, has a powerful motor, and the blades provide a surprisingly smooth and close cut.


The design of the Panasonic shaver is similar to the Norelco, but the body features a more ergonomic grip so that it’s more comfortable to hold in your hand. It’s definitely a subtle touch, but it’s one that we came to appreciate the more and more we used it.

Something else that we really found quite useful is the ability to use the Panasonic shaver in the shower. The unit is completely waterproof, and this added convenience is something that you really miss having once you get used to it.

3. Braun M90 Mobile Shaver


Another pick of ours for the best travel trimmer that you can buy is Braun’s M90 Mobile Shaver. Braun also uses a floating foil head like what’s found with the Panasonic ES3831K, and this means that you’ll get a very close and accurate shave when using this thing.

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Braun provides an extendable long hair trimmer so you can easily clean up your side burns or mustache while also cleaning up the rest of your face, and the built-in twist cap helps to protect the foil blade when you aren’t using it. While this isn’t something you really notice while using the shaver, it does help to keep the M90 in tiptop shape for longer than its competitors.


Another great touch here is the easy washing process. Since the M90 can withstanding being put under a faucet, cleanup is extremely simple. The use of AA batteries might be a downside for folks looking for a travel shaver with a built-in unit, but if that’s the case, you can always purchase a set of rechargeable AA’s once the included ones die out.

4. Remington R95CDN Rotary Travel Shaver


Going back to a rotary style shaver, the Remington R95CDN is another travel option that is quickly proving to be one of the best around for guys that don’t enjoy using foil products.

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One thing you’ll notice right off the bat with the R95CDN is the fact that it uses a rechargeable battery. Remington says that you can expect around 30 minutes of use out of the battery per one full charge, and if you’re running low on juice but still need to clean yourself up, you can also use the shaver while it’s plugged in.


Something else that we love about the Remington shaver is the Protective Heat Guard. This guard keeps the head of the shaver safe and secure while traveling with it, and although the guard is just made out of plastic, it’s extremely effective in protecting the head from becoming damaged during transport or storage.

Dual flexing heads allow you to get a razor close shave that’s not irritating for your skin, and the rotary heads can seamlessly follow the natural bumps and contours throughout your face. Add this with dual track blades that are made out of stainless steel for maximum durability, and you get a whole lot of shaving power in a very compact package.

5. Panasonic Men’s Shaver for Traveler ES-RS10-S


Our final pick for the best portable shaver is the Panasonic Men’s Shaver for Traveler ES-RS10-S. This is a shaver that was typically only sold over in Japan, but it has since made its way to Amazon as one of the premier choices for a travel shaver.

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Featuring a foil shaving head, the Panasonic provides you with an extremely close shave that feels great and will leave you looking as good as you can be. the included cleaning brush helps to keep the product hair-free after you’re done cleaning yourself up, and the sliding door on the back provides access to the two AA batteries that power the thing.


The Panasonic ES-RS10-S is extremely small and compact, and is one of the tiniest shavers on this entire list. It may not be quite as ergonomic as the other Panasonic products mentioned on here, but if you want something as small as you can get that still kicks out an impressively smooth shave, this is the one for you.

Final Thoughts

Shaving while traveling isn’t always the easiest thing, but the whole process of it is made quite a bit easier when you have the proper tools at your disposal. The 5 shavers on this list have proven to be the top picks for shaving while moving about, and they absolutely blow away the rest of the competition. Handing over $15 to $20 for yet another shaver may not appeal to you at first, but if you’re someone that travels a lot, this is an investment worth making.


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