The 5 Best Powder Sunscreen for Face: Double Coverage

Hot weather gives us double trouble when it comes to our faces. First, we have to think about protecting our skin. Second, we have to think about our makeup. Since our faces are our first presentations of ourselves to the world, we don’t want to get leathery skin from too much sun exposure without proper sunscreen. Further, we hope to avoid walking around with a sweaty face all day, especially a sweaty face mixed with foundation. Which is why we need the best powder sunscreen for face coverage.

Powder Sunscreen Effectiveness

As the ozone layer depletes, we need more and more protection from the sun. It is getting hotter, fiercer, and staying that way for long. Skin exposed to too much sun will end up dried out and tough, not something you want to think of when you think of your face.

Many options abound for sunscreens. You could get a foundation with sunscreen or a sunscreen moisturizer to apply under your foundation. But a face powder with SPF 50 can often seem to trump them all. Because the powder is the last thing you apply, it can provide the best protection for your face from the sun. And with technology as advanced as it is today, you can even find a mineral fusion brush on sunscreen, which will not only protect your skin but also give you a healthy glow.

Cake on the Plate, Not Your Face

And a healthy glow is what you want, not thick, cakey foundation running down your face in the middle of the summer heat. Imagine you’re at lunch, on a first date, and your date looks up and sees gloppy makeup piled up on your skin. Not cool.

A fresh powder sunscreen will keep your skin clean looking and keep the protection long lasting.

Best Powder Sunscreen for Face: Hot 5

1. Brush on Block

This self-applying brush will dispense powder with the twist of the handle. It will go on under your makeup and over it, which means you can reapply throughout the day. The ingredients in this powder include tea leaf extract, so you’ll get antioxidant protection from your sunscreen as well.

In addition, you get a hint of a tan with your sunscreen, which means you can walk confidently with a bit of glow on your face. With SPF 30, you’ll get at least as much coverage from the sun as you need.  Click here to read more about Brush on Block on Amazon.

2. Colorescience

Colorescience is a powder sunscreen recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin. You can trust it to take care of acne prone or blemished skin. It comes in a self-applying brush that uses a twist handle. You should apply either under or over makeup and then continue to reapply every two hours for maximum protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Because of the coverage of this sunscreen brush and powder, you could apply just the sunscreen for the day and still feel fresh-faced and covered.

3. Mineral Fusion

This brush-on sunscreen is made of all natural ingredients, so you can trust that it is cruelty-free, vegetarian, and organic. It will function perfectly with your makeup or without it. You can apply it and know that it will work instantly, so you don’t have to wait for a dry time. You’ll get SPF 30 protection, which is the minimum you need to block out harmful rays.  Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing on product x.

4. Peter Thomas Roth

Makeup magician Peter Thomas Roth has created a foundation powder that includes SPF 30 sunscreen. It will minimize your fine lines and your wrinkles without caking onto your skin. In addition, it will protect you from gaining more lines with the sunscreen protection. This powder was designed for oily skin, so it will build a matte coverage on your face that will keep your skin in balance throughout the day. Because it is mineral based, you know your skin is benefiting from wearing it in more ways than one.  Click here to view Peter Thomas Roth on Amazon.

5. La Bella Donna

This natural mineral sunscreen is waterproof and sweatproof. This one is guaranteed to not only stay on your skin all day long,but also to keep you looking fresh in the meantime. It provides SPF 50 coverage and the option to add more or less sunscreen based on your activity. You can dial in more or less powder as you apply to get more coverage if, for example, you are going for a hike. And then you can take it with you and reapply during your most rigorous activity.

As a bonus, this sunscreen was designed not only to not clog your pores but also to correct any skin problems you may have. So while you are protecting your skin from sun damage, you are also healing it from ailments like rosacea and acne. LBD also comes in three different shades, so you won’t have to worry that the zinc in the powder will leave your skin looking pale or ashy.  Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing on La Bella Donna.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing you can do for your health is protect your skin. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and you plan to live a long time. You do not want to be sixty years old, with potentially decades still to live, with your skin already giving up on you. Sunscreen is essential to this process.

As women, we have to think about how we wear our sunscreen. We want to smell good and look good while also taking care of ourselves. This can be really difficult if we don’t find the right products. Sunscreen can have an awful smell, and it can leave a filmy white residue. And here’s the truth about most of us: if it stinks or if it makes us look bad, we probably won’t do it.

Fortunately, these sunscreen powders have come to the rescue, at least for our faces, which, let’s be honest, are the most important places on our bodies to apply sunscreen. This is not just because we want to protect our skin, but also because we want to look absolutely fabulous while doing it.