Best Projector Under 200: No Need to Squint!

Sometimes your giant flatscreen television is just not big enough. Your daughter’s birthday party is coming up and you need a big screen on the wall to project photos of her since she was a baby. You’re having fight night with the guys and you need to see the molecules in the blood splatter bouncing off Mayweather’s face. Just kidding Mayweather doesn’t bleed. You might even just be a gamer who likes to see a full-size image of the world he’s building hour by endless hour. Whatever the case and occasion, you’re going to need to find the best projector under 200, because why pay more if you don’t have to?

Spend Smartly

Two hundred dollars is a totally reasonable price for a solid projector. Of course, you are going to find projectors that range will into the top hundreds or tipping into the thousands, but unless you are putting on as a multi-level presentation on how to improve the Star Wars movie franchise directly to Disney execs yourself, you don’t need a super pricey projector.

What You Do Need To Watch Out For

There are a few things you do want to check off the list though. It’s nice to have LED so that your lighting stays on point. It would be awful to have a big projection on your wall and has the lights fail to actually show you those blood molecules you were so excited for.

You also might want to have wifi as an added benefit. It is just much simpler to use your Bluetooth capabilities than to deal with long cords and wires that people could potentially trip over or that could burn out a circuit.

The basics are far from basics with a decent projector. These are not your grandfather’s projectors where you have to insert slides and hope the carousel doesn’t break down while you’re watching. Below, you will find the best of the basics that you can get.

Best Rated Projector Under 200:

1. DBPower T20

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  1. The DBPower’s biggest feature is the iPhone attachment. You can hook your phone up to this mini projector and view any photos or videos you like. In addition, you are going to get reduced noise and heat, and exceptionally bright projection at 1800 lumens.
  2. Your projection size at 5 meters away from the screen will be 32′ by 176″ which is a decent image when compared to your average flatscreen. This projector is one the best LED projectors under $200.

2. CiBest

  1. The CiBest comes in at a bit of a smaller image: 33″ to 150″ but that image is sharper and brighter with 2000 lumens, 200 more than the DBPower. So it’s a tradeoff.
  2. It is HDMI compatible, so anything you can hook to an HDMI cable, you can project onto the big screen. This means that you can hook up your DVD player or your phone, as long as you’ve got the right equipment.

3. Tenker

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  1. Tenker has fewer lumens than its competition, and the same image as CiBest, 33″ to 150″ but the price typically comes in at much more affordable. So if you are on a budget, this may be the way to go.
  2. Again, you can still connect any device that is HDMI compatible, smartphones or DVD players. You can even combine it with the Amazon Fire Stick. Often you’ll need a toggle device to help make the connection, but those are easy to grab when you need one. If this is the first LED projector you are buying and you’re not sure how you’ll feel about it, how to work it, or what the point of it is, this is a good place to start. Don’t spend too much money on your first experience.

4. Elephas

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  1. This is the top of the line for the price range. Elephas offers all the usual, HDMI capability and a sharp image, at 3500 lumens. You also get a speaker for audio, so you don’t have to have an extra set on hand. The projector takes headphones, so if you’re up late watching family movies alone, you won’t wake anyone up.
  2. This projector also has the largest size image of the bunch, adjustable all the way up to 33″ to 180.” And if you are unhappy with the machine for any reason, or if the updated cooling system for some reason fails to cool your projector down, you will have a three-year warranty to rely on for support. Send it back for repairs or replacement at any time. This is one of the best-rated projectors under $200.

5. Weiliante

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  1. If wifi is what you want, wifi is what you will get with Weiliante. This projector can display images from any Android or iPhone with the simple use of wifi connection. And if you want a rich connection from a device that doesn’t have wifi, you can always revert to the HDMI cord. So this projector goes both ways.
  2. Easily the best projector under 200 with wifi, you also get an image display from any angle, front, rear or suspended. It has 1200 lumens and will project an image of 35″ to 135″ which is not bad for this mini LED projector. And while it promises to work for over 30000 hours, you will also get a 24-month warranty, so if anything goes wrong, you send it back for a new one.

Final Thoughts

A home projector can be a great addition to any household of screen lovers. Fortunately, buying one doesn’t have to set you back a whole month’s salary. Now you can find an affordable LED projector, with wifi if you want it, for a price equal to what you would spend on good running shoes or a great smoothie blender.

The options are myriad, which is what your choice will really come down to. You have to ask what’s more important to your own personal needs. If you want a brighter, sharper image, go with higher lumens. On the other hand, if you are just trying to get as big an image as possible, go with image size. Just remember what they say, bigger is not always better.



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