Best Push Up Bra for Implants (5 Suitable Choices)

If you have breast implants or are preparing to get them, one of the most important things to think about is what types of bras you will need to wear to optimize your comfort and look. Breast implants alter the shape of breasts and the way they sit, so you will need to adjust and find the best push up bra for implants.

Choosing Your Bra for Implants

When you’re looking for the best push up bra for implants, it’s important to remember that your augmentation is unique, so your bra will need to accommodate your implants in the way that they fit with the rest of your body. Make sure to get a new fitting and learn your exact size.

A good place to start your search for the ideal bra for implants is with the most comfortable fabric: Lycra.

The main reason to choose a Lycra bra to suit your implants is that of its stretchy nature. While many bras tend to bunch around the nipple with implants, Lycra bras will move with your body and stick with its shape no matter what.

Another thing to keep in mind during your search is that implants tend to be wider than natural breasts. This means that you may need to choose bras that are one size larger than your supposed size.

Overall, the process of finding bras to fit your implants comfortably is an individual one. You will need to think about preferences for things like fabric, underwire, and style, and then take the time to test different bras to see how they perform in action.

What is the Best Bra to Push Implants Together?

When you have implants, especially right after you get them, you need to make sure that you make efforts to shape them and try to push them together. The best way to do this is with push up bras.

There are many styles of push up bras available on the market, but when it comes to your implants, you want to choose styles that provide support, not only to your breasts but also shaping on the sides and back. This will lead to the most natural shaping of your implants.

Using a Breast Augmentation Bra Size Calculator

If you’re not sure what size you are now that you have implants, you can figure it out on your own from home. All you will need is a tape measure. You will take the measurements of your bust and band area and use this bra size calculator, and you will have your size in just seconds.

If you do have the opportunity to get a professional fitting, you should take advantage of it, as the fitter may be able to suggest specific bra styles for your implants and body.

5 Top Bras for Breast Implants

Take a look at 5 of your best choices of push up bra for your implants:

1. Maidenform Women’s Love The Lift Push-Up Bra 

If you’ve had your implants for some time and you’re looking for a dependable bra to use in your day to day life that will give you a healthy and lifted look, the Maidenform push up bra offers a comfortable and aesthetically charming option. This bra is affordable and comes in a collection of different colors to fit your personality.

You will be able to adjust the straps and convert this bra various ways, depending on your style of clothing, while still using the simple to maneuver hook and eye closure. The bra has smoothing side wings, which will help keep your implants pushed toward the center for better form.  Click here to read reviews posted about Maidenform Women’s Love Lift Push-Up Bra on Amazon.

2. Newlashua Women’s High Support Push Up Sports Bra 

A great style option for keeping your implants compressed and in place when you first get them and afterward is the sports bra. The Newlashua high support sports bra will provide you with the security you want for your implants while keeping your look smooth. This bra gives you better control over the adjustability with straps you can fix to your liking.

The zipper in front makes closing easy and helps you fix your push up look. The compression band in this bra will ensure that your implants stay in place and the Dri-Fit technology will protect you from feeling sweaty or smelly. This bra is not suitable for sizes DD or above.

3. Mae Women’s Open Mesh Racerback Push-Up Bralette 

If you like the idea of a sports bra style, but want something a bit softer and more flexible, the Mae Women’s bralette may be the right choice for you. This push-up bra provides gentle support, as it is seamless with some helpful padding for volume.

This affordable bralette is available in a few different colors. It’s ideal for you if you’ve had your implants for some time and are a smaller size.  Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing on Mae Women’s Open Mesh Racerback Push-Up Bralette.

4. Flex Women’s Plus-Size Seamless Push-Up Sports Bra 

Finding bras when you have a plus-sized figure can be difficult, especially when you want to make sure that your implants are properly supported and pushed-up. The Flex sports bra gives you just what you need and ensures comfort and flexibility, as well.

This bra is designed with an underwire for optimal support and straps that are padded for your optimal comfort. If you have large implants and struggle to find bras that are both practical and wearable on a daily basis, you should try this Flex model.  Click here to view Flex Women’s Plus-Size Push-Up Sports Bra on Amazon.

5. Yulee Women’s Comfort Seamless Molded Bra 

The Yulee push up bra is made purposely to provide both a strong lift and complete comfort. The bra is both seamless and wireless but pushes your implants together to create the push-up silhouette. The bra can be worn with normal style straps or racerback and comes in a few dark and nude shades.

Final Thoughts

Don’t assume that you need to search far and wide for the perfect bra for your implants, there are plenty of options that will be functional. All you need to do is focus on the shape and style you want, and remember to learn if bras run small or large for the best fit for your implants.