The Best Push Up Stands for P90X, The 5 Picks for Strong Support!

Deciding to do the P90X program is a big commitment, and to get the most out of it, you want to be sure that you have all the equipment you may find yourself in need of. One exercise that you can be sure you’ll be doing many repetitions of on the P90X program is the push-up. Whether you feel that you’ve mastered this move or you are a total beginner, investing in the best push up stands for P90X will make your process more sustainable over time.

Benefits of Using Push Up Stands

The best push up stands for P90X will be a pair that you feel you can use every day for many repetitions. If you have not started the program yet, you are in for a bit of a shock when you come to your first shoulder and chest section. Let’s just say that it includes a lot of push-ups. So the push-up stands will definitely come in handy.

Traditionally, you learn to do push-ups on your own without anything for support. So, you may be wondering what the real purpose of push up stands is. Truthfully, there are a collection of benefits to using push up stands.

Here are a few reasons to use them for your P90X workout:

  • Save your wrists some pressure and possible injury. Doing push-ups can be tough on the wrists, especially if you haven’t built up adequate strength. Even if you focus on keeping proper form, your wrists can become tired and even give out. Using push up stands takes some of the pressure of your wrists.


  • Make pushups easier by gaining extra control over the position you want to keep your hands in while pushing up and down. Using your wrists alone doesn’t allow as much flexibility and stability in your wrists to position them in a way that will work for you.


  • Maintain stamina longer using the support of the push-up stands. Since pushups put a lot of strain on your wrists, it can be difficult to maintain your energy to perform a large number of repetitions. For your P90X workout, you will need to keep up with the pace, and push up stands may help you last longer and complete more reps.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your push up stands is to pick a model that suits your needs and abilities best.

Top 5 Push Up Stands for P90X

1. Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite 

The Perfect Fitness push up stands are an excellent option to use in your P90X workout regardless of your fitness level. These stands are a reasonable investment, which will leave you with durable equipment that you will use for years to come. The ergonomic grips on the stands work to help make sure your weight is distributed evenly as you do your pushups.

One of the key factors of the Perfect Fitness stands is that they rotate. This means that your wrists will be able to naturally and safely slide to the position you need while you work out. The Perfect Fitness pushup stands are made with treads on the bottom so that they do not slide on any type of flooring. These stands can support up to 400 pounds.

2. CAP Barbell Pair of Push Up Bars 

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The CAP Barbell push up stands are an aesthetically pleasing metal design which is affordable and provides reliable support for your workout. These stands are sturdy and durable but are designed with slip-resistant foam handles for ultimate comfort. The bottoms of the stands are secured in place using hard, rubber pads, so they will not slip out from under you.

The CAP Barbell push up stands are an important investment if you’re planning to take on the P90X program because you will be doing many pushups and need to properly support your wrists. These are strong stands and can easily support more than 300 pounds.

3. Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up

If you’re looking to invest in a push-up stand system that will work well for you while you follow P90X and after, then look into the Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press system. This board comes color coded to help you slide the stands to specific areas that will target different parts of your body. This system is a larger investment than some other models, however, it is very versatile and a helpful option if you’re still learning how to work specific areas.

The handles are non-slip so you can find your grip and keep it. This system isn’t designed solely for people who work out regularly, but also those looking to build the habit.

4. Elite PushUp Bars 

The Elite PushUp Bars are another option that provides the important ability to rotate, ensuring that your wrists won’t get stuck in an awkward and harmful position. These stands are sturdy and will not slip on whatever type of floor you choose to use them on, including carpet. These stands are super lightweight and easy to carry with you to different places to get your workout in wherever you are. Elite is a company that cares about your fitness level, and they send you a jump rope as a gift with your investment in the push-up stands!

5. Beachbody Tony Horton’s PowerStands 

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If you’re familiar with the P90X program, then you know it’s part of the greater Beachbody collection. These Beachbody push-up stands will definitely suit your P90X needs and will remain durable over time. They are made of premium-grade ABS plastic and are designed with ergonomic handles. Keep in mind that these push-up stands have a weight cap at 325 pounds. Add these stands to your workout equipment and get started with P90X.

Final Thoughts

Once you commit to P90X, the best thing to do is prepare yourself as much as possible. While it might be easy to overestimate your strength, you are still human. Try to pace yourself, since pushups will be a large part of your routine, be sure to invest in stands to protect your wrists!


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