The Best Running Visor for Sweat, 5 to Keep You Dry and Strong

As a runner, one of the most important things to ensure is that you have a good line of sight on your path. Besides seeing where you’re running, having a good line of sight allows you to focus more deeply on your running practice. One of the main things that can interfere with seeing well is sweat running into your eyes! An easy fix is to find the best running visor for sweat.

Choosing the Right Running Visor

When searching for the best running visor for sweat, there are specific things that you will want to look for. You may be asking yourself why you should choose a visor in the first place when you could simply use a regular hat. The truth is that it comes down to your personal preference, but you may want to consider wearing a visor for the following reasons:

  • Your head may stay cooler.
  • Avoid an itchy head resulting from sweat.
  • Less likely to feel pressure from having your head fully closed in.
  • Keeps your head drier and able to breathe more easily.

If you think that a visor may be the right choice for your running needs, there are a few features to keep in mind during your search:

  • Fit: the most vital thing to pay attention to when choosing your visor for running is the way it fits your head. Most visors are made with adjustable straps so that you can create the perfect fit and amount of pressure, but be sure that the visor sits comfortably on your head. When you’re running, the last thing you want is to feel like you need to keep fixing and adjusting your visor.
  • Moisture-Wicking: if sweat is your main issue while running, the choosing a visor with moisture-wicking technology is a no-brainer. Pay attention to the inside band of the visor, as this is the piece that will likely be made from a material that will keep your sweat in check and out of your eyes.
  • UV Protection: some visors may be crafted to provide UV protection, which will add another layer to your sun protection. This is a feature that will definitely add value to your visor, as it will keep your skin safer, so keep your eyes peeled for UV protection.
  • Fabric: visors are made from a variety of different fabrics. The one that suits you best will depend on the weather you plan to run in. If you will be running in hot and humid weather, for example, you will want a visor made from the most lightweight fabric available.


The Top 5 Visors for Running

1. Headsweats Supervisor Sun Visor 

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The Headsweats Supervisor visor is a great option that comes at an affordable price and in a large variety of colors to match your favorite running clothes and suit your personality. This visor is made in the USA with Eventure knit and has a sweatband that will keep your forehead and eyes dry as you run. This visor is made with an elastic back, which means that it will conform to your head’s size, without needing to make many adjustments.

This visor doesn’t take care of just sweat, but also the sun, as it contains an under visor which fights the glare of the sun. The Headsweats visor is very low maintenance, will air dry, can be washed in the machine, and won’t shrink.

2. Augusta Sportswear Athletic Mesh Visor 

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The Augusta Sportswear visor could be the right choice for you if you’re looking for the best value and a fabric that keeps things light. This visor is made from 100% polyester, giving it an athletic feel. You will use the loop fastener in the back of the visor to adjust the size to your perfect fit, and the pre-curved bill will ensure that the sun doesn’t bother you too much.

The Augusta Sportswear visor is built for intense physical activity and you will see that in its durability. Even if you drench this cap in sweat each day on your run, all you need to do is give it a good rinse and leave it out to dry, and it will remain as good as new.

3. Halo Headband Sweatband Sports Visor

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If you decide to invest in the Halo visor for your running needs, you will not be let down by its quality. This visor uses velcro to close and is adjustable to fit your head. This visor is made with running and other physical activity in mind and is designed with specific Sweat Block Technology.

The Halo visor is easy to clean, you can just rinse it off after your runs and leave it out to dry, so there is no difficult maintenance necessary. The Halo visor comes in a collection of colors to suit your preferences.

4. Outdoor Research Radar Visor 

The Outdoor Research visor is a good option if you’re looking for both sweat and sun protection. This visor is made from nylon and provides UPF 30+ for extra coverage while you’re running. The transaction headband built into the visor works to absorb sweat and divert it, so it will not run into your eyes. This visor is affordable and is available in a few natural tones.

5. Adidas Men’s SuperLite Visor 

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If you engage in a lot of physical activity, then you no doubt know just how durable Adidas products are for your workout needs. This SuperLite visor will keep you dry and cool as you enjoy your runs in the hot weather. The visor is made from a combination of polyester and spandex and is non-glare to keep your eyes focused on your path.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a visor for your runs will keep you comfortable, cool, and dry. The choice between a hat or visor comes down to your personal preference, but consider giving a visor a try for better breathability. Think about the features you want and find the right visor for you!


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