The Best Sandals for Sweaty Feet to Keep You Fresh and Fun

When summer is just around the corner, most of us usually try to plan a trip to the mall to find some footwear that will allow us to give our feet a bit of freedom such as the best sandals for sweaty feet. Those hot, muggy months of summer are great for going barefoot and wading around in a pair of flip-flops. While that might be your footwear of choice for lounging around home or hitting the beach on the weekend, your boss probably would not look too kindly on you walking around the office that way.

The problem, of course, is that no one enjoys spending long, hot days in a pair of shoes that will make your feet sweat to the point that by the end of day you feel as if you have walked through a river. Finding the best sandals fis a great way to offer a little bit of relief from sweaty feet while also adding a touch of style that your workmates will approve of.

If, even after having found a quality pair of sandals for your everyday use you continue to find yourself asking “why do my feet sweat so much in sandals?” you might very well suffer from a condition known as hyperhidrosis. Also known as sweaty feet, this condition can cause embarrassment when you constantly have to run off to the bathroom to mop up the puddles forming in your sandals.

Below we look at the best sandals for sweaty feet and the top sandals for hyperhidrosis. When the heat is simply too extreme for regular footwear and you suffer from serious problems with sweaty feet, there are still plenty of options to keep your feet dry and smelling fine. Read on for our top picks.

Jeffrey Campbell Women’s Cors Peep Toe Booties

Just because you have sweaty feet does not mean that you cannot enjoy a little bit of style. For women who suffer from hyperhidrosis, several quality footwear options allow you to combine style with functionality. The Jeffrey Campbell Women’s Cors Peep Toe Booties do not only look great, but also offer several benefits for those hot days when the sweat runs wild.

These best shoes for smelly feet are made from suede (not leather) which makes them significantly lighter. The less weight you are hauling around on your feet, the less physical exertion and the less amount of sweating. In addition, suede is known to soak up moisture much better than leather. Simply add a touch of Gold Bond Foot Powder at the end of the day to avoid any accumulated moisture and these shoes will be with you for years.

Birkenstock Women’s Mayari Sandal

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More comfortable, but still stylish footwear options for people who have sweaty feet but want to avoid shoes are Birkenstocks. The Women’s Mayari Sandal made by Birkenstock is stylish enough that almost most office environments would approve. The cork foot bed that comes with this sandal also offers an excellent, natural material that is excellent for moisture absorption.

While these sandals come in a number of different color options to help you find the best way to combine with your professional attire, they also offer an extremely lightweight sole. The adjustable buckle straps are also useful for helping you find the snuggest fit. If you do have an excess amount of moisture accumulating around your feet, you will want to make sure to have a footwear option that fits tightly, and these Birkenstocks definitely do the trick.

Flat Summer Sandals for Women by Plaka

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Flat sandals are another great option for women with sweaty feet. The idea of trying to walk around in high heels with excess moisture in your shoes is a recipe for disaster. The Flat Summer Sandals for Women by Plaka claim to be water resistant. While they say you can take these shoes to the beach, the water resistant quality is also a plus for the excess moisture your body creates.

The rope meshing that encases your feet is made from soft nylon, which will help to reduce the risk of forming blisters that is a serious threat for people with excess moisture in the foot area. Lastly, these sandals also come in a whole variety of colors that will help you dress for any occasion.

Birkenstock “Arizona” Unisex Sandals Birko-flor

Birkenstocks are not only for women, and for men who suffer from hyperhidrosis, the Birkenstock “Arizona” Unisex Sandals Birko-flor is a great option worth considering. The fabric sole made from Nubuck is a great material for absorbing excess moisture and responds well to foot powder to help reduce any issues with smells.

These unisex sandals are not only a great option for men who want to keep their feet as dry as possible, but they are also comfortable and therapeutic. The extra arch support means that you can keep your feet refreshed all day while also keeping them protected and healthy.

Marco Republic Berlin Peep Toe Gladiator Chunky Block Stacked Heels Pumps Sandals

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Lastly, we come to the Marco Republic Berlin Peep Toe Gladiator Chunky Block Stacked Heels Pumps Sandals. That is certainly a mouthful to say, but these sandals are top of the line for women who want to add a bit of height while still keeping their feet dry. While using stiletto heels with a slippery, gel sole might not be a great idea, these high heels are made for the woman with sweaty feet.

The 3.5-inch heel definitely offers a boost in height, while the cushioned insole and padded foot bed offer both all-day comfort and quality absorption qualities.

For those of us who suffer from sweaty feet, there is no need to try to hide this supposed defect through wearing uncomfortable, hot shoes during the entirety of the steamy summer. Several different footwear options for both men and women will allow you to bare your toes while still maintaining your sweaty feet in check.

Any of the five options reviewed above are quality sandals options that should be on your shopping list next time summer rolls around or a vacation is planned to the beach.


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