Best Shampoo For Beards (5 Faves To Keep Your Beard Clean)

Your beard. It’s something that you likely spent a good deal of time growing, and now that you’ve got the facial hair you’ve been longing for for so long, it’s time to know how to take care of your newfound locks. Your beard requires just as much time and attention as any other hair on your body, and the easiest and most efficient way to keep your facial hair clean is by using the best shampoo for beards that money can buy.

If you’ve had a beard for sometime, you’re probably already a little familiar with some of the top beard shampoos out there. However, if you’re new to the beard club, you might still be struggling with the whole beard shampoo vs regular shampoo debate.

Have no fear, Stubble Patrol is here to help.

We’ve spent a good amount of time locating the best beard wash in 2017, and after hours upon hours of looking and testing, we came up with these top 5 picks.

5. Polished Gentleman Beard Growth and Thickening Shampoo

The very first beard shampoo on this list is the Polished Gentleman Beard Growth and Thickening Shampoo. This is perhaps one of the most popular beard shampoos on the market right now, and along with its massive popularity, it’s also proven to be insanely effective.

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Polished Gentleman crafted this shampoo out of only the finest ingredients around, and these include biotin, tea tree oil, argan oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary, and Manuka honey. Along with providing your beard with a clean, healthy feeling, these ingredients also help to grow your beard as well.

It’s that combination of functionality that really makes Polished Gentleman’s shampoos so incredibly awesome. Along with the shampoo and conditioner, you’ve also got something that uses natural ingredients to simultaneously help grow your beard as well. That’s pretty damn awesome, and it makes going back to lesser shampoos extremely difficult.

4. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo

Following up something like Polished Gentleman’s shampoo isn’t an easy task at all, but we think Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo does a rather commendable job at this. Similar to Polished Gentleman, you won’t find any synthetic chemicals in this shampoo at all. Professor Fuzzworthy’s shampoo contains 100% all natural ingredients, and this is something that we always love to see.

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You’ll find a pleasing woody scent with Professor Fuzzworthy’s option, and it strikes a nice balance of smelling great while not being too overpowering. Applying this shampoo to your beard is as easy as wetting your beard with some water and then running the bar of shampoo though your fingers to create a nice and thick lather.

Once you’ve got this created, rub this through your beard and then rinse it out. This can be done as many times as necessary to get the clean and shine that you’re after, and plenty of customers have rated this as being one of the best shampoos for guys with particularly long and gnarly beards.

3. Grave Before Shave Beard Wash Shampoo

If you do a Google search for the “best shampoo reviews”, one item you’ll likely come across is the Grave Before Shave Beard Wash Shampoo. Although not quite as popular as Polished Gentleman’s offering, Grave Before shave is a brand that’s quickly creating for quite a lot of buzz in the men’s grooming world.

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Thanks to the presence of Argan oil in this shampoo, Grave Before Shave does a phenomenal job at keeping your facial hair hydrated, clean, and oh-so-fresh. The aroma that exudes from the shampoo is described as a “Fresh Old Time Barbershop”, and it’s easily one of the best scents you’ll find out of any shampoo on this list.

Grave Before Shave’s beard shampoo can easily be used on all types and sorts of facial hair, and the amount of positive reviews for this stuff throughout the Internet is almost jaw-dropping. This is a shampoo that sticks to the basics and doesn’t try to do anything too wild or crazy. That might sound a bit boring compared to some wilder shampoo offerings, but this focus on getting just the basics right makes Grave Before Shave one of our absolute favorite picks ever.

2. Spartans Den Premium Beard Shampoo

Spartans Den Premium Beard Shampoo is a product that’s flown under the radar for a lot of guys out there, and that’s a true shame. Spartans Den recently reworked its beard shampoo formula, and the latest concoction from the company is a shampoo that gets rid of any and all impurities while also not over-drying your facial hair — something that lots of other shampoos often struggle with.

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Along with this, Spartans Den latest formula also helps to calm itching that sometimes occurs with a longer beard, and it also does its best to get rid of any dandruff or other flakes that often occur with facial hair as well.

That’s a lot of power packed into one bottle of shampoo, but a quick look at the ingredients list will make this pretty understandable. Spartans Den isn’t about using any harsh chemicals with its products, and the main ingredients in this particular shampoo include coconut oil, Shea butter, and aloe vera.

We find it hard to believe that anyone would be disappointed with what Spartans Den has crafted here, but just in case you find yourself wanting more after trying the shampoo out, the company offers a satisfaction guarantee to give you a nice blanket of security with your purchase.

1. Zeus Beard Shampoo and Wash for Men

Zeus Beard Shampoo and Wash for Men is the fifth and final pick on this top 5 list, and boy is it bringing a whole lot of good to the table. Zeus crafted this shampoo to be used specifically with beards and mustaches, and the verbena lime scent that emits from the shampoo when applied to your facial hair is pleasing, refreshing and just downright perfect.

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This shampoo does a remarkable job at cleaning your beard of any grime that builds up in it throughout the day, but it does so with only natural oils so you don’t have to worry about putting anything harmful in your facial hair while doing this.

Along with the cleaning properties, there are also ingredients in the Zeus Beard Shampoo that help to reduce the overall itch from your beard and to soften your hair as well. It’s pretty much an all-in-one solution for making your beard as clean and healthy as possible, and that’s why we love what Zeus has crafted here so much.

Final Thoughts

Although there isn’t necessarily one single best shampoo for beards, the five options we talked about on this list are the five that we’d easily recommend the most to guys all across the globe. Each shampoo got a spot on this list for a certain reason, and whether you’re looking for a shampoo with the best smell or one that helps to clean and grow your beard at the same time, you’ve got options to choose from. Now start shopping, find the shampoo that’s best for you, and go on with rocking that awesome set of facial hair of yours!


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