Best Shampoo For Men With Long Hair (5 Suave Choices)

No matter who you are, it’s important that you regularly wash and clean your hair. It takes just a few minutes to wet your hair down in the shower, throw some shampoo into it, rub it through all of your follicles, and then rinse it out. It’s a pretty simple process, but did you know that different lengths and styles of hair require different kinds of shampoo? If you’re a man with particularly long locks, we’ve got a list of the top 5 best shampoo for men with long hair.

Long hair products for male individuals are pretty much a dime a dozen nowadays, and they all try to serve the same general purpose of helping you clean out your long, thick hair as efficiently as possible.

Longer hair requires a bit more power and attention to detail in order to truly get cleaned and refreshed, and the 5 items you’re about to read about do the absolute best job at this.

1. Dove Men+Care Shampoo Oxygen Charge

Kicking off this list is Dove’s Men+Care Oxygen Charge Shampoo — a truly phenomenal product that’s definitely worth your time and attention. Dove’s Men+Care lineup is one of the best out there for men’s grooming and care products, and the star of this particular show is the presence of caffeine and oxycharge technology.

This dynamic duo comes together to revitalize your hair by helping to strengthen it as much as possible. With strong and healthy hair, you’ll notice that it becomes thicker, healthier, and much more resilient to any worldly elements.

In addition to this, Dove’s product also helps to purify both your hair and scalp so that they get the rejuvenation and hydration that they need throughout the day to keep them both in tiptop shape. Because of this, Dove’s shampoo also deserves the title as a great choice for the best men’s shampoo for dry hair.

2. K + S Salon Quality Men’s Shampoo + Conditioner Set

Moving right through this list, we’ve got K + S Salon Quality Men’s Shampoo + Conditioner Set as our next option. Being able to grab both a shampoo and conditioner in one bundle is always a great convenience feature, and this combined with K + S’s high-quality offering creates for one heck of a bargain.

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While caffeine might be the most important ingredient with Dove’s shampoo, tea tree oil is the item stealing all of the limelight with K + S’s concoction. Tea tree oil has been used for hundreds upon hundreds of years for a wide variety of things, including being used in men’s hair styling products for medium length hair and much more.

In K + S’s shampoo and conditioner, the tea tree oil works as an agent to hydrate any dry skin on your scalp, revitalize worn out hair, and promote healthy and natural hair thickening and growth as much as possible.

K + S offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t fully satisfied with its product, but we find it incredibly hard to believe that any guy with long hair would want to turn this stuff away after using it and realizing just how awesome it truly is.

3. Suave Men 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner Ocean Charge

Suave takes the third place on our list for the best shampoo for men with long hair, and this is a product that offers both shampoo and conditioner in one single bottle. These sort of combo products often sacrifice quality for convenience of having two items in one package, but Suave is a wonderful exception to this rule.

The formula being used with this shampoo/conditioner features a load of different moisturizers and panthenol, and these ingredients do a wondrous job at conditioning your hair and making it as strong and healthy as it’ll ever be. That formula is also incredibly light-weight, and when we say this, we mean that it gives you the results you want to see without weighing your hair down with harsh and unnecessary chemicals.

Suave’s fresh and clean scent will leave you feeling rejuvenated every time you use this product, and thanks to the shampoo and conditioning properties in one single bottle, the amount of value that you’re getting here is simply out of this world.

4. American Crew Classic 3-in-1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner

Having shampoo and conditioner in one bottle is pretty awesome, but what if you want even more functionality out of one single product? Many companies have tried doing something along these lines before, but only American Crew succeeds with its classic 3-in-1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner. Not only does American Crew’s product shampoo and condition your hair, but it can also act as a body wash!

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You may think that three products in one would cause for serious disaster, but this thankfully isn’t such with what American Crew has crafted here. The shampoo breaths new life into your hair while giving it a deep clean, the conditioner allows your hair to be shiny and strong, and the body wash component scrubs away any caked on dirt or nastiness that refuses to go away.

Focusing on the shampoo side of things, American Crew has done a fantastic job at creating a formula that helps to promote soft and extremely healthy hair. It’s not that often you get such strong properties in a combo product along these lines, but American Crew has somehow managed to do the impossible.

Count us intrigued for sure!

5. Woody’s Daily Shampoo For Men

Finally, let’s take a look at a shampoo brand that’s considerably less popular than the likes of Suave, Dove, etc. The fifth and final shampoo on this list is Woody’s Daily Shampoo For Men, and although you likely haven’t heard of this stuff before, it’s without a doubt the best shampoo you aren’t using but really should be.

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You only need a small amount of this stuff to get really impressive results (even with longer hair), and it does an awesome job at cleaning out the nastiness while also not harming your hair and/or scalp with harsh chemicals and other ingredients that aren’t any good at all.

There’s nothing astounding or breakthrough with Woody’s shampoo, but this is because the product knows what it is. It’s a no-frills daily shampoo that serves one purpose of making your hair as clean and healthy as possible.

In those regards, Woody’s Daily Shampoo For Men is a home-run.

Final Thoughts

Being able to grow gorgeous long hair is a gift that lots of guys can only dream of, and if you find yourself being one of the lucky few who’s able to do this, it’s your right and duty to make sure you’re taking as good of care of it as possible. Any old shampoo might technically get the job done, but if you want to treat your hair as good as you possibly can, none of the five products on this list will let you down in even the slightest.


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