The Best Shoes for Climbing Waterfalls 5 Pairs with Traction!

Exploring your natural surroundings is one of the most rewarding experiences and you will be lost in the beauty and wonder of what you find. If you’re a frequent hiker, then you know just how important your attire is for exploring comfortably. Besides wearing clothes that breathe and move well, you need to make sure that your shoes will provide solid support. Finding the best shoes for climbing waterfalls will allow you to focus on the experience itself.

Tips for Climbing Waterfalls

After you find the best shoes for climbing waterfalls, it will be time to plan your adventure. If you’ve never climbed a waterfall, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you get the most out of the experience.

Here are a few tips:


  • Proper Footwear: first and foremost, be sure that the shoes you have chosen are adequate for your climbing purposes. When you think of waterfalls, you may simply be imagining the beautiful scenery, but remember that to climb a waterfall takes strength and strategy. You need to find shoes with good traction that are flexible yet durable at the same time. Your shoes should feel comfortable as you move, so they do not distract you from focusing on the climb. Sandals are a no-go when it comes to climbing waterfalls, as you need shoes that provide support for your whole foot. Instead, choose shoes that are designed for hiking.


  • Dress Code: anytime you go climbing, you want to wear clothes that you feel comfortable and able to move in. That being said, when you’re climbing waterfalls, it’s safer to wear tight-fitting clothes. If you wear loose-fitting clothes, you run the risk of having them snag on branches while climbing. Also, consider the climate where you’ll be climbing and wear clothes that remain comfortable even when wet.


  • Hydration: don’t forget to hydrate yourself in preparation for climbing a waterfall. Drink water before you start climbing, bring a bottle with you for your hike, and be sure to drink up at the end of the experience. Climbing a waterfall is tiring and being hydrated will help you maintain your strength and stamina.


  • Map Your Route: plan your route ahead of time, so that you don’t find yourself lost while exploring and unable to find your way out.


  • Avoid Overpacking: there may be many things you would like to have with you before, during, and after your climb, but it’s better to climb as lightly as possible. Identify the essentials and bring just those items.


  • Don’t Climb Alone: you never know when you’ll find yourself in need of a little help. To be as safe as possible, climb waterfalls in a group.

Top 5 Pairs of Shoes for Climbing Waterfalls

1. Columbia Men’s Redmond Waterproof Hiking Shoe 

If you’re an experienced hiker or even just a person who enjoys the outdoors, then you know the reliability of Columbia for outdoor gear. Their Men’s Waterproof Hiking Shoe is another durable creation that will serve you well as you explore waterfalls. These Columbia hiking shoes are made of leather, mesh, and webbing and have a strong rubber sole that will protect your feet and provide optimal traction. The boots are constructed with a breathable waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry and comfortable during your climbs.

While these shoes provide strong support for your climbing needs, you will not feel like you are dragging around heavy feet. One important thing to keep in mind if you decide to invest in these shoes for your waterfall adventures is that they run a bit small.

2. Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Waterproof Hiking Shoe 

The Ahnu Hiking Shoes are reliable options for women looking to find sturdy support for their waterfall climbs. These shoes are designed in the same style as sneakers, but provide unfaltering traction and firmer ankle support. The shoes are waterproof yet breathable, so you will feel comfortable wearing them even when you climb in hot and humid conditions. You’ll be able to enjoy a day of climbing waterfalls, keep your feet dry, and wait just a short time for your shoes to dry at the end of the day.

The Ahnu hiking shoes provide shock absorption that will keep your knees and legs feeling strong and energized throughout the day, so you won’t be left with any aches. These shoes run true to size, but if you have wider feet, consider going a size up.

3. Nevados Men’s Spire Low Waterproof Hiking Shoe 

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Another great waterfall climbing option for men is the Nevados hiking shoes. These shoes have a simple and classic hiking design that comes in two choices of colors, a black-gray tone or a brown, earthy tone. The shoes are made from synthetic fabric and breathable mesh, making them comfortable even in hot conditions, while keeping your feet dry. The Nevados shoes are made for climbing and hiking in challenging situations and are made with a protective toe rand.

4. KEEN Women’s Terradora Waterproof Hiking Shoes

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If you’re looking to invest a bit more in your hiking shoes and plan to climb many waterfalls in the future, check out the KEEN women’s Terradora shoes. These shoes are designed with a durable synthetic sole that will provide the highest level of traction, so you don’t need to worry about accidental slipping. The shoes will keep your feet dry in the waterfall, without leaving them sweaty and hot, as they’re made to be breathable.

5. HIFEOS Hiking Boots Unisex Outdoor Waterproof Backpacking Shoes 

The HIFEOS hiking boots are a reliable unisex option to invest in for your waterfall climbing needs. These boots are made of high-quality suede and provide breathable waterproof comfort. The boots are super supportive and are designed with shock absorption to protect against any hard landings. These lightweight shoes are strong and provide enough traction to keep you steady on slippery surfaces.

Final Thoughts

Getting ready to explore a waterfall is very exciting and you’ll have a lot of things to think about as the adventure nears. Prepare in advance and invest in a pair of shoes that will allow you to climb as high and far as you wish!


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