Best Shoes For College Guys (5 To Keep You Styled & Ready)

Going off to college is one of the biggest moments in any man’s life. It’s a move that’s equal parts scary and exciting, and while obtaining your higher education is certainly the most important aspect of the whole thing, it’s also a place to be a new you. If you want to make sure you stay stylish and classy while at your new college, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing the best shoes for college guys.

Mens college fashion is sometimes difficult to pick up and understand if you’re new to college life, and that’s what we’re here to help you with today. There are a lot of different elements that go into perfecting various ways to dress classy for a new college guy, but today we’re focusing on your shoes.

In college, you’ll want to be wearing shoes that not only look great, but ones that you’ll be comfortable wearing all around campus as well. Not to mention, you probably want a pair of shoes that won’t break the bank either.

We’ve gathered 5 great shoes that’ll make a perfect addition to any new college freshman, and they include the following:

1. DC Men’s Trase TX Unisex Skate Shoe

The first shoe we’re going to be looking at is the DC Men’s Trase TX Unisex Skate Shoe. This is one of the more casual options you’ll find on this list, but even though it may not be the most dressy thing in the whole world, it’s still a great shoe that’s worth considering.

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While you certainly want to look as good as you can at your new college, there are times where a super dressy shoe will simply look out of place with the rest of your outfit. In these situations where you’re trying to go casual without looking like a bum, these skate shoes from DC will be a sure bet.

DC’s fabric looks and feels very high-end, and the low-top nature of the sneaker means that you can easily wear this with both shorts and pants. A textured toe bumper keeps your foot nice and comfy when inside the shoe, and the rubber bottom helps to provide you with as much traction as possible.

You can get this shoe in a variety of different colors, and the simplistic yet stylish look is one that we really cannot get enough of.

2. DADAWEN Men’s Leather Oxford Shoe

If you’ve ever hopped online and looked up style tips for men, you’ve probably come across multiple sites that recommend picking up a pair of oxfords to wear. Oxfords are one of the classiest and most iconic shoe designs to ever be created, and when put together with a nice pair of pants and shirt, you’ll have all eyes on you no matter which college you’re attending.

Trying to find a pair of oxfords that look and feel great without costing an arm and a leg can sometimes be like searching for a needle in a haystack, but we just happened to find one really great needle!

DADAWEN’s Men’s Leather Oxford Shoe is one of our favorite finds ever, as it offers up an amazing level of comfort and style at a very affordable price. The shoe is made out of genuine leather, the rubber sole offers a good deal of traction, and the breathable inside means that your foot won’t get overly hot during long summer days.

Textured wingtips and soft suede keep this shoe looking super clean and classy, and the multiple colors to choose from will help you find something that represents you and your own personal style as closely as possible.

3. iLoveSIA Men’s Leather Suede Casual Oxford Shoe

Another great pick for a stylish and cheap oxford is the iLoveSIA Men’s Leather Suede Casual Oxford Shoe. This is another shoe that’s made out of suede leather, and it also comes with a trusty rubber sole that will give you the traction and security you need wherever you’re walking.

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The overall profile and look of these oxfords is quite simple and laid back, and the more we look and wear the shoe around, the more we love its subtle and clean design. The shoe is still very much an oxford, but the simple colors and clean lines help make it fit right into what’s hot right now in 2017.

4. Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Top

Moving away from oxfords, let’s talk about another shoe that will be a solid fit for guys who want to still look stylish and hip while in a casual setting. Your oxfords will be great for dressier occasions, but if you want to keep things a bit more laid back, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Tops.

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Chuck Taylors are another super recognizable shoe type, and while it’s a very different type of shoe from an Oxford, it’s still a fantastic pick that always looks good when strolling through campus.

You can find these Hi Tops in a number of different colors, but we personally love the classic black look. It’s simplistic, goes with pretty much anything, and just looks downright awesome.

Chuck Taylors can sometimes cost a pretty penny, but if you’re a savvy shopper and know where to look, it’s very possible to price these things down to something that’s affordable for anyone — even broke college kids!

5. Bruno MARC DP Men’s Loafers

For our last shoe, we’re going back to something that’s a bit more on the dressier end of the spectrum. That shoe is the Bruno MARC DP Men’s Loafer, and this is perhaps the classiest shoe on this list.

The slip-on loafer design is a look that never goes out of style, and while it won’t go with all outfits you put together, it’ll act as a fantastic compliment with a nice pair of pants and a dress shirt.

Premium leather lining inside of the shoe keeps it looking and feeling very high-end and premium, and the lightweight and flexible build of the shoe allows it to be extremely comfortable in essentially all situations.

Add this together with five different natural color options and an extremely competitive price, and there’s no excuse as to why this shouldn’t be in every college guy’s collection of shoes.

Final Thoughts

With all of that said and done, those are the 5 best shoes for college guys. Having a mix of shoes that fit both casual and fancier situations is a good rule of thumb for any man to live by, but this is especially true in college. As such, you’ll be best off if you can purchase a couple of different shoes from this list. Being prepared for any possible event so that you can look your best will make your college experience a lot more enjoyable, and hopefully this helped with that!


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