Best Shoes for Lifting Weights and Running, For your Health and Strength!

The best shoes for lifting weights and running are going to need to be versatile, supportive and protective. You can’t have big soft cushioned shoes for delicate feet to run in. At the same time, you can’t go out flat-footed with no protection from the treadmill or the asphalt. 

The dream shoe takes care of your entire foot, from arch to toe to heel, all the way up to your ankle. It can support you through the most rigorous, all day workout. Excellent shoes protect your soles and your legs. They go even further and protect your back and your neck.

You’ll need to find a combination of support for the pounding your feet take while on the ground, as well as good arch support and balance while squatting two hundred and fifty pounds of iron.

Lifting Weights

In all seriousness, you need not only arch support but also ankle support while trying to stay rooted to the ground under the strain of the bar. You will likely be going through the rounds of a series of sets, whether you are working on your shoulders, your triceps, or your lats. How you maintain your balance while working through those rounds is critical.

Weightlifting is no joke. Serious injuries could occur if proper attention is not paid to each area of your body, even while only focusing on one muscle set.

You could tear a ligament in your calf while working on your quads, or strain a muscle in your shoulder while working on your glutes. What you wear on your feet will be an enormous help to keeping all over body functionality during your workout.


Weight lifting can place a major strain on the body, though, so you need to be sure you have the proper footwear to lessen the strain on muscles and ligaments involved. Which is why having a good pair of weight lifting shoes. 


Furthermore, many fitness experts will advise you to not only focus on building muscle, which is not only important for looking good, but also so you don’t end up breaking a hip as an old man, but also on your cardiovascular health.

While swimming and extracurricular sports like basketball and frisbee can be excellent recreational ways to get your cardio in on occasion, the most reliable way to get your heart pumping and the air circulating through your body and your blood is running.

Running is a quick, easy way to boost your heart health and support all the hard work you do in the weight room. Running improves your heart and lung performance, and it will go a long way toward boosting your N.O. supplement for increased blood flow.

The Downside

The only downside to running is the impact to your knees, which is why it is so important to have the right running shoe. Because you also lift, you will need a shoe that can go from the pavement to the weight bench. You need support but not too much cushion, so you can maintain overall muscle and bone health while also improving blood flow and lung health

1. Inov 8 Men’s F Lite

The Inov 8 promises to provide the ultimate support for weight lifting and running. It provides a dense heel to minimize impact, so when you run or lift your legs won’t bear the burden of all that pounding.

These shoes also have a flexible sole. The Inov 8 will move with your foot, ensuring you can flex and bend according to your workout needs, whether they be flat on the ground or running.

2.Under Armour Micro Assert

In the world of fitness, you can’t go wrong with Under Armour. The brand is a solid one that promises the ultimate support for both running and weightlifting. This reliability is why we’ve got it featured here twice.

This particular Under Armour shoe guarantees breathability for your feet with a mesh fabric, and support for your arches with a flexible but dense sole. These strength training shoes won’t let you down.  Click here to see the pricing for the Under Armour Micro Assert on Amazon

3.Under Armour Micro G

The Micro G from Under Armour is a step up strength-training shoes. It is extra lightweight, so you won’t even feel like you’re carrying the weight of a tennis shoe while working out.

It also has an invisible band across the middle of the foot for extra support. This way, when you’re lifting or running you won’t be thrown off balance by a weight that is too heavy or a bump in the road.

4.Nike Romaleos

The Romaleos might look like just another running shoe, but it is extra lightweight, so it will carry you effortlessly from treadmill to gym mat. It also has a lightweight cushion support insole, so you can count on extra support while carrying a heavy load with your feet on the ground.

It will be like having an extra gym mat beneath your feet. For those of us with sensitive soles, this shoe is a no-brainer.  Click here to view Nike Romaleos on Amazon.

5.Adidas Adipower

The Adipower is the weightlifting and running shoe to end all workout shoes. This one has it all. Not only does it promise to be lightweight for running and lifting, it also has polymer inserts for arch support and balance.

You will get mid-foot support with a band across the top, so you can count on that for both fitness workouts. In addition, you get breathability, so you know your feet won’t sweat. Finally, the Adipower comes with a single instep strap for rearfoot integrity. These are the ultimate shoes for running and strength training.  Click here to read more about Adidas Adipower on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Your shoes will be your guide. They will carry you through the streets and through your workout routine. More than your clothes, your supplements, even your gym equipment, quality shoes are essential to the best overall body health.

You have a list here of top-notch shoes to select from. They will take you on a long, fulfilling run, and then home to power lift. All the while you will know you are doing what is best for your body, from head to toe.