The Best Shoes For Male Teachers (5 A+ Styles)

As a teacher, you’ve got a lot of responsibilities to tend to. You need to organize your lesson plans, determine your students’ workload for the week, grade previous assignments, and more. However, each day you go into the classroom, you should also make sure that you always look your best. A nice shirt and pants will get you partway there, but another important thing to be equipped with are the best shoes for male teachers.

When you get dressed in the morning before going to your job, you probably put together a nice-looking outfit. You want to establish a sense of authority and wisdom as a teacher, and a smart pair of dress shoes are one of the best ways to compliment the rest of your outfit.

There are a lot of different companies out there claiming to have the best men’s shoes for teachers, and we decided to take some time to sift through all of this marketing mumbo-jumbo and find 5 pairs of shoes that look great, are comfortable, durable, and more.

Here’s what we found.

1. Bruno HOMME MODA ITALY PRINCE Men’s Classic Modern Oxford Wingtip Lace Dress Shoes


Our very first pick for the best shoes for teachers on their feet comes from Dream Pairs. Dream Pairs is one of the most popular shoe manufacturers on Amazon, and the company has gotten so big and popular because of its ability to kick out quality shoes that don’t break the bank.

There are a number of different color options to pick from, and the man made material looks and feels a lot more expensive than this shoe costs.


A wooden heel offers great durability, and the lightly cushioned sole provides for a surprising amount of support and stability throughout your day. Even if you’re running around your classroom for hours on end, these shoes will help to keep your feet as happy as they can be all day long.

Customers have noted that there’s a petroleum odor with the shoes upon first taking them out of the box, but once you wear the shoes around for a day or so, that smell should disappear sooner rather than later.  Click here to read reviews posted about Bruno HOMME MODA ITALY PRINCE Dress Shoes on Amazon.


2. Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford Shoe


Keeping with the oxford style, we’re looking at something a tad more expensive with Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford Shoe. This particular shoe is made out of genuine leather, and while that does drive the cost up a bit, it’s well worth it. You simply cannot beat the look and feel of legit leather, and it’s greatly appreciated here.


Built-in Ortholite insoles wick away extra moisture, odor, and fungus to create for a much more comfortable wearing experience for both yourself and people around you. This one feature has guys everywhere saying that these are the most comfortable shoes for teachers, and we find it quite difficult to disagree with them.

Soft fabric lines the inside of the shoes for even more comfort, and the four natural color options all look downright fantastic.

3. iLoveSIA Men’s Leather Suede Casual Oxfords Shoe


If you like the look of an oxford but prefer to have something that’s slightly more casual and relaxed, we think you’ll really like what iLoveSIA is bringing to the table with its Men’s Leather Suede Casual Oxfords Shoe. Suede leather is the material of choice here, and it’s one that you’re going to fall in love with immediately if you’ve never experienced it in person before.

iLoveSIA’s rubber sole offers an excellent amount of traction to provide you with a sturdy grip no matter where you are, and a flexible manmade sole creates for a very nice and comfortable feeling on the foot.

You have a number of different colors to pick from. Nevertheless, this is one of our favorite oxford styles we've ever come across.  Click here to read more about iLoveSIA Leather Shoe on Amazon.


4. BRUNO MARC MODA ITALY HARRY-01 Men’s Dress Classic Leather Lining Slip On Casual Loafers


The one and only pair of shoes on this list that isn’t an oxford is the BRUNO MARC MODA ITALY HARRY-01. This is a slip-on loafer shoe, and it provides a much different look than the other four shoes on this list. Oxfords might be more popular for male teachers at the moment, but there will always be a place for a quality loafer.


All five of the different colors look simply fantastic, the premium leather lining both looks and feels amazing, and the latex-cushioned sole provides ample amount of comfort and support even when wearing the shoes for prolonged sessions.

This is not the most high-end or premium loafer that’s ever been made. This is a very, very well made shoe that offers good looks and solid comfort, and for such a low price, it’s hard for us to find anything to complain about here.

5. Dexter Men’s Burt Plain-Toe Oxford


Our final pick for the best shoes for male teachers is the Dexter Men’s Burt Plain-Toe Oxford. This is another super affordable option that won’t set you back any more than 40 bucks, and it's another great pick if you like the look of an oxford but want to be able to wear it with both a casual and dressy outfit.

The synthetic material offers a much different aesthetic than the leather that’s usually found with oxfords, and although it may not be quite as high-end, it’s a look that we’re still rather large fans of. Memory foam can be found inside of the shoes to provide for a great feeling on the foot, and the lightweight outsole helps to keep prevent your foot from getting worn out.

We really like all of the different colors that Dexter offers this shoe in, and while the heels can be a bit of the hard side at first, this issue quickly goes away after wearing the shoes a bit and breaking them in.  Click here to view Dexter Plain-Toe Oxford on Amazon.


Final Thoughts

While your outfit may not be the first thing on your mind as a teacher, it’s still an important component that you should always put at least some thought and attention towards. All five of the shoes mentioned here will be great additions to your wardrobe, and you might even consider picking a couple of the shoes here in order to breathe even more variety into your outfit options. Heck, with the cheap price for some of these, why not get a couple?