The Best Slacklines for Beginners, Have Never Been so Easy to Find!

Trying to figure out slackline can be harder than a college mathematics class. This does not mean it is impossible, because just like math class you can figure slacklining with some practice and some dedicated time. However, to reach your full potential, you have got to start off your learning right and with good equipment. Which is why presented here we can see the best slacklines for beginners, perfect for anyone and everyone wanting to start off slacklining or practice to their heart’s content.

Things to Keep in Mind about your Slackline

  • Always check the quality of your item. If your lines might be even the slightest bit faulty, you can find yourself off balance often.
  • Worst case scenario you can fall pretty hard if the slackline snaps. Although you will only be less than a foot off the ground.
  • Make sure that your security clamps are working correctly. Check them if they seem to have any marks or if the latch does not seem to hold up under pressure.
  • Do not be afraid to learn from your mistakes, falling off a bunch of times does not mean that you are horrible outright. It takes time to get good!
  • Practice, practice, practice. The more you become comfortable, the better at using the slackline you will become.
  • Finding strong trees is very important, without a strong tree you will be falling down plenty of times.
  • Any trees you will be using for slacklining should be between 6 to 12 feet apart.
  • Shoes should not be used, to begin with, as having them might impair your ability to balance correctly.
  • Trees should be picked and used only if they have strong trunks.

Advantages of Slacklining

  • Slacklining is a great workout. Your core muscle groups work out continuously to keep you balanced.
  • Your posture can improve due to the use of a slackline
  • Working on your balance can ensure that you have great equilibrium.
  • Your stamina will improve over time, as the amount of force needed to keep you from losing balance will take a toll the longer you practice.

The 5 Best Slacklines for Beginners

1. Slackline Kit with Training Line Tree Protectors Ratchet Protectors Arm 

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Starting off, we have this fantastic starting package. The complete kit comes with a green colored mainline which you would attach to your trees, and extends up to 57 feet.  Another feature of this kit is that it comes with training arms that connect above your head while slacklining, extending 57 feet as well.

Both clamps found on these slacklines are strong enough to handle 300 lbs with ease. Along with two pairs of protector sheaths, you will be able to cover up the clamps if need be. This is a great starting pack for children and young adults as the inclusion of a protector’s line can help bolster confidence starting out.

2. Trailblaze Slackline Kit with Tree Protectors

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Another strong choice for anyone new to this sport. This kit comes with an instructional step by step informational booklet, that could ensure you set up your slackline safely and correctly.

This also comes with a main slacklining rope itself measures 47 feet at a 2-inch diameter. It also comes with a slacking training rope, that is useful for anyone needing a little confidence. The carry weight of this rope is 330 lbs, which ensures that even those who slightly heavier set can have no issue slacklining. The two clamps for either the slackline or training line come with a sleeve to minimize damage to any trees you will be using.

3. Slackline Kit with Training Line Tree Protectors High-Grade Ratchet

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For those afraid of not having enough length to make it tree to tree, this choice is a must have for you. The main slackline measures 60 feet from point to point and 2 inches.

The training line also measures 60 feet as well, so you will not be without a helping hand. The high grade latches found with on this item can withstand up to 3 metric tons of force. Which is more than enough to last anyone and anything without fear of breakage. Get this choice if you need some extra security for your slackline.

4. Get Out! Slackline Beginner Kit for Kids and Adults

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This choice is much more for children than adults, as this kit is much more user-friendly than others on this list. It stretches 50 feet by 2 inches and comes with a training slackline of the same size. The load weight can withstand up to 330 lbs, which makes it perfect for any child without fear of snapping. The tree guard comes standard and can cover up to 2 feet in diameter trees.

While not overly sophisticated or incredibly different from other choices on this list, this choice is perfect for anyone trying out slacklining. The inexpensive cost of this slackline warrants a trial if nothing else.

5. ZenMonkey 60 Foot Slackline Kit

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Round out the list strong, we have a fantastic pick for adults and teenagers. The slackline measures 60 feet and is made with high-quality mesh that ensures grip with or without socks. Not to mention, this item is durable enough to be left outside in the rain without fear of losing quality.

This durability extends to the training slackline, ensuring that even if you were out in the rain working on your slacklining you would not be slipping and sliding all around. The latches are made up to carbon steel and are perfect for can withstand any weight you can throw at it.

The tree guards are also ribbed in order to prevent the danger of losing tension over time.

Final Thoughts

Slacklining is both difficult and rewarding. Whether you may be interested in doing this as a sport or simply having fun in your backyard, it is important that your equipment is up to par. It is better to make mistakes right now, instead of later on if you ever think of slacklining across a building. Although even if you do not make it to worldwide headlines, you can be content knowing that these slacklines will not falter.


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