The 5 Best Sleeping Bag for Indoor Use: Bed in a Bag

Often we only think about needing a sleeping bag for camping in a tent or under the starts. But there are many other scenarios where you may find yourself in need of a sleeping bag. You could be staying at a friend’s house, in a cabin with no bedding, or in a hostel. In all of those scenarios, you will find yourself wanting your own comfy bedding, and the most portable bedding to have is a sleeping bag. The best sleeping bag for indoor use is going to be lightweight to carry but still cushiony enough to keep you warm and cozy in a strange place.


Why do you need a lightweight sleeping bag? Well, you have four walls to protect you, possibly even a heater. You probably don’t need a deep winter sleeping bag prepared to protect you from below zero weather.

The walls will block all wind and rain, so you won’t need something to repel water or insulate you. The basic cover will work to keep you warm at night and be a cushion between you and whatever bed or cot you are lying on.

Clean and Comfortable

The thing to remember about your sleeping bag is that it is, in fact, your sleeping bag. You know where it’s been, who’s been in it, and, possibly most importantly, what’s been in or on it. You can use an indoor sleeping bag anywhere you go and not be grossed out by used sheets or hard and rough wool blankets.

Indeed, the material of your sleeping bag may be far more comfortable than any mediocre sheets in a hostel or the throwaway blanket at your buddies house. Keep this thing ready to go anytime you might need to make an overnight or over-week trip. It will come in handy.

It’s What’s Inside that Counts

How many times have you heard this one? But it’s so true. Goose down is going to keep you warm all night long, cotton will keep you warm and cozy, synthetic fiber is a toss up, and anything else should be investigated carefully.

Sleep is easily one of the most important contributing factors to human happiness. You do not want to risk a bad night’s sleep on awful bag filling.

Best Sleeping Bag for Indoor Use: 5 to Flee

1. Hyke and Byke

This down mummy sleeping bag is super lightweight and super comfortable. It is made with 100% goose down, which is the most comfortable filling for a sleeping bag because it will not only keep you warm but it will also provide a soft cushion to sleep on regardless of the surface.

It has a lifetime warranty, so if at any time you are unhappy, send it back for a refund or a new one. Also, the mummy design is nice because you can protect the back of your head from whatever you are lying down against. Click here to see the pricing for the Hyke and Byke on Amazon.

2. Reval Camp

Reval Camp has designed an ultralight sleeping back with no mummy hood, so it is designed mostly for indoor. You will want to have at the very least a pillow to go with it. It weighs in under 2 lbs. which is convenient for travel and carry. It also folds up into a compact ball, leaving you space to fill your trunk with other essentials.

This pack comes with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

3. Premium Comfort

Here you find a classic indoor sleeping bag. It is very lightweight with minor filling to keep you warm. It is designed to be a light cover, more protection or a thin cover than a warm protection from snow or hail. This sleeping bag comes in the envelope style that can be unzipped completely and used as a quilt or a picnic blanket, which can be convenient.

Another convenience is that it can be machine washed, which is rare for a sleeping bag. This is nice because so many things can get in your bag while you travel. It is nice to be able to simply wash it after each trip. Once again, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.  Click here to view Premium Comfort on Amazon.

4. Farland

Farland is the best of both worlds. You get the envelope stylet that zips wide open like a quilt, and you get the mummy hood for the back and top of your head. Further, you can join two of these at the left and right joints to create one giant sleeping bag. This can be convenient if you are hiking with a romantic partner or a small child.

The sleeping bag is designed to be warm, so it can also be used for outdoor weather, but more importantly that design makes this sleeping bag incredibly soft and comfortable, which is why it made the list. And of course, you get your money back if you don’t love it.

5. Coleman

Coleman is a trusted name in camping gear and for a good reason. This bag is polyester on the outside, so you can simply wipe it down, and cotton on the inside, so you get full comfort. It is perfect for indoor as it is not too heavy, but you still get a “cuff” at the top for the back of your head to rest on.

Final Thoughts

In the end, you’ll have to think about where it is indoors that you’ll be exactly, and how you’ll be getting there. If you’re backpacking to a cabin, you probably want something super lightweight. If it’s just going in your trunk, bulk might not matter.

You also want to consider your desire for a hood or an envelope style, whether you’re traveling alone or with a date. All of these factors will help you decide which way to go. Browse the site and explore your options; they all guarantee your satisfaction, so you really can’t make a wrong decisions.

They all offer a variety of colors, and all of them should fit most full grown adults. From there, just point your mouse, click on what you like, and buy.