The Hands-Down Best Sneakers for Knee Pain (in 2018)

best sneakers for knee pain

Whether you are a full-time, addicted runner who can´t tolerate a day at the office without having first gotten in your early morning 5 miles run, or an aging person who finds that even walking from your home out to your mailbox causes you a good deal of pain, knee pain is a serious health issue that needs to be taken seriously and the best sneakers for knee pain are an important necessity to keep you healthy.

There are several causes of knee pain, though almost all health professionals agree that finding the right footwear is an important strategy to both prevent and limit debilitating knee pain. Below we look at the top five sneakers for knee pain, both for physically active runners and other athletes and for people who, for whatever reason, suffer from chronic knee pain.

Saucony Men’s Hurricane ISO 2 Running Shoe

best running shoes for knee support on the market today. While this running shoe markets to men, the neutral black and green color pattern effectively makes this a great unisex shoe as well.

The midsole cushioning and the large, spongy heel pad are essential elements that this shoe brings to help cushion every stride you take. Furthermore, the EVERUN technology actually gives energy back to you as you stride, thus taking extra effort and exertion off your knees and other joints. The fact that this was the editor´s choice for the prestigious magazine Runner´s World only furthers its qualifications.  Click here to read reviews posted about Saucony Running Shoe on Amazon.

Puma FAAS 600 V3 Men´s Running Shoe

The Puma FAAS 600 V3 is another quality option when looking for shoes for knee pain relief. The mixture of fabric and synthetic materials allow for a great mix between optimum breathability and quality support and cushioning. This shoe also incorporates the FAAS-Foam technology that uniquely blends foam and rubber into the sole and overall support structure.

The mid-foot security through the EverFit 2.0 Lockdown technology is also helpful for people who suffer from knee pain. The snug fit offers an added layer of protection for ankles as well. Similar to the Saucony Hurricane reviewed above; the neutral color pattern on these shoes makes them essentially unisex.

Brooks Addiction 12 Men Round Toe Synthetic Running Shoe

While the Brooks brand of running shoes is not as well known than other of their competitors, they also provide quality running shoes and orthopedic shoes for knee problems. The Brooks Addiction 12 is one of their highest rated and most customer-appreciated running shoes that are also great for people who are not runners but who also need the extra support and comfort.

The Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar on this unique shoe is designed to help control pronation. This leads to smoother transitions while you are walking thus eliminating any potentially damaging movements that could lead to further stress on your knee joints. Furthermore, the textile element lining is a great addition that adds breathability that will keep your feet dry and fresh throughout the day.  Click here to read more about Brooks Addiction Running Shoe on Amazon.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoe

The ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoe is the only shoe reviewed here that is specifically designed for women. The Impact Guidance System (I.G.S) is a technology incorporated by the ASICS brand that helps to enhance your foot´s natural gait throughout the stride. By helping your body to find and follow the natural rhythm of walking, you can help to eliminate annoying issues of knee pain.

Among the best sneakers for knee pain, the ASICS Gel-Kayano 23 combines a multi-directional stretch mesh with other reinforcements that allow the shoe to mold to the specific shape of your foot. The better the fit of the shoe means the less knee pain that you will experience.

New Balance Men’s M1080v7 Running Shoe

Lastly, the New Balance Men’s M1080v7 Running Shoe is another quality option in shoes for knee pain relief. This shoe offers perhaps the highest amount of foam in the sole, which can be a plus for runners who experience regular knee pain. The narrow toe box on this shoe might be an issue for some people who have particularly wide feet, but can also add an extra level of snugness for people with smaller feet.

Additionally, this shoe is renowned for evenly distributing the cushioning throughout the entirety of the sole. While other shoes concentrate the foam support at the heel, this shoe offers cushioning throughout the shoe, which makes this an excellent product choice for people with low-arched feet.

Knee pain is a serious issue that affects people of all ages and from all lifestyles. From elite athletes who compete in marathons and triathlons, to elderly people, to people who suffer from degenerative bone and muscle conditions, knee pain can cause major disruptions in our ability to stay active and participate in the activities that we enjoy.

While some knee conditions might require surgery or other medical procedures to correct the root of the problem, in many cases knee pain can be significantly reduced, if not corrected all together, by simply finding the right footwear to help adequately support your joints.

There are several quality orthopedic shoes for knee problems that can be used to help correct problems with defective gait that can lead to degenerative knee damage. Other shoes that help with serious knee pain issues offer extra cushioning, padding, and insole options that can help to increase your overall comfort while helping to prevent future knee pain as well.

All of the five quality shoes reviewed above are great options that can help all different types of people limit, reduce, and even repair problems associated with knee pain.