Best Socks for Stinky Feet (Wick Away the Stink)

Finding the best socks for stinky feet can be challenging to those with excessive sweat problems. Each of us has his own individual scent. Some men smell like the rugged outdoors. Others smell like engine oil. Still, others have a distinctly perfumed scent about them. All of these natural body odors are appealing on some level to someone out there. But no one wants to stink.


The problem is that some people just naturally sweat more than others. This is a biological fact that you cannot avoid. If you sweat excessively, the sweat will collect, and yes, it will ultimately start to stink.


There are of course measures you can take to manage sweat: wear cotton, which absorbs moisture, carry a handkerchief to manage sweat on your face and brow and wear lighter clothing when it’s hot outside.

You can also look at your diet. The heavier the fat and grease and processed food in your diet, the more likely you are to have a heavy stench when you sweat. The cleaner you eat, the less likely your sweat is to stink to high heaven. Water plays a heavy factor in stench as well. Get your daily 8, and you’ll find it flushes your body of heavy smells and toxins much more quickly.

But as far as your feet are concerned, there is not much you can do if you must wear tennis shoes.


In tennis shoes, you’ll need to wear socks, and in socks, you are going to sweat. Sure, you could change out your socks frequently, or you could just find socks that will manage your sweat, and stink, for you. You will need to look for fabrics that wick away moisture, like cotton or wool. We have provided a list here for you to peruse for socks with quality fabric, designed to keep your feet less sweaty, and, therefore, less stinky.

1.No-Show Running Socks for High Performance

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The No Show sock is designed specifically to keep your feet dry. They are mostly cotton, so they will wick away any moisture that arises from sweating. Dry feet means no stink. If your feet do not sit in sweat for hours on end, they will not knock people out with their stench when you take your shoes off at the end of the day.

Furthermore, these socks come with the added benefit of preventing blisters. Because dry feet stay more firmly in their casings, socks, they will experience less friction in the shoe. The best socks for sweaty feet are the ones that prevent blisters and stink.

2.Merino Wool Snowboarding Sock

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Merino wool has become the go to for preventing sweat and blisters, and these socks are no different. They are made of mostly merino wool, so you can count on them to wick away moisture. In the argument over polyester vs cotton socks, many answers: wool. 

These are also incredibly thin, thin enough to fit in a ski boot, but they are designed with wool, so you can expect them to be soft and comfortable and still keep your foot warm. Also, just because they are called “snowboarding socks” does not mean you can only wear them on the slopes. Pick up a pair for any occasion where you want your feet to be warm, comfortable, and stink free.

3.Titan Elite Quarter High Basketball Socks

Again, just because they are called basketball socks, does not mean you can only wear them if you play basketball. They are made with mostly cotton and designed thick and cushiony to hug your foot.

Titan’s will not only wick away moisture, preventing sweat and stink from setting in, they will also prevent blisters. These socks then take it one step further and act as a sort of compression sock, holding your ankle firmly as you run, ball, ski, or simply walk throughout the day.

Titan is so sure of its product, that it is offering a 100% money back guarantee. How could you possibly go wrong?

4.ScentLok Technologies The Executive

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Here’s a sock that is made explicitly for stinky feet. The technology involved here uses a fabric called Galabra, which is created not only to wick away moisture, prevent injury, and stop stink, it also ensures your feet smell good.

Even better, this sock will go to a business lunch with you. The ScentLok Executive is a dress sock, so it will accompany your slacks and dress shoes, and you won’t spend the day uncomfortable in your own foot sweat, worried about what happens if god forbid you have to take your shoe off and embarrass yourself.

If you’re in business, ScentLok is in the business of keeping you covered and smelling good.

5.Inkblaat Insoles Whales Odor Preventing

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Inkblaat insoles are not technically socks, so you will still need to find a pair of socks, preferably one of the pairs listed above. But for those of you who are worried about the depth of your sweat and stink, odor-preventing insoles may be the way to go.

Inkblaat insoles are designed to keep your foot comfortable, sweat-free, and stench free. It would be like having air fresheners in your shoes. After all, who could not use a little sweet smelling comfort throughout the day?

Final Thoughts

Stinky feet are such a touchy subject. They can make a date go bad, they can kill the mood, and they can ruin a good night’s sleep. Sweaty, stinky feet can be so uncomfortable that you just want to never take your shoes off. But we can not all live in California, the land of flip flops that go from the boardroom to the basketball court.

Take a glance at the list. The best socks to keep feet cool and dry change based on what you look for. Or you can simply decide to get a couple of each. The reality is, if you are unhappy with stinky feet at the end of the day, you can make yourself happier with a pair of stench free socks for all occasions.


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