Best Socks to Prevent Blisters When Running: Five Tops

Who needs blisters? No one. There are so many ways to get blisters – hanging, swinging, baseball, gymnastics, and yes, walking and running. Fortunately, now there are many ways to prevent blisters. You can be sure to take care of your skin. You can also take care not to work repetitively; take frequent breaks. Also, you can wear the proper gear. To that end, when running, you’ll want to know about the best socks to prevent blisters when running.


An alternative to running is walking. And you can certainly get plenty of blisters while walking, even more sometimes. If you are hiking or speed walking, blisters will build up quickly on your feet. Marathon walkers often suffer greatly, with blisters building up on top of blisters. Gross. Fortunately, the best socks to prevent blisters while walking are the same as those that are best for running.

What Makes a Good Sock?

Good anti blister running socks do a couple of things. They wick away moisture from your skin, so that water doesn’t build up on our skin and then create wet friction with the fabric on your skin, causing a blister. These socks also stay in place. Compression socks are excellent for this; they hold their position on your skin and they keep your skin from rubbing against anything else. Compression socks also keep your blood circulating.

Another quality you will find in the best running socks is light fabric. Too much fabric means more sweat; more sweat means more friction; more frictions means blisters. You don’t want that.

For good running socks men will often spend a lot of money. The nice thing is, you don’t have to. You can find great socks to protect your feet at an affordable price.

1. Compression Socks

  1. These compression socks were designed specifically to help an injured person overcome those injuries. If you are diabetic, if you have suffered an injury to your leg, or if you are getting older and your blood circulation is poor, these socks are great. The nice thing is that you don’t have to be injured to get these socks.
  2. The compression socks work great for people in top health as well. You can be a long distance runner simply looking for extra muscle support. These socks are knee length, so you will get support for tired calves. They are elastic, so you can expect them to stay up, and they stay comfortable and don’t wear thin after several uses. If you are looking for compression socks, you can’t go wrong with these.


2. Thirty48 Ultralight

  1. These running socks were built for regular runners. They have a seamless toe closure, so they won’t bother the top of your foot as it presses against the toe of your shoe. They are a nylon blend, with a bit of polyester and a bit of cotton to wick away moisture while also keeping your feet aerated and cool.
  2. You will get three in a pack, and they come in wild colors from neon green to neon blue. You will definitely stand out in these socks. They also have a heel tab pull, so you can just whip them off when you are done. And you will want to whip them off. Don’t stay in sweaty socks any longer than necessary.  Click here to view Thirty48 Ultralight on Amazon.

3. Literra Men’s 6 Pack

  1. This six-pack of socks claims to be so highly breathable that you can wear them all day without bothering your skin. They are made of polyester fiber and elastane, so you can expect them to keep your feet fresh. They are also shortcutting so they can go relatively unnoticed in their gray color just below the top of your shoe.
  2. The highlight of the Literra sock is the arch support. Any runner knows that arch support can make all the difference. These socks have a reinforced arch so you can rest easy you won’t cramp up during or after your run.

4. Smartwool Ultra Light

  1. This sock is the Mercedes Benz of socks. You must take good care of them. Hand washing these carefully stitched masterpieces designed to cradle your feet as you run. They are made of top of the line merino wool, which is all the rage in running gear right now. They also have a touch of elastane to keep your feet fresh inside your shoe.
  2. These Smartwool’s come in a bright, blinding neon yellow, so there will no missing you as you jet down the street in your fancy socks. They are ultra light, and while they don’t have arch support, they do have a reinforced tab on your Achilles heel. If you need support there, you’ve got it with these socks.  Click here to see the pricing for the Smartwool Ultra Light on Amazon.

5. Balega Blister Resist

  1. While all of the socks listed here are great for preventing blisters, these socks were actually designed to do just that. They are made with a combination of dynamics, to keep your feet cool and breathing, and mohair, to hold moisture and keep your feet cool or warm, according to the weather and your needs.
  2. These socks also come with a high heel tab to keep your sock firmly in place while you run, so you can expect zero slippage or friction, preventing blisters all around. The quarter length is nice for a little bit more coverage than the short, hidden sock, especially if you are running in cold weather and just need a little bit of extra fabric between your pants and your shoes.

Run For Fun

In the end, the socks you choose will be up to you. You may find yourself investing in multiple pairs for different needs, compression for long distance, Balega’s for a hike, and so on. In any case, the best socks to prevent blisters when running is completely up to you.

What is certain is that you can’t go wrong with any of the socks listed here. You can avoid growing blisters or blisters on your blisters! They will keep your feet fresh and cool even when you are out doing your most damage to them in the hot sun. Just remember, if you run, run for fun.