Best Sports Bra for Transgender (5 Binding Options)

As a transgender man, it can be difficult to find the right binder or bra to create the feeling and aesthetic you’re after. Even if you do have a binder that you trust, it’s important to remember that activities like exercise should never be performed while wearing a binder. That’s why it’s’ important to find the best sports bra for transgender.

Features of an Athletic Chest Binder

When you’re looking for the best sports bra for transgender, chances are you’ll be looking for an option that gets as close to a binder as possible. You’re in luck. There are sports bras that are designed specifically to be safe for exercise, while still giving you similar feeling and effects to a standard binder.

You will find that these athletic bras which are like chest binders provide:

  • Compression: these bras will give you support and stop any bouncing while you exercise.
  • Comfort: you will find that the overall fit including shoulder straps and the band is secure, but not too tight.
  • Steady: these athletic bras are designed to stay in place as you exercise, so you don’t need to worry about adjusting.

Why Can’t I Wear a Standard Binder During Exercise?

Although it would be much easier if you could just wear a regular binder for any activity or event you want to take part in, that’s not the case. Wearing a regular binder during exercise is risky and dangerous. The reason is that binders often restrict your proper breathing abilities. While you may feel like you are able to breathe well in your binder, your body’s response could change during exercise.

Choosing the Best Minimizer Sports Bra

Although wearing a binder may be preferable, activities like exercise require the use of a sports bra. That being said, there are many models which will make you feel comfortable and secure. You just need to know what features to pay attention to when you’re choosing from a col lection of sports bras.

Here’s what you should pay attention to:

  • No-Bounce: many sports bras are designed to fit tightly enough to eliminate the issue of bouncing or excessive movement during exercise. Search the bra’s description to see if it provides this service.
  • Moisture-Wicking: if you want to keep your workout as comfortable as possible, consider choosing a sports bra that uses moisture-wicking technology, so that you’re not left feeling extra sweaty or with an odor.
  • Adjustable Straps: choosing a sports bra with adjustable straps is one way to have more control over how tight the fit is.
  • Fabric: you want to make sure that the sports bra you choose is comfortable to wear while exercising and won’t rub against your skin or cause any irritation.

5 Best Compression Bras

Now that you’ve gotten a better idea of what to look for in a sports bra, here are your best options for optimal compression:

1. Underworks MagiCotton Sports Bra and Binding Minimizer Bra 

The Underworks bra is your absolute best choice because it was designed specifically to act almost like a binder. This bra will not allow any bouncing while you exercise and will provide comfortable and strong support. The bra is made from a combination of 46% cotton, 22% nylon, and 32% spandex, which results in a feeling of soft and flexible compression.

The bra is available in white and black and will not ride up at all while you exercise. This bra will provide very tight compression, making you feel like you’re wearing a proper binder. To choose the right size, measure around your rib cage. This is the ideal choice for your exercise needs, as it keeps you compressed, but you will be able to breathe well and won’t experience any pain.

2. NIKE Victory Compression Sports Bra 

Another strong option for a sports bra that will provide good compression and support is the NIKE Victory Compression Sports Bra. This bra is available in a number of different colors to suit your preferences and is rather affordable if you’re looking to build a collection. The compression is snug, and you won’t experience any bouncing during your workout.

Don’t worry if you tend to sweat a lot, this sports bra is designed with Dri-Fit technology to keep your sweat and odor under control even during vigorous exercise. The racerback design is ideal for a large range of movement without discomfort.

3. Shock Absorber Multi Sports Max Support Sports Bra Top  

The Shock Absorber Sports Bra is another reliable option for working out without discomfort and getting enough compression. The sports bra is designed with a racerback for the largest possible range of movement. In addition, the straps of this sports bra are adjustable, which means that you will be able to control how tightly you want it to fit you.

Another reason that this sports bra is a good option is that it creates a flat look rather than a pointy one like some other sports bras. This model naturally runs small, so you will find that the compression is strong. If you want to feel even more compression,  you can choose a size smaller than you normally would.  Click here to view Shock Absorber Sports Bra on Amazon.

4. Ekouaer Double-Layer High Impact Full Support Sports Bra 

The Ekouaer Full Support Sports Bra is designed specifically to provide excellent compression and a ‘modest’ look, which means that it results in a much flatter and more streamlined silhouette than many other sports bras.

The sports bra is soft on your skin but keeps everything in place to avoid bouncing while you exercise

5. Champion Plus-Size Vented Compression Sports Bra 

The Champion Compression Sports Bra is ideal for you if you’re plus size or have a larger chest to compress. The sports bra is made from moisture management technology to avoid feeling sticky and smelly while you exercise. It’s a durable option that is machine washable for easy maintenance. 

Final Thoughts

The importance of finding the right compression sports bra lies in its necessity in times when you’re unable to wear your binder, due to practical reasons. There are plenty of options that provide firm compression while remaining comfortable enough for vigorous exercise.